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Random Villager Name is a simple addon that will add names to villagers in your Minecraft world. This addon will randomly select a name whenever there is an unnamed villager. This addon is compatible with other addons. So, I really recommend adding another addon to make the game more exciting.

Difference between v1 (stable) and v2 (beta)

I provide two versions for now, namely stable (1.x.x) and beta (2.x.x). The two versions have very different codes. For the stable version, users can enter custom names in scripts. Whereas in the beta version, users cannot enter names customarily in the script, but the names generated by rVN Beta are more numerous and more random than the stable version.

Customize your villager name

Note: This feature is only available for the stable 1.x.x version.

Open the scripts/Main.js file. Look and find the code function generateName(). And below there is another code that is name1 and name2

And in that variable you can add a custom name

/**  * @param {string[]} name1, name2 */ 

Read full documentation here

Villager Maddy Terrence

Villager Constantia Brent

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