The Dolphin Trainer Simulator Addon [Updated for Dolphin Awareness Month]

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This addon adds smart hyper cute Minecraft dolphins! You can simulate being a dolphin trainer with interactions based on real bottlenose dolphins! This addon is based on my real life experience! #CUTE

Updated for Dolphin Awareness Month! ๐Ÿฌ

New Stuff:

Hi, DolphinMasterMB is there. If you think Minecraft vanilla dolphins are too simple, maybe try this addon!

It got hyper cute dolphins with advanced animated AI! This addon is a remake of "The Dolphin Trainer Addon"!

You could find more information on the MCPEDL Page.

Here is a very nice video showcase by SmithyMC:

Some features:

  • You can tame the dolphins!
  • The dolphins are animated!
  • Dolphins will greet and communicate with you by blowing bubbles! Isn't that cute?!
  • The dolphins have custom jumps!
  • The dolphins can do tricks!
  • The dolphins are smart!
  • You could ride the dolphins on the fins! You could move up and down too!
  • The dolphins are interactive! They react to the player and their environment!
  • The dolphins have an advanced hunting system based on various real life strategies!
  • The dolphins are hyper cute!
  • The dolphins have some facial expressions! They could blink and have cute expressions while enjoying some tactile!
  • You could pet and cuddle the dolphins! Positions reworked and fixed!
  • This Dolphins are special and could actually be called to do a slideout behavior (By crouching while tempting a dolphin with a cod item from a platform, then look slightly down and walk backwards to make the dolphin slide on the platform! After a potential rubdown, make sure to push the dolphin back in the water!)

This Addon actually is a real Dolphin Trainer simulator! You might want to discover the rest yourself! This addon got a lot of depth! There are a lot of Easter eggs based on my personal experience with bottlenose dolphins! My passion for dolphins is hidden in this addon!

How to tame a dolphin?

Tame Dolphins, by tempting them with any type of fish (Wild dolphins don't always prioritize being tempted, so be patient), Then feed them some fish (Taming them successfully is based on chance). When tamed successfully, dolphins are way more easily tempted by fish. You can even tempt Tamed dolphins specifically, by using a Heart of the Sea item. Tamed dolphins can interact in many more ways. Feeding them when already tamed encourages them to breed. You can also feed them to heal them if they are injured.

Tamed Dolphin

Smart Dolphin NPC Menu

Tame a dolphin! (You can find out how on this addon page!), Then tempt it with an Amethyst Shard item, when you have its attention, interact with it with the item, to enable its Smart NPC properties!

The NPC will have its name set to "NPC" by default, but you can manually name it however you like!

NPC's have many interactive features! When being tempted (Also tempted by Sticks and Book and Quill for some odd development reasons lol!) You can access a variety of super cool, handy and even some odd dolphin behaviors from a very nice dialogue menu! There is a very nice example video showing it in detail below this text! Please make sure to check it out! It shows most of the menu features in great detail! I hope you will be able to watch it to the end, it's quite long though lol!

Smart Dolphin NPC Menu


Please delete the older version, before installing the new one! Versions don't stack!

Experimental Petting Camera tip:

You could turn on the Experimental cameras toggle in you Minecraft world to unlock a controllable cinematic camera while petting and cuddling dolphins! When using the pufferfish interaction(tactile), the camera will instantly switch to a third person view! Make sure to pose with your cute dolphin friend and say cheese! Make sure to also position the dolphin and player correctly, before attempting the interaction! Tip: make the dolphin stay in place by crouch interacting with it! Yet another tip: you can switch between different tactile interactions by holding various ocean related items, before using a pufferfish interaction! You could find the various animations and their items in my videos and on mcpedl! Maybe watch a tutorial on Youtube for the details! A new one will be added here eventually too!

Known issues (Resolved! Watch this funny clip for proof lmao!):

Don't spawn dolphins on land! Their behavior and animation on land are messed up due to a terrible Java parity feature! Also, positioning dolphins for a potential hug is harder now due to dolphins staying under the water surface! This is a Java parity feature too! I'm really disappointed with these development choices! Please help me make the dolphins like they were! If someone knows a nice trick to bypass those annoying restrictions, please let me know! I'm eager to learn some coding tricks!

Follow me on YouTube for announcements of cool new content being developed! You could also learn how everything works here: https://youtube.com/@DolphinMasterMB

This addon is a delicated way to express my passion and love for dolphins!

This addon is my environment to experiment with my passionate inspiration!

Here the Dolphin mind comes alive!

Updated on March 16

  • I updated the addon to celebrate Dolphin awareness month adding very nice improvements to the addon!
  • I added some cute new video examples!
  • I did many bug fixes!
  • I'm making this addon even better!
Changelog for June 21 / Old Update
  • I solved the super annoying issues intended by the Minecraft developers as Java parity features!
  • Minecraft Dolphins are once again like they are supposed to be! I got rid of those garbage behaviors hard coded by the actual Developers! I hope my dolphin modification will live forever!
  • I added a slideout behavior!
  • I added a bubble effect for dolphins to communicate!
  • I added a custom dolphin petting camera using the new camera command (Use Experimental toggle)!
  • I fixed many positioning issues with the dolphins!
  • Dolphins once again move above the water surface while tempted (Alternative fix)!
  • I made the addon a bit more smooth!
  • I did many bug fixes and improvements!

Please leave some suggestions if needed for me to improve the addon in future updates!

Cheers! ; )

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The Dolphin Trainer Simulator Addon Download [Dropbox]
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