(M)ore! (8.4) Big Bug Fix

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"Another ore addon..?"

Well, yea! Yet, this one is unique. This one doesn't just add Armor and tools! It even adds special and distinctive uses to each of its 27 Ores!

But not just ores, Crystals, or even Alloys are also here!

Therefore I hope you enjoy this addon!

First of all, here are the Credits:

  • ๐Ÿ’ซStar Origins๐Ÿ’ซ (Helping with improving the Maganese Textures)
  • HaxTheCharizard (Making Francium Concept also helped me with the thumbnail and yes I know Concept is spelled wrong)

Star Origins and HaxTheCharizard Credits


I will NOT Explain what each Element's uses are, where to find them, and what each Tool's Durability is, why you may ask?
That is because every Element already explains what it can do and where it's found!
All Tools and Armor Pieces also show their Durability!

It also shows the properties of the Golem if that element has it.

Even if it only has one use, it still shows it.

Now we go to the list of Elements!


Sulfur is one of the most common ores in (M)ore!

Its only purpose is the Sulfuric Coal and to craft Gun powder It can also be used for many Decoration blocks.

Sulfur Ore, Blocks and Items

(all other Overworld ores in (M)ore are in the Spoiler)


It's pretty common and the first Nether ore! It only has one use, yet it's a very important use!

Manganese Ore, Blocks and Items

(all other Nether ores in (M)ore are in the Spoiler)


Onyx has more durability than Netherite but is only stronger than diamond but not as good as Netherite.

Onyx's only use, for now, is Armor and Tools (And Also the Artefact but who knows if that does count-)

Onyx Ore, Blocks and Items


When mined and picked up you only have a few moments before it explodes! (Potassium will not protect you against it)

It can be used for very strong tools and will explode when mining/Hitting something. (I suggest you wear Potassium armor when using them)

It can also be used for an Explosive Core to make new Tnt and a bundle that can protect your items very well!

Francium Ore, Blocks and Items


Duralumin is the most resistant of all the elements in (M)ore and is an Alloy out of Manganese, Copper, and Aluminum.

Duralumin Ore, Blocks and Items

(all other Alloys in (M)ore are in the Spoiler)


Turquoise is a nether crystal that spawns pretty uncommon.

Turquoise crystal

(all other Crystals in (M)ore are in the Spoiler)


Now for one of the last Parts... 7 of the Metals will have Lanterns and Chains Which include: Tin, Manganese, Aluminum, Rose Gold, Bronze, Sodium, and Lithium!

Lantern blocks

(all other things in (M)ore are in the Spoiler)

And that is about it!

(M)ore is probably one of the few addons I am happy with, since it's not like other Ore addons or mods.

I hope you will enjoy it!

There is an information video about (M)ore, go check it out!

This Addon is Compatible with the following addons (Aka interacts with it):

Ore Trees

Ore Trees Addon Logo

Modern Machinery

Modern Machinery Addon Logo

Updated on September 28


  • Changed a few download stuff
  • Fixed MAJOR bugs! Like:
    • Chests not working
    • Ores not spawning
    • Golems not spawning
    • ETC

This means that this Addon receives no more Updates
And if so only bug fixes!
I wanna thank everyone for supporting this addon for so long and I hope you have fun mining!

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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0