Festive Lights

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Festive Lights is a small addon that adds decorative lighting blocks to Minecraft.

Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Lights can be placed on the side of any block, similar to glow lichen. This is the default mode when placing lights.

Hanging Lightbulbs

Hanging Lightbulbs

The lights can also hang from a wire.

To place hanging lights, place the lights while looking up. Once you have one placed this way, other lights placed next to it will automatically be in the hanging state.

Light placement


All of the blocks in this addon are craftable, crafting recipes should show up in the crafting table. The recipe for most of the lights is as follows:

Glowstone Dust
Glass/Stained Glass

The rainbow color changing lights are different, instead being crafted by combining nine of the different colored lights:

Red String Light Orange String Light Yellow String Light
Lime String Light Green String Light Cyan String Light
Light Blue String Light Blue String Light Purple String Light

Installation Instructions & Other Info

Make sure you enable Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features before playing!

By downloading this addon, you agree not to repost it and to follow my license

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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0