UtilityCraft v2.7 (Mechanical Spawners)

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Are you bored of vanilla Minecraft? Or do you just want new tools, utilities, and functions in your world? Well, this addon is for you as it brings together several of our addons and other new unique things where you will have new tools, machines, bonsai, and resource crops to farm resources in a new way. It also brings up mechanical spawners for different mobs, everything is fully functional!

Update 2.7! Mechanical Spawners

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What's new in this update?

Mechanical Spawners

Mechanical Spawners, adds a new way of making mob farms. They work similar to vanilla spawners, but instead of using the eggs, they the essence of the mob, which you need to craft.

All Mechanical Spawners

Mechanical Spawners


At the moment, there are 31 types of crops. This special crops drop the ore when fully grown, and the loot is affected by fortune, so if you have fortune 3 in your tools, you will obtain a lot of resources. The bonemeal does not affect its growth, but the accelerator clock does. They work with an advanced hoe, harvester and tractor!

All Crops



There are a lot of new tools in this addon, they have unique functions or abilities that can help you in your survival. Like the advanced tool that works as a vein.

All Tools


Machines and Automation

There are several machines or automation blocks in the addon right now, each of them has a special function which serves to automate different processes in your world and so you can make way for the machinery.

All Machines and Automation Blocks

Cobblestone Generators
Ender Hopper
Mob Utilities


The bonsai can be used with the 4 types of soils in the addon, the better the soil, the more resources it will drop. You just have to place the bonsai and click on the top with the soil in your hand, and then using the treated sapling (it is crafted with a normal sapling), your tree will start to grow in a few seconds.

All Bonsais


This is the manual version of the autosieve. After crafting and placing it, you must interact on top of the sieve with one of the 4 types of mesh to place it, and then simply using gravel, dirt, or sand, it will be filtered and can drop different loot. The better the mesh, the more likely it will drop something. The types of mesh are string, iron, diamond, and netherite, and they are crafted on the normal table. You can use the hammer to break down cobble all the way down to sand, similar to the crusher but manually. (You can use gravel, dirt, sand, grass, soulsand and crushed netherrack)

Sieve: Screenshot

All Sieve Meshes

New Items, Blocks and More

UtilityCraft adds a wide variety of items, such as elevators, vehicles, explosives, among others.

All New Items, Blocks and More

New Items
New Blocks
UtilityTable (Temporarily disabled)

New Useful Recipes added by the addon

New Recipes

Note: Enable experimental options in your world

Required Experiments for UtilityCraft Addon

Updated on February 07

  • More compressed blocks
  • Fan (Can push mobs up to 10 blocks)
  • Mob Grinder (If you hold a sword with looting, it applies to the grinder)
  • Mob Trap (Immobilize by standing on it)
  • XP Magnet (Collect all nearby XP)
  • 2 new types of conveyors
  • All the recipes are now in the normal crafting table
  • Mechanical Spawners (for 8 mobs)
  • Item called essence (for the spawners)
  • Infinite ender pearl
  • Smeltflare
  • Ore igniter
  • Sink (Infinite water in one block)
  • Nether wart block into nether wart (gives 9)
  • Quartz block into quartz (gives 4)
  • Dye crop
  • Crafting cobblestone generators returns the buckets
  • Tools fixed
  • Lava balls now works like fuel (burn up to 128 items)
  • Cobble generators can pass the cobble directly into the crusher
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  1. Estou com um sรฉrio problema, sempre que coloco o addon no helms, quando chego perto da vila comeรงa uma raid e nunca para, acaba uma comeรงa outra.
  2.  profile avatardarkjedi profile avatar darkjedi
    I have a realm with this mod and a few others and the advanced crafting table doesnโ€™t work.
  3. SirGhaith profile avatar SirGhaith
    The new content made this add-on much bad than before :(