UtilityCraft v2.8 (Rework+)

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Are you bored of vanilla Minecraft? Or do you just want new tools, utilities, and functions in your world? Well, this addon is for you as it brings together several of our addons and other new unique things where you will have new tools, machines, bonsai, and resource crops to farm resources in a new way. It also brings up mechanical spawners for different mobs, everything is fully functional!

Update 2.8! Rework

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What's new in this update?


  • Textures for Machines
  • Machines Upgrades (Range and Speed)
  • Compressed Cobblestone (Up to x9)
  • 7 Spawners (Mushroom Cow,Chicken, Hoglin, Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Enderman, Magma Cube)
  • Steel ingot
  • Lucky fishing rod
  • Big Torch
  • Lantern
  • Flint Block
  • Antidote Potion (Transforms zombie villagers back to villagers)
  • Workbench (To craft the machines)


  • Bugs/Tools fixed
  • Sand drops copper and prismarine
  • Glass bottles can be filled in the sink
  • Harvester works with watermelon and pumpkin
  • Buff to lucky sword and lucky pickaxe

Machines and Automation

There are several machines or automation blocks in the addon right now, each of them has a special function which serves to automate different processes in your world and so you can make way for the machinery.

Machines and Automation Blocks


All the machines that UtilityCraft adds to the game are crafted on this table, this includes the upgrades, conveyors, and all the things related.



The steel is a new ore necessary for crafting all the machine related stuff, including their upgrades. Its crafted on the vanilla crafting table.

Steel Recipe

Machine Case

This is the core or the base for the machines, you need this to craft every single one of them.

Machine Case Recipe


This machines are used to automate diferent processes with the purpose of bettering our experience in the game, you can add upgrades of speed and range respectively. All of them need the new block called "Machine Case" and the new ore called Steel.



The Harvester has the function of harvesting all the crops inside of its range, the objects harvested will not be recolected unless you use an Ender Hopper or you place the upgrade necesary so the Harvester can do that. Crops it can harvest:

  • All the UtilityCraft crops
  • All the vanilla (Wheat, Carrots, Pumpkin, Nether wart, etc.)
  • Cactus
  • Sugar Cane
  • Kelp

Allowed Upgrades:

  • Speed (Time in seconds between every harvest per upgrade)

0 = 60s, 1 = 40s, 2 = 20s, 3 = 10s, 4 = 5s

  • Range (Area that harvest for every upgrade)

0 = 3x3, 1 = 5x5, 2 = 7x7, 3 = 9x9, 4 = 9x9 + Picks up every item inside its range and places them behind the harvester


Ways of using it:

The harvester can be placed in all directions and it will harvest the area where its facing. On the next image its shown how it works, the green crystal refers to the area (It varies depending on the upgrades) and the blue crystal refers to where it will leave the blocks once it has the necesary upgrade.

Ways of Using Harvester


To store the items you can use hoppers, conveyors or whatever you want to use.

Examples of Using Harvester


Harvester Recipe


Its used for crushing blocks and converting them into a diferent one, it inserts them to the front of it. It can be placed facing all directions. Allowed blocks:

  • Cobblestone -> Gravel
  • Gravel -> Dirt
  • Dirt -> Sand
  • Netherrack -> Crushed Netherrack

Upgrades allowed:

  • Speed (Time per upgrade in seconds)

0 = 4s, 1 = 2s, 3 = 0.5s, 4 = 0.25s


Ways of using it:

The Crusher can receive the items from hoppers, a cobblestone generator (Pointing to the Crusher) and even from another Crusher (Also pointing to the next Crusher). If a wrong item enters the Crusher you can save it, all you need to do is place a hopper below the crusher and it will come out. (You need to place a chest in front of the last Crusher so it can store the blocks).

Ways of Using Crusher


Depending on what block you want to obtain it will be the crushers you'll need to place, remember that they have to be facing to the next one so that the next one can receive it.

Examples of Using Crusher


Crusher Recipe


It filters the blocks that you give them in order to get resources depending of the block and it places it on a chest infront of it. It can be placed facing all directions. Allowed blocks:

  • Gravel
  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Sand
  • Soulsand
  • Crushed Netherrack

Allowed upgrades:

  • Speed (Time per upgrade in seconds)

0 = 4s, 1 = 2s, 2 = 1s, 3 = 0.5s, 4 = 0.25s


Probability of what every block drops: (The autosieve has a diamond mesh, so the multiplier is x3)

Probability of What Every Block Drops

Ways of using it:

The Autosieve can receive the items from a hopper or directly from the crusher (Pointing to the Autosieve). If a wrong item enters the Autosieve you can save it, all you need to do is place a hopper below the Autosieve and it will come out. (You need to place a chest infront of the autosieve so it can store the items).

Ways of Using Autosieve


The number of crushers behind of the Autosieve depends of the final block you want to filter.

Examples of Using Autosieve


Autosieve Recipe

Block Breaker

It breaks blocks that are infront of it, besides the undistructible ones. It can be placed in all directions and its useful for automate the process of converting concrete dust to concrete, and many other things. Allowed upgrades:

  • Speed (Time per upgrade in seconds)

0 = 4s, 1 = 2s, 2 = 1s, 3 = 0.5s, 4 = 0.25s

Block Breakers

Ways of using it:

Simply place it facing the direction that you desire and it'll break the block that it has infront, whether it's manual or moving it with a piston.

Ways of Using Block Breaker


Examples of Using Block Breaker


Block Breaker Recipe


This is really useful when you want to transport items in all directions. Not like the hoppers than cant go up, and is really cool that you can see the items moving around your construction.


Cobblestone Generators

The cobblestone generator has 5 tiers, which are iron, gold, emerald, diamond and netherite respectively. Each tier slightly increases the production speed of the generator. These have a conduit on one side of the block which indicates where the generated cobblestone will be kept, to collect it simply put a chest, shulker, etc. on that side and it will automatically be stored inside. They can be placed in all directions so you won't have problems accommodating them

Cobblestone Generators


Cobblestone Generators Recipes

The speeds of the cobblestone generators are as follows

  • Cobblestone Tier 1: 0.5 per second
  • Cobblestone Tier 2: 1 per second
  • Cobblestone Tier 3: 2 per second
  • Cobblestone Tier 4: 4 per second
  • Cobblestone Tier 5: 20 per second

The Speeds of Cobblestone Generators

Ender Hopper

Ender Hopper

You will need a hopper below to move the items!

The ender hopper can pick up items that are nearby, it has 2 ranges: 3 and 5 block radius. To change the ranges you have to interact at the top while crouching and the area reached will appear for a few seconds. To turn it off and on is the same but with the wrench in hand. If you want to open the inventory you just have to interact while standing still.

Ender Hopper: Screenshot 1

Ender Hopper: Screenshot 2

Mob Utilities

Mob Grinder

The mob grinder works similar to a trident killer, it causes constant damage to the mobs until they are killed, they drop experience and their loot, so you can pick it up with the XP magnet and the ender hopper.

Mob Grinder


They push the mobs in the direction you are pointing, with several of these you can move them great distances without many complications, or push them into the mob grinder to kill them.


XP Magnet

This block will collect nearby XP orbs, it has a radius of 10 blocks. This can be used in mob farms so you could be in a safe zone collecting all the XP.

XP Magnet

Mob Trap

When a mob touch the trap it will be immobilized for 10 seconds and the trap will be deactivated, to activate it you just have to right click and it will be ready to be used again

Mob Trap

Mechanical Spawners

Mechanical Spawners, adds a new way of making mob farms. They work similar to vanilla spawners, but instead of using the eggs, they the essence of the mob, which you need to craft.

All Mechanical Spawners

Mechanical Spawners

Crafting of the Spawners

In order to make the spawner, you will need to craft the spawner core.

Spawner Core Recipe

Then using the spawner core you can craft the mechanical spawner with the following recipe.

Mechanical Spawner Recipe

Crafting of the Essences

The mechanical spawners works with a new item, called "essence", which changes depending on the mob. First we need to create the Essence Vessel in a crafting table.

Essence Vessel Recipe

With the essence vessel we can start crafting the essences of each mob, which in this case only exist 8 for now. Using the brewing stand where potions are normally made, we will place the essence vessel and a drop from the mob. The objects depending on each mob are the following:

  • Zombie: Rotten flesh
  • Skeleton: Bone
  • Creeper: Gunpowder
  • Spider: Spider eye
  • Slime: Slime ball
  • Cow: Leather
  • Pork: Raw porkchop
  • Sheep: Wool

Zombie Essence Recipe

How to use the spawners

To place the essence in the spawner, you will simply have to put the essence of the mob in your hand and right click or use it in the spawner. If you did it correctly you will see how the texture will have changed, and the mob's face will appear. If you want to remove the essence either to change it or leave it empty, you must do the same but using the essence container, this will return it to its original state. You must make sure that there are no blocks touching the spawner for it to work correctly, since if a block is attached to it, it will not summon the mobs. This can be very useful when designing a spawner on and off system.

Mechanical Spawner: Screenshot 1

Mechanical Spawner: Screenshot 2

If these conditions are met, the spawner will try to summon 1 mob on each side every 5-15 seconds with a probability of 25%, this means that it may or may not summon any or 4 at the same time.

Upgrades for the spawners

In the next update...


At the moment, there are 31 types of crops. This special crops drop the ore when fully grown, and the loot is affected by fortune, so if you have fortune 3 in your tools, you will obtain a lot of resources. The bonemeal does not affect its growth, but the accelerator clock does. They work with an advanced hoe, harvester and tractor!

All Crops


The crops arrive with a new type of blocks, the soil. There are 4 soil tiers: yellow, red, blue, and black, respectively. You can see the recipe in the crafting table.

Crops and Soil

Crops also have a tier, which comes in the name of the seed, and this indicates in which soil it can be planted. Each crop has its own seed and can be crafted in the normal crafting table using the mineral and the base seed. (You can see all the recipes there).

Wither Seeds

The lava and water crops drop new items, the lava ball and the water ball. They can be used to place water/lava, but since they are stackable, they are more useful than buckets. They can also be used in crafts that use buckets of water/lava, and by using 2 of each you can craft obsidian.

Obsidian Recipe from Lava and Water Ball


There are a lot of new tools in this addon, they have unique functions or abilities that can help you in your survival. Like the advanced tool that works as a vein.

All Tools

Advanced Tools (Vein Miner)
Advanced Shovel

The advanced shovel is faster than the normal shovel and can remove large areas of gravel quickly.


Recipes Examples:

Advanced Diamond Shovel Recipe

Advanced Netherite Shovel Recipe

Advanced Axe

The advanced axe has the ability to cut down a tree very quickly.


Recipes Examples:

Advanced Diamond Axe Recipe

Advanced Netherite Axe Recipe

Advanced Pickaxe

The advanced pickaxe works like a vein miner, this makes it easier and faster to break all ores, including andesite, granite and diorite.


Recipes Examples:

Advanced Diamond Pickaxe Recipe

Advanced Netherite Pickaxe Recipe

Advanced Hoe

The advanced hoe is used to till a 3x3 of dirt into farmland, so you can make larger crop areas much easier and faster. It can also automatically farm in a 3x3 block area without the need to replant all crops, just with one click.

Advanced Hoe: Screenshot 1

Advanced Hoe: Screenshot 2

Advanced Hoe Recipe


AIOTs (All in One Tool) work like a sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe in one tool, they are faster and stronger than vanilla tools.


Recipes Examples:

Diamond AIOT Recipe

Netherite AIOT Recipe


The paxel works as a pickaxe, axe, and shovel in 1 tool, they have the same durability and speed as vanilla tools.


Recipes Examples:

Diamond Paxel Recipe

Netherite Paxel Recipe

Lucky Pickaxe and Sword

When you create this pickaxe, it's automatically enchanted with Fortune V, so it's really useful for mining.


Lucky Pickaxe Recipe


The hammer works like a normal pickaxe, but it has the ability to dig obsidian, crying obsidian, ancient debris, and netherite blocks fairly quickly.


Recipes Examples:

Diamond Hammer Recipe

Netherite Hammer Recipe


The drill digs a 3x3x3 cube around the player when used.

The heavy drill works similar to the drill, but it digs a 5x5x5 around the player, it is very useful for mining large areas.


Drill Recipe

Smelting Pickaxe

With this pickaxe, when mining the gold, iron or copper ore, it will give you its respective ingot, and when mining the ancient debris, it will give you the netherite scrap without using a furnace. It also has great speed, surpassing the golden pickaxe.


Smelting Pickaxe Recipe


The bonsai can be used with the 4 types of soils in the addon, the better the soil, the more resources it will drop. You just have to place the bonsai and click on the top with the soil in your hand, and then using the treated sapling (it is crafted with a normal sapling), your tree will start to grow in a few seconds.

All Bonsais


This is the manual version of the autosieve. After crafting and placing it, you must interact on top of the sieve with one of the 4 types of mesh to place it, and then simply using gravel, dirt, or sand, it will be filtered and can drop different loot. The better the mesh, the more likely it will drop something. The types of mesh are string, iron, diamond, and netherite, and they are crafted on the normal table. You can use the hammer to break down cobble all the way down to sand, similar to the crusher but manually. (You can use gravel, dirt, sand, grass, soulsand and crushed netherrack)

Sieve: Screenshot

All Sieve Meshes

New Items, Blocks and More

UtilityCraft adds a wide variety of items, such as elevators, vehicles, explosives, among others.

All New Items, Blocks and More

New Items

Antidote Potion

Its used to transform the zombie villagers back to normal villagers

Antidote Potion Recipe

Ore Igniter

When you have this item on your second hand, it'll smelt all the ores automatically from your inventory.

Ore Igniter Recipe


This item is used to smelt raw ores and veins of ores from your inventory, without using the furnace (this item has only have one use).

Smeltflare Recipe

This are some examples of the things you can make:

Iron Ingot Recipe from Raw Iron

Netherite Scrap Recipe from Ancient Debris

Infinite Ender Pearl

This Infinite Ender Pearl can be thrown infinite times (It has a cooldown of 3 seconds).

Infinite Ender Pearl Recipe

Accelerator Clock

The accelerator clock speeds up time when you have the item in hand and you are sneaking. This is really useful to make crops or trees grow faster.

Accelerator Clock: Screenshot

Throwable Explosives

There are 3 throwable explosives: the grenade, which does not break blocks, the bomb which is somewhat weaker than a TNT, and finally, the TNT, which is stronger than a TNT. They can be used to go mining or to annoy your friends.

Throwable Explosives

New Blocks

Here are some examples:

Big Torch

Works like a normal torch, with the only difference that it illuminates a much bigger area.

Big Torch: Screenshot


Similar to the big torch, but with a even bigger area.

Lantern: Screenshot


It has a maximum of 200 blocks, to get up, you just need to jump, and to get down, you have to crouch and interact with the block.

Elevator: Screenshot


It's like infinite water in one block, just right-click with a bucket, and that's it.

Sink: Screenshot


By walking on this block you get a great speed useful to cover long distances when you don't have elytros. You can change the texture of the asphalt just by interacting with the block you want to use.

Asphalt: Screenshot

Asphalt Texture Variants

Compressed Blocks

Are crafted using 9 of the original block.

All Compressed Blocks



The tractor is used to collect all the crops that exist in vanilla and this addon. When the tractor passes over the crops it automatically collects and replants them, all items are saved in the inventory you have.

Tractor: Screenshot

To place it, you just have to craft it and right-click on any block. And to remove it, you have to right-click with the wrench. At the moment, the wrench only has one use, which is to remove the tractor and the drill, but in the future it will have too many uses.

Wrench Recipe

Mining Drill

A new vehicle to the addon, this mountable drill with capacity for 2 people is useful for mining or tunneling, and thanks to its inventory, you can go mining in a more fun way and for longer.

Mining Drill: Screenshot


Utility Table

All the tools in this addon are crafted on the advanced crafting table, which is made with 4 diamonds, 3 iron ingots, 1 anvil, and a crafting table.

Utility Table: Screenshot


Utility Table Recipe

New Useful Recipes added by the addon

New Recipes

There are a lot of useful crafts in this addon, here are some examples:

You can craft raw leather using rotten flesh, and then using a furnace you can make leather.

Raw Leather Recipe

Leather Recipe from Raw Leather

Now, if you burn the raw blocks of iron, copper and gold, you obtain the normal block.

Iron Block Recipe from Raw Iron Block

You can also use the slabs to craft the original block. (It works with all the slabs)

Cobblestone Recipe from Slabs

Crying Obsidian is now craftable.

Crying Obsidian Recipe

Chests and sticks can be crafted using any type of log.

Chest Recipe from Logs

Sticks Recipe from Logs

Note: Enable experimental options in your world

Required Experiments for UtilityCraft Addon

Updated on March 29


  • Textures for Machines
  • Machines Upgrades (Range and Speed)
  • Compressed Cobblestone (Up to x9)
  • 7 Spawners (Mushroom Cow,Chicken, Hoglin, Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Enderman, Magma Cube)
  • Steel ingot
  • Lucky fishing rod
  • Big Torch
  • Lantern
  • Flint Block
  • Antidote Potion (Transforms zombie villagers back to villagers)
  • Workbench (To craft the machines)


  • Bugs and Tools fixed
  • Sand drops copper and prismarine
  • Glass bottles can be filled in the sink
  • Harvester works with watermelon and pumpkin
  • Buff to lucky sword and lucky pickaxe
Changelog for February 07 / Old Update
  • More compressed blocks
  • Fan (Can push mobs up to 10 blocks)
  • Mob Grinder (If you hold a sword with looting, it applies to the grinder)
  • Mob Trap (Immobilize by standing on it)
  • XP Magnet (Collect all nearby XP)
  • 2 new types of conveyors
  • All the recipes are now in the normal crafting table
  • Mechanical Spawners (for 8 mobs)
  • Item called essence (for the spawners)
  • Infinite ender pearl
  • Smeltflare
  • Ore igniter
  • Sink (Infinite water in one block)
  • Nether wart block into nether wart (gives 9)
  • Quartz block into quartz (gives 4)
  • Dye crop
  • Crafting cobblestone generators returns the buckets
  • Tools fixed
  • Lava balls now works like fuel (burn up to 128 items)
  • Cobble generators can pass the cobble directly into the crusher
Changelog for September 27 / Old Update
  • Added upgrades to the harvester (4 Tiers)
  • Added 3 Items to upgrade the harvester (Soon will be for all the machines)
  • Added conveyors to transport items in all directions
  • New Model for the Utility Table
  • Compatibility with all the addons with the normal version
  • Crops grow faster
  • Lucky sword (Looting V)
  • Now it works with all the languages
  • Improve the manual drill
Changelog for August 22 / Old Update
  • Added soulsand, grass and crushed netherrack to the sieve and autosieve
  • Added crushed netherrack
  • Improved the bonsais and sieves
  • Advanced shovel can now vein mine clay
  • Added compressed gravel, dirt and sand
Changelog for August 13 / Old Update
  • Veinminer now works with andesite, diorite and granite
  • Fixed Advanced Hoe problem
  • Fixed the Tractor problem and made it faster
  • Added missing blocks to AIOTs and pickaxes
  • Particles in no player (Advanced clock)
  • Disguised asphalt texture
Changelog for July 29 / Old Update
  • Added 3 new machines: Block Breaker, Crusher and Autosieve
  • New Sieve with 4 types of mesh: String, Iron, Diamond, Netherite
  • New function to the Hammer
Changelog for July 25 / Old Update
  • Added a new block called Harvester
  • New: Glass, Prismarine Shards, Prismarine Crystals, Lava and Water Crops
  • Fixed the problem when the links disappear
Changelog for July 17 / Old Update
  • Added a brand new drill which can be used to mine
  • New bonsais and cobblestone generators to make easier the beggining
  • New ender hopper which has an area to recolect items
  • New elevator that can be used up to 200 hundred blocks of height
Changelog for July 10 / Old Update
  • New mineral crops: Slime, Honey, Glowstone, Amethyst and Quartz
  • Chests and sticks can be crafted using logs
Changelog for June 23 / Old Update
  • New mineral crops: Nether Star, Totem, Shulker, Obsidian and Ender Pearl
  • New craft for the crying obsidian
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