Captain America Addon (Throwable shields) | Compatible with other addons

Thumbnail: Captain America Addon (Throwable shields) | Compatible with other addons

Get ready for an epic Minecraft adventure with the Captain America Addon! This addon introduces not only Captain America's iconic shield but also his powerful armor.


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Shield Features

1. Range Attack

  • Captain America Shield can be thrown and does 15 damage on impact.
  • Any players nearby can pick up the hammer by standing close to it, beware that shield item can still be burnt by its own fire!!

Screenshot of Range Attack.

2. Melee Attack

  • Captain Shield deals 12 damage on hit
  • Every attack on hit will gain Speed II, Fire Resistance II and Slow Falling II. Use it carefully!

Screenshot of Melee Attack.

Armor Features

  • Helmet: 16 defense
  • Chestplate: 20 defense
  • Leggings: 16 defense
  • Boots: 10 defense

The development of all armor pieces is currently underway, aiming to deliver the best pieces. Comment below how powerful the armors should be!

Screenshot of Armor.

How to obtain it?

The Captain America's shield can be crafted by following recipe:

Craft recipe for Shield.

The Captain America's Armors are not yet available to craft in Survival, you can obtain it via Creative Inventory for now.

Comment below your idea for the recipes!

Preview Video

Updated on June 24

  • Updated Captain America Shield:ย Experience the enhanced power of Captain America's shield with exciting improved functionality.
  • Added Captain America Helmet: Complete your superhero ensemble with the addition of the Captain America Helmet, providing enhanced protection.
  • Introducing Chestplate: Forge your path to victory with the newly added Captain America Chestplate, granting exceptional defense.
  • Unleash Your Potential with Leggings: Enhance your agility and strength with the Captain America Leggings, offering huge defensive.
  • Boots for Heroic Strides: Step into the shoes of a true hero with the Captain America Boots, adds up your defense.
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