Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Mod - 1.20.30 Support Hotfix

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Better Adventures Mod is an add-on whose goal is to expand Minecraft’s world to make it seem less repetitive by adding many new biomes, variations to vanilla biomes, new cultures and people, structures, ruins, fixed structures and animals or even new bosses! It’s not fixated on realism but rather on fantasy, having also many powerful magical items and many creatures that are able to preform magic of some sort. Most of the biomes are also supposed to feel either very (almost exaggeratedly) natural or, those who are controlled used by the monster or illagers, completely devastated.

!IMPORTANT! However because of the current MCPE-100700 bug custom biome creators are right now having a huge problem. In conclusion the "bug" basically makes custom biomes to not generate in versions 1.18 or higher.

That’s why this add-on has been split into two versions:

  1. Full version (1.1.5) - Works on MC versions up to 1.17.40. It becomes obsolete on newer versions, comes with a skinpack.
  2. Beta versions: Have all the new features, works on the current newest version of Minecraft, but because MCPE-100700 is a thing, it’s supposed to be played on updated pre-generated or base-game-versioned worlds (one is available in the downloads). If you play it on 1.19 generated world, custom biomes won’t generate and therefore lot of content will be missing (however all the other aspects of the add-on will work, unlike the full-version).

So, I would like to ask all of you who read this to vote for this issue on the report on the official bugs.mojang.com website (link also in the downloads), so it gets resolved as fast as possible. Thank you for doing it (if you did so).

Also please note that new full version of the add-on can't be released any sooner until this bug gets resolved, due to vast quantity of mod's content relies on custom biomes. Until then, we will be posting betas leading to the full release, whenever it comes.


Creator: KZBMM

Permission for ModBay:

KZBMM's Permission for ModBay

Better Adventures add-on is a huge project focused on diversifying Minecraft with adding many more biomes and biome variants and along with those comes a great quantity of new trees, blocks, ores mobs and even new cultures!


Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 1

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 2

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 3

Many of Minecraft's basic features such as Villagers are also reworked to provide a fresh new experience with new professions, variants and such.

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 4

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 5

And whilst we may stray a lot from vanilla-style features, we tend to keep the down enough for the game to feel still as Minecraft, just more mysterious, more varied full of questions as if you played it for the first time.

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 6

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 7

You cannot really know what awaits you around the corner, what are you going to find behind that mountain, what are those creatures in the shadows. Only place you know is your house, and the nights are dangerous. Still, the world is full of mystery and beauty, waiting for you to explore.

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 8

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 9

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 10

Minecraft: Better Adventures Expansion Addon: Screenshot 11

Detailed Information

If you want to get to know the mod better, read all these sections containing information of new features added every update.

Random Facts

  • This mod is mainly about exploration so that's this page only covers the basics of the add-on
  • Creeperlands are oldest biome added to this mod.
  • Look out for written books in various structures. They may help you on your adventures.
  • Buckets can also be made out of tin.
  • If something looks like its dangerous, never take it to your house (there is a great chance you will be removed along with your house). Never also practice magic in an uncontrolled environment, best place to try out spell books you don't know what they do is a wizard's tower.
  • Villager names have been inspired by the 2018 "Traveling Trader" map, released after the release of Village&Pillage update. We were looking for something not weird, but definitely goofy sounding for the villagers, and these have just met the requirements.

Known Bugs

  • Some wooden tools have bugged craftings from custom woods.
  • Custom ores and stones are not mined faster with vanilla pickaxes.
  • Custom biomes don't generate without the base-game-versioned world template in the downloads on versions 1.18.0 or higher. That's because of MCPE-100700.
  • Grass side texture tint does not correspond with the tint used on top texture in Roofed Forest.
  • If two female villagers have selected the same male as their potential mate, the male aborts the interaction, causing the two female villagers to mate with one another. Since the female villagers are the ones that initiate the interaction, and males only accept/decline it, this does not happen vice versa.

If you will discover new bug or want to write a suggestion write it to me on twitter or on our email [email protected]. If you have some idea what can be in the next update write it on email [email protected]. Maybe your idea will be featured in the next update! If you have discovered Easter egg write it also on better adventures email!


  • Founder: KZBMM
  • Coding: KZBMM, SplinedWelshman
  • Textures: Bubblybahan (Discord: bubblybahan)
  • A girl-for-everything: Huhuuk
  • Structures: KZBMM, Darkwave, Deleted User


Follow these steps to install mod correctly!

1. Download your desired version of the mod.

In case of downloading version 1.1.5 (1.17.0 - 1.17.30):

2. Create new world or choose already existing one.

3. Activate behavior pack.

4. Resource pack will activate automatically.

In case of downloading beta versions (1.19.60 and above):

2. Download the mod in the download files section, either the 1.1.8 or 1.2.1 beta.

3. Import the mod into Minecraft (if playing on a gaming console rename the file from .mcaddon to .zip and extract: server and script(for 1.2.0 and higher the script is merged into server) to behavior packs, client to resource packs, db to world templates in com.mojang folder).

If you want to play with custom biomes:

1. Go to create world screen.

2. Scroll down to imported world templates.

3. Select one with the default name "Bette Adventures Base Game Versioned Template", with an image of Roadmeet castle in Finland biome.

4. Click "Create World". This will create world stuck in MC version 1.17.10, therefore custom biomes will generate, however no 1.18 or later vanilla additions will be in the game.

If you want to play with the newest Minecraft features:

1. Create new world or choose already existing one.

2. Activate behavior pack.

3. Resource pack will activate automatically.

4. If you create the world, it will have all the Minecraft's newest features corresponding with your version of the game, but none of this mod's custom biomes will generate until MCPE-100700 gets fixed.

If you want to play with the experimental "BETTER ADVENTURES SCRIPTS PACK" just activate the behaviour pack on you selected world.

Updated on October 06

1.2.2 The Features & Blocks Hotfix

  • Added support for MC version 1.20.30

Unsupported features:

  • Added many of the features from the upcoming "Farming Update", that have been teased on our Discord, Instagram and Twitter (X)
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