SimpleWarfare II V3 Entity & Vehicle Update

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Hello guys, let me introduce this addon first, This addon is replacing 3DSG Addon because that addon has so many bugs and very annoying, I now updated it and changed it Into Simple Warfare 2 Addon with brand-new gun animation sound and effects, and fixed many bugs!

And nowโ€ฆ I updated this addon again in v2, in this v2, many minor bugs like light block issue and grenade explosion issue have been fixed, I also added something new to this addon, and fixed some gun texture / animation

Okay, let's see what's new on v3 vehicle and entity update


What's new on V3?

Finally, a biome for simple warfare addon:

Wasteland Biome

Wasteland Biome

This biome has exclusive structure that have new loot here, for more information you can check it by clicking this link. There are 4 new structures with different type of loot in this biome.


This update is focused on entities, so there are only 3 new weapons in simple warfare v3 update, MP5TAC, MP5 and Military Knife. The SMG mag/bullet recipe are same like v2 guns before.



This is the first SMG weapon on Simple Warfare addon, has a rapid fire rate and low recoil

  • Damage: 5
  • Bullet: 30/mag



  • Damage: 6
  • Bullet: 30
  • Same like the basic version but with silent gunshot and no recoil

Flare Bomb

Sorry, no picture, there is a bomb that will secrete smoke and attract zombies around it, explode after 10 seconds, soldier and civilians twill try to avoid when you place it.

Combat Knife/Military Knife

Combat Knife using

  • Damage: 10
  • This thing is unobtainable for now, next update I will make it obtainable on survival

Tec Nuke (Not Perfect)

Tec Nuke using

I disable the "mob griefing" because it will cause lag while recording. The tecnuke will deploy a bom 50 blocks away from where you're facing and if you are too close to the mushroom explosion you will get blindness effect and poisoned


Soldier (Revamped)

Soldier mob

Soldier mob dead

  • Health: 40
  • Ability: Shoot and Melee attack
  • (model is not by me) The soldier now can be tamed using gold ingot, can reload his weapon, and punch when the enemies are too close to him, he can also run if more enemies in front of him.


Soldier reloading gun


Enginer mob

Enginer mob dead

  • Health: 30
  • You will need him to trade your scrap into something useful like a turret and vehicle, you can also buy a gun from him
  • Armed with a small pistol in his pocket, he can reload every 12 shot
  • Can't do a melee attack

Engineer trading



Crawler mob

  • Health: 15
  • Walk very fast and can climb into a building, be careful with him because he can put a poison effect on his target
  • Spawn like a zombie



  • Health: 45
  • Walk slow but deadly, can throw acid into his target and will lose control of his body when near death, then explode himself, make sure to keep your distance while facing him.


Boomer exploding

Black Juggernaut

Black Juggernaut dead

Black Juggernaut

  • Health: 200
  • Strong and heavy, armed with a deadly shotgun and big shield make him can be punched (knockback) and can "1 shot 1 kill" zombies, He also has a kick ability that can give knockback area effect when the enemies are close to him.


There are a total of 3 vehicles in simple warfare addon 2 are obtainable in survival and that one is not.



Humvee car

Have a fuel system and need 2 "fuel can" to fill the fuel bar full, Sneak while interact to open the inventory. Make sure you take attention to your fuel when you go.



Now you can fly through your world using this vehicle. Can move when still on the ground, press jump first while riding then fly freely, look mid and up to glide and look down to glide, simple right? There is no fuel limit on this vehicle.

Call Backup!

Helicopter and structure

Helicopter flight

Helicopter in sky

  • Health: None

Once placed it will call Helicopter backup in 30 seconds, the Helicopter will come in higher place, so you can't place inside a room. The Helicopter will deploy 2 soldiers and 1 black juggernaut that can help your survival. You can only get the call item from structure only.



  • Health: None

Once spawned from the box, you need to reload it first using the ammo box (gatling's ammo) then the turret will be active, once active, the turret only has around 300-500 bullet to shoot, so no need to worry if there are no enemies to shoot because the bullet won't decrease before he shoots, and after the bullet reach 0, the turret will be inactive.


Decorative Block (Barrel, and Cone):

Barrel blocks

Cone block

Just a block for decor, more decorative blocks will be added in the future update!!

Fuel Machine:

Fuel Machine

This block is used to get a fuel can, to use it, craft a fuel empty from a plastic then interact fuel machine while holding it, second craft a raw fuel using 2 coal 2 charcoals then interact with it, the machine while shaking wait for a second after stopped shaking, punch to get your fuel can.

You can craft a fuel machine on a workbench like this:

Fuel Machine recipe

Scrap Recycle:

Scrap Recycle

This block is used to recycle your raw scrap such like a wire, plastic and steel scrap

you can get this block by crafting it from a workbench like this:

Scrap Recycle recipe


Box block

A box that summon vehicle/turret depends on the box's name when destroyed in survival/adventure mode. You can get it by trading with the engineer.


Loot Pack

Loot Pack

You can found this loot from structure that spawn in the wasteland biome, when you destroy it, you will get decorative blocks and raw scrap (plastic, steel scrap, and wire)


  • Plastic
  • Fuel Empty
  • Fuel Full
  • Raw Fuel
  • Steel Scrap
  • Framework
  • Wire
  • Circuit Board

Some pictures of the new structure

Screenshot of the new structure

Addon structure

Ruined structure

And more, you can see it on the link I gave before on top.

And what's added on v2?

Improved animations

Improved shooting animation

Well added custom particles, improved tpp/fpp animation, fixed some bugs, reduced 2D texture resolution to make it less lag and more!

Not every gun has a muzzle flash effect, sorry. Nothing special, just using light block :D

Gameplay and release trailer:

These guns have their ammo. To reload, you just need to put the right ammo while holding the empty gun in your offhand slot

Ammo items

That's the reload list. You will know it the name when you try the addon. And almost every gun has the same animation as run attack tpp and fpp lol.

This GIF is the old version of SW II (before fixed)

Toolstation breaking

Simplified XM8

Simplified XM8

This gun can only be obtainable from steel pack loot, will be described at bottom

  • Damage: 8
  • Bullet: 31
  • Ammo: AR Rifle

Simplified Glock

Simplified Glock

This gun is single shot, but you can change it to full auto every you're sneaking. Using Pistol Ammo to reload and can be upgraded to tactical Glock

  • Damage: 5
  • Bullet: 12
  • Ammo: Pistol Ammo



Sneak to activate the full auto.

Simplified M4

Simplified M4 (new)

This gun is craftable on survival and can be upgraded into a Tactical M4 using a toolbox, also has muzzle effect. (Fixed broken texture byย Pink Demon)

  • Damage: 8
  • Bullet: 40
  • Ammo: AR ammo

Simplified AWP

Simplified AWP

This gun deals much damage when shot, it can also "piercing shot" the target

  • Bullet: 8
  • Damage: 25
  • Ammo: Sniper Ammo


Simplified Minigun

Simplified Minigun

This gun has a lot of ammo, up to 150bullet, It's fit to wipe out many entities.

  • Bullet: 150
  • Damage: 8
  • Ammo: Ammo Box

Simplified Minigun gatling

Simplified Minigun using

Simplified Minigun sitting on llama

Simplified Double barreled Shotgun

Simplified Double barreled Shotgun

This gun only has 2 bullets but can shoot spreading bullet, you can use it to face against horde of zombies

  • Bullet: 2
  • Damage: 15
  • Ammo: Shells

Simplified Double barreled Shotgun reloading

Simplified Tactical M4

Simplified Tactical M4

This gun has a less recoil muzzle effect and more fire rates than basic M4 but also has less damage than M4, but you can activate the flashlight when aiming. (Texture fixed by Pink Demon)

  • Bullet: 40
  • Damage: 7.5 (+1)
  • Ammo: AR Ammo

Steyr Grenade Launcher

Steyr Grenade Launcher

Steyr Grenade Launcher gun

In simple warfare have RPG, then in Simple Warfare 2 have Grenade Launcher

  • Bullet: only one
  • Explosion : (4 power)
  • Ammo: GL Bullet

Tactical Glock

Tactical Glock

This is an upgraded gun from Glock, has more ammo and full auto.

  • Damage: 5
  • Bullet: 30
  • Ammo: pistol Ammo



This is my first 3D melee weapon on my minecraft that show hand. You can craft this weapon using 1 iron ingot and 2 shears

  • Damage: 7
  • Durability: 500


Adrenaline using

You can only get this item by opening med kit loot, by buying crate from civilians (will be described at bottom)

  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Effect: lol I forget, just try it by yourself



The grenade function is now improved and now its work better than before also fixed the explosion that can destroy block whenever mob griefing is not activated.

AK47 (New)

AK47 gun

  • Bullet: 30
  • Damage: 10
  • Ammo: AR Ammo

This Gun has high damage than other guns but also has a high recoil too

Basic AUG a3 (new)

Basic AUG a3 gun

  • Bullet: 30
  • Damage: 8.5
  • Ammo: AR Ammo

This gun can be upgraded into AUG a3 tactical using a toolbox (Craftable)

Tactical Aug A3 (new)

Tactical Aug A3 gun

  • Bullet: 40
  • Damage: 10 - 11
  • Ammo: Ar Ammo

Upgraded version of AUG a3 basic, has the higher damage in all assault rifle weapons


Almost every gun has a same recipe to craft but different ingredients except for shotgun, well, you need to make a new crafting table like a workbench ammo table, and tool station, you need to mine metal ore first then craft steel ingot using 2 coal and 1 iron ingot with metal ingot, don't forget to craft brass ingot too by combining iron with copper to make bullet casings

Ore blocks and new blocks to craft guns

If you can't read and lazy to watch, watch this tutorial at 2x speed. Not so long but this important if you want to play this on survival

Craftable gun has a 3 part item of it, barrel, grip, and stock. Combine the right part of the gun on the workbench to get your weapon

All recipe

Workbench recipe

Ammo Table recipe

Brass Ingot recipe

Steel Ingot recipe

M4 empty recipe

Shotgun empty recipe

Sniper empty recipe

Rifle Casing recipe

Pistol Casing recipe

Shotgun Casing recipe

Sniper Casing recipe

Sniper Bullet recipe

Rifle Bullet recipe

Pistol Bullet recipe

Pistol Mag recipe

Rifle Mag recipe

Sniper Ammo recipe

Shotgun Bullet recipe

Shells recipe

Shotgun Casing recipe

Some recipe that won't show:

Crowbar recipe

Combat boots recipe

Vest recipe

Combat Leggings recipe

Combat Helmet recipe

Improved gun recipe

Tool Station. Trade to get guns, Part!!

Tool Station gun crafts


Metal ore

Metal ore

The main ingredient to crafting a gun, you can mine them at y=-60 height, smelt it to get metal ingot.

Ammo Table

Iron Ammo Table

This is the important block that used to craft almost every recipe on the Simple Warfare 2 addon.

Ammo Table

Ammo Table

A crafting tablet that used to craft bullets and ammo for your gun.


Toolstation block

Used to get a gun part using steel ingot and some other items, not only gun part but also magazine



Used to upgrade and downgrade gun (only M4 and Glock and Aug a3 basic) by holding the weapon, you can only found this by loot drop from crate, remember, You can only interact with this block while holding the right empty gun!


Crate block

Loot crate that you can buy it from civilians, by destroying this block you'll get loot like medkit, supplypack and steelpack.


Simple warfare 2 has an entity too, but this version has a bit different.

Image preview

Peacemaker mob

Civiliant NPCs

Screenshot of the new Zombies

Police NPC

Police Car

Police Car vehicle

Infected Zombie

Infected Zombies screenshot

Civiliant Trade

Civiliant Trade

What's new on v2??


Bandit mob


Survivor npc

Survivor Trade

Survivor npc trades

If you want to read more about entity information, you can read these on this page << Or you can skip this if you think this post was too long.


Simple warfare 2 also has a new structure, but it's not made by meโ€ฆ All the structure are made by @zTshre3 all credit is up to him.

Stone building structure

Gas station structure

Ruined structure

Or you can read the detail by pressing here. Wehave more structures

New structure added in V2

Military Tent

Military Tent

You can find a food pack and medkit loot inside the tent


Watchtower room structure


You can get 1 free crate and 4 steel packs to get some gun material on the top of the watchtower

Ruined Truck

Ruined Truck structure

Ruined Truck

You will be surprised once you loot the container


Supply pack, medkit and steel pack

(from left) there are 3 loot packs:

  • Supply pack that will drop food
  • Medkit that will drop honey bottle, bandage and ad (random)
  • Steel pack that will drop random gun equipment/items


there are 2 3D armors in this addon combat amor and peacemaker armor, combat armor can be crafted on a workbench using steel ingot and leather, the recipe will be shown when you are on survival mode.

New armor (first variant)

New armor (second variant)

Screenshot of the new armor

Make sure to delete the old version first before applying Behavior and Resource pack

This addon was tested on the 1.19+ version!

Don't forget to activate the experimental gameplay !!

Maybe like this activate custom biomes if you want to test structures

Activate all Experimental Gameplay including MoLang feature

You can join my discord for more information


All credit I post it on link download.

This addon will be updated when I have a time. Have Fun


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  • Don't use other external link download
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  • You are allowed to share this addon, use/edit the code for your personal use or your addon project :)
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