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Adha craft is a special add-on for those who have always wanted to be a butcher in Minecraft. The add-on adds many realistic features to your Minecraft world, making butchering fun. Grab your butcher knife & start chasing the mobs. Make your real farm all in Minecraft.

Adha Craft v3 changes


A new hay and water container to feed the animals from

Trough block

New Eating and Drinking animations:

Animals now get fat while eating from the trough and skinny while drinking.

New cow eating animation

Fat Animals:

The fat is a new state a mob can reach after eating hay from the trough; it's also a bit bigger than normal animals.

The fat cow

Grills Improvement:

Grills have new raw and cooked food models, and they smoke while cooking food. Take your cooked food after 30 seconds of grilling

Grill block

Grinders Improvement:

Remodeled the beef in the grinder to match the minecraft beef and fixed some texture glitches

Grinder block

Tools Retexture:

Retextured the bone saw, glove

The Bone saw and Glove items

Food Retexture:

Retextured raw and cooked Brain, Meat Cubes, Ribs, Roast

Raw and cooked Brain, Meat Cubes, Ribs, Roast items


The wrench is a tool used to rotate blocks such as the grill and grinder

Wrench item


Animal Heads are now converted to blocks instead of entities

The animal heads

Colored Sheep:

Colored sheep can now drop carcasses based on their color. You can get colored wool while skinning.

Colored sheeps

Improved UI:

Remade the changelog UI and added a tutorial for the trough and a menu for plans we have for v4

The addon info

Adha Craft v3 and ALL GU Studios projects are found only on

Adha Craft banner

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Updated on June 27

The full release of the addon:

  • Added Trough
  • Added Fat Animals
  • Added Wrench
  • Added Animal Heads
  • New Eating and Drinking animations
  • Improved Grill
  • Improved Grinders
  • Remade the changelog UI and added a tutorial
  • Retextured the bone saw, glove
  • Retextured raw and cooked Brain, Meat Cubes, Ribs, Roast
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