Battle for the Realm

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Battle for the Realm is an expansive RPG Add-On which adds biomes and nations, as well as hundreds of mobs and items to the game! As you try to survive in a world corrupted by hostile dimensions you must fight alongside a massive Asian alliance to save the world from a German-led European superpower!


History: Some of you may wonder why Europe in BFTR is not as dominant as it was in real life. It is because in the BFTR timeline the Mongol Empire never existed - and, as a result, never went on destructive campaigns all over Asia and the Middle east. Because of this the great powers of the Islamic world and Asia remained intact- capable of competing with Europe


World in the Battle for the Realm

The year is 6100 AG. 6100 years since the Great Galeyan war destroyed the earth and sent humanity back to the stone age

Now, in the past 6100 years up to the present, civilization and society have been rebuilt.

Battle for the Realm (screenshot 1)

And for years the world has been in a state of relative peace.

The total destruction of civilization wrought upon the world by Galeya and the Empires before it seem like a distant memory. Something that will be never repeated again.

50 years ago, if you were to tell people humanity could be once again plunged into a world destroying war- they would laugh you to scorn.

But they are not laughing anymore.

Battle for the Realm (screenshot 2)

The Bishnell Empire, the greatest and most powerful state in the world, has turned it`s technological might to destroy and subjugate all of humanity.

The Bishnell Empire flag

Unleashing mechanical armies of steel and monster forces from other dimensions- to take over all of Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.

The army of the Bishnell Empire

All of the world- has fallen under rule- save for the distant lands of Asia. The only continent in the world left to stand up to them.

Mechanical soldier

Asia (All Allied w/ Player)

Asia, the last continent in the world to be free from the rule of Bishnell- is a vast and ancient land.

In the wake of the war the nations of Eastern Asia decided to form a grand alliance- the Kings of the East.

The Kings of the East

Their Flag has the symbols of the founding nations (Montepoli, Achimgoyo, Zhongguo, The Mughal Empire, Yamato, and Siam)

It is their hope that this alliance of the Orient stretching from the Mughal Empire in India to the farthest reaches of Indonesia will put an end to the tyranny of the Bishnell Empire.

Military Modernization

Modern military vehicles

The 200 million man army of the Kings of the East is the largest army to ever walk the earth, armed with the latest military hardware and trained to the highest standards. The three strongest nations of the Kings of the East, Zhongguo, the Mughal Empire, and Maratha, each have the capacity to outmatch the Bishnell Empire's production a hundred times over.

At this point in the war the grand Asian alliance has thoroughly modernized bringing advanced weapons from tanks, to paratroopers, to missile ships, mechs, to even nuclear capable submarines and strategic bombers to the battle.

The Jinshu II Mech

The Jinshu II Mech

The large mech designed to battle the imburnnu is a formidable sight to behold. Standing at over 30 meters tall, it is built around the remains of an ancient artificially created creature, rumored to have been a weapon created by the long-extinct Galeyan empire. The mech's metallic exterior gleams in the sunlight, and its powerful legs enable it to move with incredible speed and agility.

Controlled by a highly advanced AI system, the mech is can be equipped with an automatic gun, which can unleash a devastating barrage of bullets at its enemies. In the event that the gun is destroyed, the mech can switch to a powerful laser on its head, which can slice through the imburnnu's thick hide with ease.



Montepoli flag

Alias: The Nation of Vactions, the Pearl of the Orient

Based On: 1960`s/WW2 Philippines

Montepoli, the Pearl of the Orient, is an island state in Asia. A tropical paradise and the most popular tourist destination in the world- Montepoli- is known as the nation of vacations.

Montepoli city (screenshot 1)

Montepoli is known for it's sprawling capital and namesake- Montepoli City. A vast metropolis full of European style buildings.

Montepoli city (screenshot 2)

Because of 300 years of rule by the Iberian Empire, Montepoli`s culture has been heavily influenced by Europe. They are a melting pot- a meeting point between the East and the West.

Montepoli city (screenshot 3)

Because of their reputation as an island paradise many Bishnell engineers and scientists have retired or went on leave in Montepoli. As a result, Montepoli has benefited much from their technological expertise. And has used these ‘cooperative’ scientists to help industrialize their Asian allies in the war against Bishnell.

Important Individuals

Captain Kyla Von Dulce

Captain Kyla Von Dulce is the current leader of Montepoli`s military. A young ‘super soldier’ with a Bishnell exosuit- she has always wished to be a hero her country could look up to. Montepoli`s military has had the reputation for being incompetent and extremely corrupt (which it was, other than the La Guardia division). The country was almost lost to a monster invasion by Bishnell- because of the military leadership`s refusal to prepare for war. Luckily Kyla was able to lead a part of the military save Montepoli- just barely. President Carlos has promoted her to supreme military commander (a job meant for the original 10 corrupt generals) recently- to fix Montepoli`s corrupt armed forces and to industrialize their Asian allies. It is a truly stressful job indeed.

Montepoli city (screenshot 4)

Zhongguo 中國

Zhongguo flag

Based On: Imperial China

“When Zhongguo awakens- she will shake the world.”

-Friederic Von Vanderburg

Zhongguo, with a population of 2 billion people, is the largest state of the continent of Asia. A vast and ancient nation- Zhongguo lies at the end of the road through the Great Rift- leading from the West to the East.

Zhongguo city (screenshot 1)

It is this vast land that stands in the way of Von Oberon`s vision for the domination of the entire world.

Zhongguo city (screenshot 2)

Von Oberon, the kaiser of Bishnell, knows that if the massive Zhongguo were to ever industrialize they could produce more weapons and field armies on a immeasurably greater scale than they could ever match. Zhongguo ever since the Great Galeyan War has been the nation that the lands of Asia have rallied around- whenever the continent was attacked by foreign invaders.

Zhongguo city (screenshot 3)

At the heart and soul of their nation- and of the entire continent, is the Zhangzheng family. The royal family of their nation who were given incredible powers during the Galeyan war. It is with these powers that they have fought and shed their blood to defend the lands of Asia for thousands of years.

Zhangzheng family

It is this heart and soul that Bishnell wants to crush. They want to destroy the Zhangzheng family.

Zhongguo city (screenshot 4)

So far they have succeeded in doing so. And much of the Zhangzheng family was murdered in a surprise attack by the Bishnell controlled Imburnnu and Hector- leaving only the Emperor`s daughter Xiuying to lead the nation.

Battle for the Realm (screenshot 3)

But the fire of Zhangzheng will burn bright. And like a whirlwind they will rise again with the help of their Asian allies to put an end to the tyranny of the Bishnell Empire.

Maratha-Chola Empire

Maratha-Chola Empire

The Maratha-Chola Empire is a powerful Indian Kingdom and a principal member of the Kings of the East alliance. Playing a major role in fighting against the enemy Arab and European navies in the Indian Ocean- King Shivaji has committed a massive force to the fight against Bishnell.

Maratha-Chola Empire city (screenshot 1)

Originally separate states- Maratha and Chola united to fight against the Mughal superpower to their north. But with the great war with Asia against the Utopian alliance- a truce has been signed between the 3 Indian powers.

Maratha-Chola Empire city (screenshot 2)


The Maratha Empire`s reigning king as well as founder is Shivaji. Seeking to establish an Indian Kingdom free of Mughal rule and the oppressive policies of the Shah- Maratha fought a long guerilla war to establish their state. Emerging during the war against Bishnell as an industrial superpower- Maratha is a major Asian power.




Raigad is the capital of the Maratha state. Containing the Palace of Raigad and the main fort of the Maratha Empire- Raigad is a large and well-fortified city. Famous for being the most free and tolerant city in the Indian subcontinent, millions of Indians flock to Raigad in search for a better life.

Maratha-Chola Empire city (screenshot 4)

Within Raigad is the infamous Parvati Inn. Rejected as not up to standards by the Montepoli Hotel and Resort association- Parvati Inn is infested with ants. Raigad is also world famous for their Yamato-style anime “Apurva-Chan does not Dream of 9 Maratha Men Swimming in the Spa” which was inspired by the spa of Raigad Fort- a popular spa destination, regularly visited by the most buff men in India.

Parvati Inn

Spa of Raigad Fort

General Tahaji of the Maratha Army

General Tahaji of the Maratha Army

Achimgoyo 아침고요

Achimgoyo flag

Alias: The Land of the Morning Calm

Based On: Korea

Achimgoyo, the land of the morning calm- is one of the Asian powers. Brought fame by it`s TV shows and musical bands- Achimgoyo is renowned in the world- in places even as far as Liure in Europe- and the Aztec Empire in America.

Achimgoyo city (screenshot 1)

Achimgoyo struggles under the oppression of Bishnell-fanatic generals from Yamato- who seek to exploit their country and people.

Mythical (moon) forest (screenshot 1)

In Achimgoyo can be found the mythical 달 숲 or ‘moon forest’ region which was caused by the war in Galeya 6100 years prior. Crystals powering Galeyan war machines incorporated themselves into the plants and trees of the valley- turning it into a crystalized forest.

The same kinds of crystals used for the Galeyan Empire`s war machines can be found growing everywhere in the 달 숲. The fanatic generals of Yamato have sought to get their hands on these gems to use for war machines to field against their fellow Asian nations.

Mythical (moon) forest (screenshot 2)

A resistance movement is growing in Achimgoyo against these foreign oppressors. It looks as if all of Asia will have to step in to stop their erstwhile ‘ally’ Yamato, who have fallen under the control of traitors.

Residents of  Achimgoyo

Important Individuals

The Flower Knights is an Achimogoyan Pop band, or Achim-Pop for short. They represent what is left of the joy and wonder of the Achimgoyoan people after the devastating loss of their royal family and the freedom of their nation. The band members of the Flower Knights are Cha, Pyu, and Sa. The most successful band in the world- the Flower Knights- are the main reason for Achimgoyo`s worldwide music influence.

The Flower Knights

Even with the war with Bishnell- and the ban on Asian goods- Europeans are still smuggling the latest Flower Knights releases under the noses of the Bishnell Imperial Police!

The Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire flag

The Mughal Empire is a vast northern Indian Empire.

The Mughal Empire city (screenshot 1)

Historically ruled by Kings from Persia, the Mughals have extremely bad relations with their Southern neighbors- the Marathas- who view them as foreign invaders in India.

The Mughal Empire city (screenshot 2)

But a truce has been signed between the two powers- as the Bishnell Empire has vowed to subjugate all of Asia.

The Mughal Empire, with their vast population and growing industry (due to the war) are swiftly becoming a force to reckon with.

The Mughal Empire city (screenshot 3)

Their, and the Marathas, navy`s raiding of Bishnell and Islamic trading ships has led to a full scale naval war in the Indian Ocean- a war that Asia must win if it is to ever counterattack against the Bishnell Empire and her coalition.

The Mughal Empire city (screenshot 4)

Yamato 大和

Yamato flag

The most ferocious of the Asian nations, and the first of them to have industrialized- Yamato is a terrifying Imperial Power with the largest naval force in the world.

Yamato city (screenshot 1)

Armed to the teeth with Battleships, Aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines- Yamato would be a formidable enemy if it ever turned against the Asian powers.

Yamato Navy vehicles

A secret movement is rising in Yamato`s government to overthrow their emperor and replace him with a party loyal to the Bishnell Empire.

Yamato city (screenshot 2)

This is a terrifying prospect. And very soon the forces of Yamato may be turned against their fellow Asian Powers.

In Progress

Neo-Khmer Empire

Neo-Khmer Empire

The Neo Khmer Empire arose from the ancient Khmer civilization in Southeast Asia.

Neo-Khmer Empire (screenshot 1)

Wiping away the shame of defeat by the state of Siam- the new Khmer Empire has come back- more powerful than ever. Under the rule of Empress Mon Sokhom, the empire has made significant contributions to the advancement of Asian industry during the war.

Neo-Khmer Empire (screenshot 2)

The Neo Khmer Empire is known for its advanced technology, particularly in the fields of infrastructure development. They have, along with Malacca, developed the rail networks and highways used by the Asian alliance in traversing the Great Rift.

Neo-Khmer Empire (screenshot 3)

Despite their technological advancements, the Neo Khmer Empire has faced conflicts with their neighbors, particularly the neighboring kingdoms of Siam and the Konbaung dynasty. These conflicts have largely been driven by territorial disputes and historical tensions between the nations. However, with the threat of the Bishnell empire looming large, the Neo Khmer Empire realizes the importance of working together with their neighbors to defeat their common enemy. Empress Mon Sokhom has


Siam flag

Siam is a kingdom in Southeast Asia, and a principal member of the Asian powers. As a nation in mainland Southeast Asia- Siam and its neighbors are notorious their long history of attacking and backstabbing each other. Sandwiched between the hostile Konbaung dynasty and their peacock king- as well as the Khmer Empire- which holds many grudges against the Siamese state for ransacking their capital in the past- Siam was in a precarious position before the war.

Siam city (screenshot 1)

An incredibly uneasy alliance holds between Siam, the Kingdom of Mekong, the Konbaung Dynasty, and Khmer. Most of them only expect this alliance to last until the threat of Bishnell is gone.

Siam city (screenshot 2)

The Siamese Kingdom has major disputes as well with the state of Malacca- and is actively funding spies and saboteurs to infiltrate their largest company UEC- on allegations of the UEC CEO holding Siamese citizens hostage.

The King of Siam- Trat Pramoj is known all over Indochina as a extravagant playboy king. Although not as suspicious as his predecessors- Trat Pramoj still funds a spa area in his palace for the women of Siam.

Siam city (screenshot 3)

The Palace of Pramoj

The massive palace of the Pramoj dynasty. King Trat was accused by his people of extreme excess when it came to the construction of Pramoj palace. Although now most of the citizens of Siam are quite proud of Pramoj- and it serves as a beautiful edifice in Siam`s capital Pak Chochit.

Pak Chochit (Coming Soon)

Pak Chochit flag


Singapore is a bustling and prosperous city-state located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. With its strategic location at the entrance of the Malacca Strait, Singapore boasts the busiest port in Asia and is a vital hub for global trade. Despite being a small island nation, Singapore has established itself as a major financial center with a highly developed economy.

Singapore city (screenshot 1)

During the war, Singapore has taken on the role of supporting the Kings of the East by providing financial aid to soldiers and subsidizing food costs for civilians throughout Asia.

Singapore city (screenshot 2)

This has made the city very popular among the common people who appreciate their generosity. However, Singapore has also faced contention over the Malacca Strait with neighboring powers such as Malacca and Majapahit.

Singapore city (screenshot 3)

Shuang Autonomous Zone

Shuang Autonomous Zone

The Shuang autonomous zone is a modern city located in northern Zhongguo. It was established as a foreign investment zone by the now fallen democratic Bishnell Federation, with the aim of promoting economic development in the region. However, after the Bishnell Empire rose to power, it took over the zone and made it a stronghold in their campaign to dominate Asia.

Tank in Shuang Autonomous Zone

The city is characterized by its tall skyscrapers, wide boulevards, and modern infrastructure. It is a hub of activity, with numerous businesses and multinational corporations operating within its borders. Prior to its capture by the Bishnell Empire, the Shuang autonomous zone was known for its economic prosperity and was a beacon of hope for the people of Zhongguo.

Helicopters in Shuang Autonomous Zone

Currently, the city is in a state of war, with the Bishnell Utopian alliance occupying it and the Asian alliance- the Kings of the East, led by Zhongguo, seeking to retake it. The conflict has escalated to a point where a vast army of 200 million men has been assembled to push the Bishnell-euro alliance out of Asia.

Other tank in Shuang Autonomous Zone

The Shuang autonomous zone is a crucial battleground in this war, as its capture would give the Bishnell Empire a strategic advantage over its opponents. The city's fate hangs in the balance as both sides engage in fierce fighting, and its people are caught in the crossfire. The future of the zone remains uncertain as the war rages on.


The Bishnell Empire

The Bishnell Empire flag

Based On: German Empire

The Bishnell Empire is a hyper technologically advanced superstate in the heart of Europe.

The Bishnell Empire city (screenshot 1)

There is no nation in the world with technology as advanced as that of the Bishnell Empire.

Big metal robot

Engineers and scientists from Bishnell have put together horrendous mechanisms of war to use against their enemies.

Robot Attack

It is with these terrifying weapons that they have subjected all the world- save for Asia.

And with their experimentation of portals they wiped out much of earth`s landmass in a dimensional leak.

The Bishnell Empire city (screenshot 2)

Hostiles biomes have now occupied all the land from the edge of Europe to the land beyond Zhongguo. Although they intended to use it to wipe out enemy countries it had the unintended effect of placing a nearly impassable barrier between them and Asia.

The Bishnell Empire city (screenshot 3)

Rift Tech- Bishnell`s Main Technology Company

The Bishnell Empire city (screenshot 4)

Bishnell has carved a highway through this hostile terrain which they refer to as ‘The Great Rift’ to send their armies into Asia.

The Bishnell Empire city (screenshot 5)

But this could very well be their undoing. The puppet empire Bishnell rules is anything but united- and anti-Bishnell and anti-empire movements are rising up all over Europe. At least for now, in secret.

Jeremiah Walker

A famous Bishnell industrialist, Jeremiah Walker, is secretly working to assist the Asian powers- as well as to overthrow the kaiser of Bishnell, Von Oberon.

Secret tunnels under the cities

Stashing high tech weapons in secret tunnels under the cities of the Bishnell Empire- Jeremiah Walker seeks to restore the rightful ruler of Bishnell to his place. President Warlow who was violently overthrown by Von Oberon and his industrial company, Rift Tech.

The Bishnell Empire city (screenshot 6)


Orlovy flag

Orlovy is an autonomous area of the Bishnell Empire. Orlovy`s capital city is Durchenwald- which is home to their noble family that fought in the Galeyan war.

Orlovy city (screenshot 1)

During that conflict, they emerged victorious- driving the Galeyans out of Europe. Unfortunately, for them, the end of the Galeyan war started an endless conflict between them and their greatest enemy today- Nachtnebel, the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

Although Orlovy is a very military weak nation, relying on antiquated armor, bows, and swords as their main weapons, they are still viewed as powerful.

Orlovy city (screenshot 2)

Orlovy is home to the most powerful wielder of the Galeyan War Era Powers. Namely, Herr Amell Durchenwald. He is so strong that the Bishnell military has drafted contingency plans and have developed specialized weapons (doubtful that they will work) in the case they have to fight him. Orlovy, though, suffers from constant monster attacks from Nachtnebel- the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

Individuals of Note

Nation of Origin: Orlovy

Family: Durchenwald (electricity)

As a direct descendant of the King of Orlovy during the Galeyan War- Amell Durchenwald has been noted to be the most powerful wielder of the Realm Herald`s powers. Amell Durchenwald uses his electric manipulation powers in incredible ways to overwhelm and defeat extremely powerful armies of monsters- on his own. As the leading knight of Orlovy- the Sturmritter (Storm Knight) he is responsible for the nation`s protection from the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

The States of Italy

The States of Italy flag

A loose alliance of Italian states was formed by Kaiser Von Oberon. A people known worldwide for their fine cuisine, the “greatest food in the world”- the people of Italy despise working for the “factory-made sausage-eating mentecatto- Von Oberon.”

But forced by circumstances, Von Oberon`s military, and Bishnell collaborators to comply, the states of Italy send a puny expeditionary force of 30,000 men to fight a war in Zhongguo. Already feeling homesick- the image of Nonna`s pasta in their heart- and tears welling up in their eyes- they trudge begrudgingly along the perilous great rift to join the Bishnell Empire`s allies in the war in Asia.


Florence (screenshot 1)

Florence, known as Firenze to the locals, is a city in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. The city is renowned for its breathtaking architecture, stunning art, and delicious cuisine.

Florence (screenshot 2)

One of the most famous restaurants in Florence is Tognozzi Pizzeria. The restaurant has been in the Tognozzi family for generations and is known for its traditional wood-fired pizzas and fresh pasta dishes. The owner, Fortunata Tognozzi, takes great pride in the quality of her family's food and claims it is the best in all of Italy.

Florence (screenshot 3)

The architecture of Florence is a mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. The city's most famous landmark is the Cathedral, also known as the Duomo. Its iconic red-tiled dome dominates the skyline, and its intricate façade is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Despite the city's beauty and cultural significance, the people of Florence are currently in a state of unrest due to the Bishnell Empire's drafting of its citizens to fight in the ongoing war. Many locals are bitter and resentful towards the Empire and just want to go back to making pizza and pasta in peace.


Peronia (screenshot 1)

Peronia, a once-great merchant city built on a network of canals, now lies in the grip of corruption and tyranny. The oppressive rule of the Bishnell Empire has transformed the city into a den of iniquity, where the rich and powerful collude with the occupiers to maintain their privileged position.

Peronia (screenshot 2)

The stunning architecture of Peronia is still present, but it is now overshadowed by the gaudy displays of wealth and opulence of the collaborators.

In the narrow alleys, gangs and smugglers ply their trade, bringing in goods from Asia that are banned by the Bishnell authorities. The most famous of these smugglers is the infamous "Donati Gang," who specialize in smuggling the latest anime and K-pop records from Asia, which can fetch prices worth millions of marks on the black market.

Peronia (screenshot 3)

When the Achimgoyo Flower Knights visited the city before the war, Pyu fell into the canal. This water was immediately fought over by the many gangs of Peronia who sought to collect and distribute it. Water from that location is treated more valuable than gold- getting more and more valuable depending on how early it was collected, relative to when Pyu fell into it. A gram of said water collected a minute after Pyu fell can be priced all the way up to 30 million marks.

Peronia (screenshot 4)

Despite the dire situation in the city, the people of Peronia still hold on to their pride and culture. They continue to cherish the traditional foods and festivals of their city, and there are still a few who hold fast to the values of resistance against the Bishnell Empire.

Peronia (screenshot 5)


Liure flag

Liure is a nation that was once known for its elegance, refinement, and sophistication. Located in the heart of Europe, it was renowned for its art, music, literature, and cuisine. However, all that has changed since it surrendered to the Bishnell Empire.

Liure city (screenshot 1)

Today, Liure is a mere shadow of its former self. The once-great nation has become a puppet of the Bishnell Empire, ruled by a cowardly king who is despised by his people. The streets are lined with poverty, and the people are growing increasingly restless and discontented.

Liure city (screenshot 2)

The rival royal house of Liure, the Baudelaires, have collaborated with the Bishnell Empire eagerly in order to gain more power and influence in the country. They have taken control of the best soldiers and military equipment in Liure, leaving the common people with nothing.Despite their power, the Baudelaires are viewed with suspicion and hatred by many in Liure. They are seen as traitors to their country, willing to collaborate with the enemy for their own gain.

Liure city (screenshot 3)

As the people of Liure continue to suffer under their new masters, they are beginning to rise up in protest. They see their once-great nation being reduced to a mere puppet of the Bishnell Empire, and they are determined to take back their country and their dignity.


Rome flag

Rome is a state that has managed to survive the endless cycle of world wars that have ravaged the planet, despite being one of the oldest civilizations in existence. The Romans suffered heavily in their war against the ancient Galeyan Empire 6,000 years ago, which resulted in the destruction of much of their country. However, instead of continuing their ways of expansionism, the Romans decided to become a nation of scholars and dedicated themselves to the preservation of knowledge.

Rome city (screenshot 1)

Today, Rome is known for having the largest collection of scrolls containing the history of the past world-destroying wars in what is known as the endless cycle. The Roman scholars have spent centuries studying the scrolls and deciphering their contents to better understand the events that have led to humanity's repeated downfall. As a result, they possess a wealth of knowledge that is unmatched by any other nation in the world.

Rome city (screenshot 2)

The leader of Rome is Lisa Delaurentis, a wise and powerful woman who is a patron of the arts and culture. She seeks to modernize Rome, much like what was done in the Italian states of Peronia and Florence. However, her rule is not without challenges. The people of Rome are still struggling with the aftermath of the war against Galeya, and the country often comes into conflict with the Italian states to it`s north.

Rome city (screenshot 3)

The Bishnell Empire, one of the most powerful nations in the world, has been unable to take direct control of Rome due to Lisa Delaurentis' extremely wise diplomatic moves. However, they are still searching for something hidden in the Roman state, something that may unlock the key to the world's past. The Delaurentis family has inherited unusual powers from the war against Galeya in the past, and this has made them a target of interest for Bishnell.

Rome city (screenshot 4)

Despite the challenges that Rome faces, it remains a beacon of knowledge and civilization in a world that is constantly on the brink of destruction. The Roman scholars continue to study the scrolls, hoping to find a way to break the endless cycle and bring lasting peace to the world.



Enderinfection biome

From the energy pouring from the end dimension to the overworld from Rift Tech portals comes the enderinfection. A hostile environment full of strange creatures- and otherworldly flora and fauna. Tread with caution, traveller.

Fungal Enclave

Fungal Enclave biome

The fire of the nether burns bright in the overworld. The very fire, the very energy that created the monster, the Imburnnu. Strange monsters live in the Fungal Enclave. If you come, come prepared, come ready to fight.

Fungal Enclave biome (screenshot 2)

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

A dark and jagged mountain, set ablaze, rises towards the sky. Very few who have climbed the peaks have come back down. Dragons inhabit the crags and the cliffs of the mountain. A dangerous universe indeed, this biome has come from.

The Dark Castle

The Dark Castle

The headquarters of Hector and the Imburnnu. It is from here that they wage war against the nations of Asia with their armies of monsters. To win the war in Asia, you must expel the Bishnell Empire- and storm the dark castle.

Boss in the The Dark Castle

An intimidating fortress composed of nearly indestructible materials, with floor after floor of monster armies- it is a fitting place for the final battle in Asia. At the very top lies the Imburnnu and Hector. The battle will be legendary. Bring as many heroes as you can with you to fight them.

Crystal Biome

Crystal Biome (screenshot 1)

A crystalized mountain coming from a world beyond- the crystal biomes peaks rise so high they touch the clouds. The monsters here are dangerous, and will ensure you never get hold of the treasure they guard. The very power of the sun, do they possess- a treasure they will stop at nothing to keep.

Crystal Biome (screenshot 2)

Toxic Biome

Toxic Biome

The world where this came from was destroyed in a war that reduced the earth to a smouldering pile of radioactive ash- where the only living things that survived were mutated monsters. We hope our world will never share the same fate.

Wasteland City

Wasteland City

A city reduced to radioactive rubble. Filled with a strange, intoxicating mist- and hordes of mutated monsters, it is a dangerous place to be in.


Daurfrost biome (screenshot 1)

The Daurfrost is the remnants of the northern areas of the destroyed Galeyan Empire. 6,000 years ago a cataclysm befell this evil nation- and half their land lies a frozen wasteland- and the other half is now a molten mountain of magma- inhabited by dragons.

Daurfrost biome (screenshot 2)

Northern Galeya was much better preserved the the Southeastern portion of the nation. The bitter cold and frosty winds have preserved the ruins of their once great civilization. The only moving things left in the peaks of Northern Galeya (Daurfrost) are their robots. Most notably their gigantic “Land Battleships”- or Galeyan Walkers.

Daurfrost biome (screenshot 3)

Powered by mysterious energy, Galeyan technology has not been replicated to this day. The only way to do so is by stealing parts from Galeyan temples. But very few adventurers make it out alive from the Daurfrost.

Daurfrost biome (screenshot 4)

The nation of Montagne does a lot of research into Galeya though. And they have an endless trove of scrolls and books detailing Galeyan history and civilization.

Galeyan “Bladehand” Robots in the snow

Galeyan “Bladehand” Robots in the snow

A Galeyan Temple structure

A Galeyan Temple! Raid it to get Bibulus Saxum

The Kingdom Of Eternal Night

AKA Nachtnebel

AKA Nachtnebel (screenshot 1)

Before the Galeyan war- a little over 6,000 years ago- the Kingdom of Nachtnebel was once a flourishing Kingdom. It was ruled by a Queen named Adelheidis.

But when the evil Galeyan Empire began to mobilize their mighty civilization to conquer the world- Nachtnebel was defeated in a great battle in Europe! To the Queens despair and rage- her mightiest warriors could not stop the Galeyans from capturing her son. To this very day it is not known what happened to him.

AKA Nachtnebel (screenshot 2)

Thick Darkness shrouds this fallen kingdom

This turned Queen Adelheidis insane. What was worse is, shortly before, the Realm Herald had died to Galeya- and distributed his power to the nobles of the world of Dungeon Craft to continue the fight. Queen Adelheidis was one of those who received a portion of his power. Her family would have the ability to control darkness.

Queen Adelheidis

But in her rage- losing herself- Queen Adelheidis turned that power against her own people, leveling Nachtnebel`s castles and cities, turning her people into monsters- and plunging the kingdom into eternal darkness.

Today Nachtnebel, the Kingdom of Eternal Night, is one of the greatest threats to the peaceful nations of Europe. Nachtnebel`s crazed corrupted Knights go around Europe kidnapping children- in the vain hope they will find the prince. These children, are brought to the Castle of Nachtnebel, some of which have been there for already 5,000 years. It has been noted that the Castle completely stops the process of aging.

Mortifers mobs

Large flying monsters inhabit the Kingdom known as Mortifers- in the language of Montagne this means “Death Bringer”

Mortifers mob

Corrupted Knights and smaller Mortifers also can be found in this ruined Kingdom

Corrupted Knights

Nachtnebel Castle

Nachtnebel Castle

Almost completely destroyed by Adelheidis during the Galeyan War, only the walls of the castle, and the main supporting pillars remain. Here Adelheidis is keeping hostage one of Orlovy`s young princes- Ben Durchenwald, and a weapon known as the Lichtkatalysator. It appears that it is a weapon that can harness the power of light.

King of Orlovy

King of Orlovy- Isaac Durchenwald claimed it could melt any monster from Nachtnebel with a single use. It appears Adelheidis saw it as a threat. Monsters kidnapped the young prince, took the Lichtkatalysator, and brought it to the Castle. Now you must take them back.

King of Orlovy (screenshot 2)

Do not forget to free the kids Adelheidis is holding hostage their either!




Galeya was an incredibly powerful empire- capable of rivaling even the modern day Bishnell Empire at a time when technology around the world was still in its infancy. An unsurpassably brutal and terrifyingly violent state during it`s existence- Galeya was feared so much in the ancient world, that sometimes entire cities- or even provinces would commit suicide rather than surrender to them. Talking about the terrible atrocities Galeya had committed is illegal in most nations around the world.

Galeya empire city

Even Kaiser Von Oberon, the leader of the Bishnell Empire- a cruel madman, was so shocked and disgusted by the images in original 6000 year old Galeyan art books that he had them burned in the industrial fires of the nation`s factories. The disgusting practices of Galeya had led to rulers of nations all over the world systematically destroying artifacts from that fallen empire. Apparently- the historical significance of these artifacts was not enough to make up for how terrifying they were. Galeya- 6,000 years ago, during the Great Galeyan War- was destroyed in a great cataclysm that completely wiped their nation off of the map. The causes of which are unknown even today. But most believe it was their punishment for the countless horrors they brought on humankind.



Schwarmbewusstsein is the only intact Galeyan city left. Since it was built far from the Galeyan mainland- all the way into the modern day territory of Stakan- it was not within the range of the cataclysm. Schwarmbewusstsein, though, is completely uninhabited by any humans. And it`s vast empty halls and towering spires make it look like no one was ever intended to live there anyway. The knowledge of what purpose these structures served is long lost to the sands of time. The destruction of Galeyan artifacts does not help either.

Schwarmbewusstsein (screenshot 2)

Bishnell officials though have publicly mentioned that the city is still growing to this day! It appears that the Galeyans had reached a level of industrialization so high- that even when they are all dead and gone- the city still builds itself! Bishnell reconnaissance into the Schwarmbewusstsein has shown that factories in the city churn out robots that operate like bees. They have a hive mind. These robots take resources from the surrounding areas to keep feeding the factories- that make even more robots to further expand the city. Bishnell has taken up the responsibility of preventing the Schwarmbewusstsein from becoming too large. Destroying anything the Galeyan robots build outside of a certain radius around the city.

Schwarmbewusstsein (screenshot 3)

Schwarmbewusstsein is guarded by various Galeyan automata. Most prominent of which are the Galeyan Quadropods. They will mercilessly pursue any intruders with shocking speed through the vast and winding halls of the Galeyan City. Fighting against them is usually not worth it with the Galeyan Quadropods being nearly invulnerable to any weapon less powerful than a Hero Sword! If you manage to escape the Quadropods you should look for chests of Galeyan Energy Chips. You will need these to harness the full potential of Galeyan technology for mass producing Galeyan components- needed for the strongest items in the game!

Bibulus Saxum Generator recipe

A Bibulus Saxum Generator- for mass producing Bibulus Saxum

Starting Out

Starting Weapons and Armor

Monsters in Dungeon Craft are so strong that usually you will get one shotted if you get into a fight with them, unarmored! To make sure you will at least survive- you will need diamond armor. Climb a giant tree. Like the one shown here.

Giant Tree

Make it to the top, and you will find 2 diamond blocks. Mine these and use them to make your first weapons and armor. If you take more diamond blocks from other trees you can craft a pretty strong sword, the reinforced diamond sword. It deals 19 damage and should be enough to fend off basic dungeon craft night monsters.

Reinforced Diamond Sword

You can get some food easily by looking for fruits and veggies that can be easily found throughout the world.

Fruit Tree saplings

Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree

There are fruit trees in dungeon craft. You can find orange and lemon trees all over the world. Mangoes though, are exclusive to the tropical USJ.

Steel Production

You cannot just stay with diamond weapons though. If you really want to thrive in the crazy world of Dungeon Craft- and be dominating your foes- then you must first start by making steel! Almost all powerful weapons in dungeon craft require steel one way or another.

Steel Ingot recipe

Without it- progressing will be slow. You must industrialize! Of course, you will need advanced weapons. In dungeon craft you will be fighting not just singular mobs, but powerful and evil empires like Bishnell! (Most nations in Dungeon Craft are on your side though- more on that later).

How to Produce Steel

Start by smelting coal in a blast furnace.

Coal Coke recipe

This will turn into coal coke. Coal coke is used for crafting steel in a crafting table. Craft 2 coke with an iron nugget to get a steel nugget. With 8 steel nuggets and a piece of coke you can make a steel ingot. With 9 steel ingots you can make a steel bunch, and with 9 steel bunches- a steel block. More powerful weapons require more and more steel. So be sure to make as much as you can.

Steel Bunch recipe

Steel Block recipe

When you have more steel you can craft Bessemer converter that can turn rubies into steel-instantly!

Bessemer converter block


You can also get steel by attacking Chocodile encampments, or searching for chests in the nations.

Structure from the addon

Starter Steel Weapons!

Starter Steel Weapons

With steel and a bit of gunpowder one can make a myriad of early gunpowder weapons! Shotguns, hand cannons, automatic crossbows, rockets, etc. Just look in the crafting table. You will need these weapons for your wars and adventures. Later on when you have more steel, and have mined for ores like rubies you can make increasingly more advanced weapons, and even produce soldiers, heavy guns, or even helicopters! (More on that later- see wars)

Ores and more Powerful Weapons

Ruby, Chrysocolla and Ametrine ores

Ores in Order: Ruby, Chrysocolla, Ametrine

Dungeon craft ores can be found near bedrock. You have ruby, chrysocolla, and ametrine. Ruby and Ametrine can be turned into good sets of armor and powerful weapons.

New armor types

Tip: energy armor is the best set. (the orange one) Ametrine armor is the 2nd best (the purple one)

Ruby, mainly used for technologically advanced weapons, and Ametrine for more magical ones. Chrysocolla is used to make a bunch of different items. There are a huge amount of weapons in Dungeon Craft- a lot more than I can describe here:

New weapon types

Discover them for yourself! I recommend trying them out in creative first- determining which ones you like. Look for their recipes in the crafting table once you are in survival and try grinding for the resources you need. Most of the cool ones though will be in the building blocks section of the creative inventory/crafting table. Bear that in mind.

New swords in inventory

Just bear this in mind. If you want a strong sword for fighting big bosses you should make a sword known as the star cleaver. It deals a ton of damage and even has special abilities when right clicked/long held.

Star Cleaver sword

You need to go to Achimgoyo to get the materials for it.

Energy Armor and the Photon Sword

If you want an upgrade for that- you need go to the crystal biome. Photons which are dropped by the prism mob (which spawns there) can be used to make an incredibly strong weapon.

Prism mobs in the Crystal biome

This weapon is the Photon Sword- it deals upwards of 300 damage and gives you potion effects when you right click it. Very good. It is really important for defeating the executives- some of the mightiest monsters in the game- who drop pieces of the Quake Hammer.

Your photons can also be used to craft ametrine armor into the mighty energy armor.

Ametrine armor and sword

And you will need the Quake Hammer to defeat the final boss (in the future). You will also need tungsten to get the Photon sword. You get that by killing droids. For now you can attack Bishnell Empire bases or try fighting off the invading Bishnell armies in Zhongguo to get them.

Vanderburgian Elytra Combat Gear

A set of equipment that turns your elytra into a supermaneuverable monster-killing weapon! Created by scientists from the Bishnell state of Vanderburg- each part of the gear is designed to remove every weakness of the Elytra and turn it into a weapon for battle. Although it is very potent- it requires a lot of skill to use!

Try Right Clicking on Weapons! Some swords, weapons, and tools in Dungeon Craft have special abilities when you right click-long press them!

Bishnell boss

Bishnell bases spawn in plains biomes and deserts.

2 Very Important Materials

In v8.0 you cannot simply use rubies and ametrine once you get them! Pay attention to these 2 important materials you will need to use rubies and ametrine- and in essence- to get the most powerful weapons in the game!

To use rubies…

Hearthstone block

Hearthstone (block)

You need to craft them with hearthstone. Hearthstone can only be found in the Dragonnest biome as a drop from magma skeletons. Be careful when traversing the dragonnest as it is full of hostile monsters, environmental dangers- like fire, magma, cliffs, and of course- dragons!

Dragonnest biome

To Use Ametrine….

Galeyan Land Warships in the Daurfrost

Galeyan Land Warships in the Daurfrost

You will need Bibulus saxum. It is a technological component from the ancient nation of Galeya. Galeya was destroyed 6,000 years ago in a cataclysm after it fought to try and conquer the world. Now all that remains is their robots and the ruins of their civilization- either burning in the Dragonnest, or freezing in the Daurfrost. You can only find Bibulus saxum, though, in the Daurfrost. And you can only get them inside chests in a Galeyan Temple.

Ancient Galeyan Automatons

You will have to fight through a lot of ancient Galeyan automatons to get your hands on Bibulus Saxum.

Bibulus Saxum

But it will be worth it. You can use Bibulus Saxum to recreate powerful Galeyan weapons- such as this cannon. It deals 1200 damage per shot!

Galeyan cannon

Mass Production of Bibulus Saxum

Galeyan biome

If you want to mass produce Bibulus Saxum- you will have to go to the Galeyan biome (spawns in Europe in 1.17, and replaces the mutated birch forest in 1.18/1.19). The Galeyan biome houses the last remaining intact (albeit uninhabited) Galeyan city- Schwarmbewusstsein. Chests around the city will contain Galeyan energy chips which will allow you to produce Bibulus Saxum Generators- that can convert Potentia (a drop from Galeyan robots) into Bibulus Saxum. This will ensure you will have enough Bibulus to make all the strongest weapons in the game. Galeyan Energy Chips also give you access to extremely powerful Galeyan weapons.

Bibulus Saxum Generator recipe

Galeyan Armor set

Galeyan Armor- The new strongest in the game!

How to get Golden Apples

You can get normal golden apples from a mob called an Appling that can be found in the plains or forest biome. Right click them to get golden apples.

Appling mob

If that isn`t good enough for you- you can craft dirt pie. It is very cheap. Only costing dead beetles, corn and dirt, to craft. It gives you very good regeneration, resistance, speed, and jump boost. Perfect for fighting bosses.

Dirt Pie

But if you still want something better - you can get Gapples from these little steam-powered robots that spawn in Liure. Right click them and they give you Gapples- for free!

Powered Robot

Heroes and Tamable Mobs

In Dungeon Craft you can find spawn eggs to use to spawn in Heroes to fight on your side. All of them are extremely powerful and very potent on the battlefield.

To get them to fight for you, find their spawn egg, spawn them in- and give them a piece of paper to tame them. Usually they can be found in the nation/region they come from in Dungeon Craft!

Team of the Battle for the Realm addon

Thank you to BendyTheDemon for soldier template!



Screenshot from the Battle for the Realm

Download the Battle for the Realm Preset World and Addon.

If the addon gets a .zip extension added to it, rename it and remove .zip. Replace it with .mcworld for the Preset world and .mcaddon for the Addon.

Import both. If your file manager does not support opening Add-Ons in Minecraft download a different one.

The world is ready to play! To use the addon, create a new world and enable all the BFTR packs and experimental features.


Download the world and addon! Open them in Minecraft!

The preset world is ready to play! To use the addon create a new world and enable all the BFTR packs and experimental features!

How to activate the Battle for the Realm addon

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