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Dowsing is a pseudoscience in which people believed that they could use sticks known as dowsing rods to locate things underground, like water, oil, and minerals. This addon brings dowsing to Minecraft.

What is dowsing?

Dowsing is a psuedoscience (fake science) where people would carry around a stick (known as a dowsing rod), and if the stick moved in a certain way, it was believed that there was something important underground. This was traditionally used to find water for wells, but later to find caves, minerals, and oil deposits. Studies have shown that dowsing is no more accurate than random chance, but this addon brings actually useful dowsing to Minecraft.

The Rods

There are 10 different types of dowsing rods that find different things:

  • Oak - finds water
  • Birch - finds ores
  • Spruce - finds caves
  • Jungle - finds underground structures
  • Acacia - finds cave biomes
  • Dark Oak - finds geodes
  • Crimson - finds lava
  • Warped - finds nether ores
  • Cherry - finds decorative stone variants
  • Mangrove - finds modded blocks


To use a dowsing rod, hold it and interact (right-click). The results will appear in the chat:

Messages about ores found

Since dowsing rods search in a + shape, digging straight down (while dangerous) will give you access to everything your rod found.


The basic rods are crafted from 4 logs and one enchanted stick:

Log Enchanted Stick
Log Log

Enchanted sticks are either dropped by witches, or made from enchantable sticks. Enchantable sticks are crafted like this:

Lapis Stick Lapis

Hold the enchantable stick and interact (right-click) to make an enchanted stick. This costs 4 levels.


All of the dowsing rods can be upgraded to get more durability, more range, and a shorter cooldown. The following recipe is used to upgrade dowsing rods:

Amethyst Shard Amethyst Shard
Gold Block Iron Block Dowsing Rod
Amethyst Shard Amethyst Shard


Divine Dowsing is now compatible with essentially any addon. The birch and warped dowsing rods now search for any block with an identifier ending in the word โ€œoreโ€, so they should be able to detect custom ores without any additional effort from the addonโ€™s developer. More information can be found on my website.

Installation Instructions & Other Info

Make sure you enable Holiday Creator Features and Beta APIs before playing!

By downloading this addon, you agree not to repost it and to followย my license

Updated on June 17

  • Fixes issues with support for Minecraft 1.20 and hopefully above
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