Modern Machinery (V.3.2) Final Bug Fix Update!

Thumbnail: Modern Machinery (V.3.2) Final  Bug Fix Update!

It's an Addon that adds many new Machinery into the game! Allโ€ฆ- Well, Most are pretty unique and have interesting uses. You can combine them and do very cool stuff with them! Hope you enjoy it :]

Quick thing:

Thanks toย Vatonage and his addon Basic Machinery For the idea of Pipes!


Thanks to Star Origins for helping by making the stone Compressor Texture!


This addon adds 4 new Ores which are used in most machines:

  • Yttrium (Mostly in Magic Machines)
  • Silicon
  • Nickel
  • Magnesium (Mostly in machines that use Pressure and heat)

Yttrium, Silicon, Nickel and Magnesium ores

They all also display where they are found:

Magnesium Ingot description

These can be used to make Gears and Plates!

Gears and Plates

Machines and you!

This book you can craft, but you also get it when starting a new world!

Machines and you book

Interact with it on any machine and it will tell you what it does!


Machines and You book and block

Machines and You book and pipe

Interacting with block and Machines and You book

So let's get started with the machines and everything else!

Basics 2.0

The Power Generators are the most important blocks in this addonThey are used in almost all Machines/Generators

There are:

  • Lightning Power
  • Magic Matter Power
  • Matter Power
  • Pressure Power
  • Matter Power L.v 2

The Power Generators

The only way to transport the Powers is Pipes!

There are 2 different Pipes

Nickel and Silicon

Copper pipes

They both work 1:1 the same way, with only one difference

They don't connect! Therefore you can have a complicated Pipe system without it connecting to each pipe!

Connected pipes


All the main Generators

  • End stone Generator
  • Cobblestone Generator
  • Cobbled Deepslate Generator
  • Fuel Generator

End stone, Cobblestone, Cobbled Deepslate and Fuel Generators

[All Main Generators are in the Spoiler!]

Other Machines

All other Machines are:

  • Block Breaker
  • Block Smelter
  • Stone Compressor
  • Pressure Riser
  • Modded Stone Compressor
  • Tree Chopper
  • Fertilizer
  • Fisher

All other machines

[All "Other Machines" are in the Spoiler!]

Other machines part 2

Other Machines are:

  • Diamond Generator
  • Pulsar
  • Mob Generator
  • Experience Generator
  • Farmer Machine
  • Item Magnet
  • Tnt Generator

Other Machines (part 2)

[All "Other Machines" are in the Spoiler!]

Last part

The Conveyor Belt is an item that works very simple and is also self-explaining

There are 3 types of belts:

  • Elevator
  • Conveyor
  • Transporter

Elevator, Conveyor and Transporter

Conveyor Belt

Copper Sieve

Copper Sieve

Empty, Grass, Sand and Gravel Copper Sieve

And last but not least is the Motherboard!

This item is used in a lot of Machines and is complicated to make.

That is why I will show you the steps you have to follow:

All new items recipes

And that is about it! This addon is compatible with the following addons:


(M)ore addon banner

Village and Pillage+

Village and Pillage+ addon banner


Radioactivecraft addon banner

Ore trees

Ore trees addon banner

Additonal Cave

Additonal Cave addon banner

Forested Trees

Forested Trees addon banner

Agricultures Fantasy

Agricultures Fantasy addon banner

There is also a video about this addon!

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Download BP
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Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0
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