Magical Warfare 1.1.9 [Lightning Magic & Enhanced Magic Update]

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LIGHTNING MAGIC has arrived! Strike down your enemies! OLD MAGIC TYPES are also significantly enhanced, buffed, and updated with some of their skills to match the power of the new magic types!


Now when you first load into the world, a Guild's Tower will generate right next to you and there will be various NPC's inside that will be useful in the future. To acquire magic, go to the topmost floor and talk to the Archmage. The Archmage will also now be the one that can change and upgrade your mana capacity.

Guild's Tower


Remember that in the area near the Guild's tower you might not be able to cast some magic, that should be a safe zone, the range is wider especially for explosive and destructive spells to prevent the tower from being destroyed.

For those who have the previous Magical Warfare in their world, before you change to the updated version of the addon, make sure that you position yourself away from an area that you don't want to be destroyed, or to an area where you want the new safe zone is because it will generate right next to you.

On the first floor, there will be the Guildmaster. He will exchange you with rewards from the special item you collected from the boss/es you defeated.


On the next floor, there will be a Quest Master and a Magic Expert.

The Magic Expert can make you learn extra skills if you give them the special item from the boss you defeated. These extra skills can be used by anyone, no matter what magic type you are using.

Magic Expert

The Quest Master can exchange you Mana Essence if you give them monster items. (For now the quest system is just like a trading system, I'll upgrade it in the future when more features are added)

Quest Master


Magic Types

Lightning Magic


  • Electrifying Sword [Damage]
  • Upon hitting enemies, summons electricity that will target and damage the nearest enemies.

Basic Attack:

  • Lightning Bolt [Damage]
  • Strikes lightning to nearby enemies that deals great damage.

Basic Attack with Lightning Magic

Skill 1:

  • Lightning Zap [Damage | Restraints] [by MoonlightAbsol / GIRITUNA]
  • Zap enemies in front of you and deal slowness.

Skill 1 with Lightning Magic

Skill 2:

  • Lightning Blitz [Chaser | Area] [by user-ct70l1nz4f]
  • Grants quick lightning speed and leaves a trail of lots of lightning bolts.

Skill 2 with Lightning Magic

Skill 3

  • Volt Strike [Damage | Area] [by MoonlightAbsol / GIRITUNA]
  • Leap into the air and strike the ground, striking consecutive strong lightning bolts in a small area.

Skill 3 with Lightning Magic


  • Heavenly Strike [Damage | Area]
  • Leap high on the air and strike the ground, striking consecutive greater lightning bolts in a really large area.

Earth Magic


  • Tough Skin [Defense]
  • Resistance Level 2

Basic Attack:

  • Geo Rise [Area | Damage]
  • Huge rock pillars will damage 3 enemies within 10 block radius and propel them into the air.

Basic Attack with Earth Magic

Skill 1:

  • Crushing Trap [Trap | Restraints]
  • Place trap dirt blocks around you that when stepped on by enemies will encase them in rocks and drag them underground.

Skill 1 with Earth Magic

Skill 2

  • Fortify [Defense | Invulnerability]
  • You are granted maximum resistance for a while and protected by rocks, but you're unable to move. This skill will be forever active until you blast the rocks away, damaging enemies hit by it as they do.

Skill 2 with Earth Magic

Skill 3

  • Rock Golem [Summoning | Damage]
  • Summon rock golems that will attack enemies and will despawn after a while.

Skill 3 with Earth Magic


  • Vehement Tremor [Invulnerability | Area]
  • Put yourself into a fortified state, being unable to move, and conjure an earthquake that will continuously cause rock pillars to propel enemies into the air within a 15 block radius.

Ultimate with Earth Magic

Air Magic


  • S. Flight [Chaser | Escapist]
  • From time to time, gain the ability to have a straight flight.

Basic Attack:

  • Gust [Knockback | Damage]
  • Release a wave of wind around you that will damage and knock enemies away.

Basic Attack with Air Magic

Skill 1:

  • Air Strike [Knockback | Range]
  • Spew wind that will knock and damage entities that it passes through.

Skill 1 with Blood Magic

Skill 2:

  • Wind Boost [Escapist | Knockback]
  • Boost yourself up above the air and gain slow falling.

Skill 2 with Blood Magic

Skill 3:

  • Air Field [Defense | Area]
  • Create a wide area protected by wind, and enemies will be knocked away. The field will follow you as you walk.

Skill 3 with Blood Magic


  • Tornado [Area | Damage]
  • Whip a tornado that will chase and suck in entities, dealing damage over time.

Ultimate with Blood Magic

Blood Magic


  • Bleed [Damage]
  • Upon hitting enemies with your blood blade or your skills, you have a chance to make them bleed.

Basic Attack:

  • Blood Slash

Basic Attack with Blood Magic

Skill 1:

  • Vampiric Thirst [Chaser | Lifesteal]
  • For a limited amount of time, you are granted speed and can steal health by lunging onto enemies within 5 blocks radius while damaging them and weakening them.

Skill 1 with Blood Magic

Skill 2:

  • Blood Spikes [Area]
  • Summons blood spikes around you that deals damage to enemies that come in contact with it.

Skill 2 with Blood Magic

Skill 3:

  • Force Bleed [Damage | Area]
  • Instantly damages 5 enemies within 12 block radius and inflicts continuous bleeding damage.

Skill 3 with Blood Magic


  • Bloodlust
  • Creates an area where everyone can't leave, you are granted speed, and you can steal great amount of health and deal great amount of damage for a limited amount of time by lunging unto enemies within 5 blocks radius and dragging your enemies. Weaken those you steal life from.

Ultimate with Blood Magic

Moonblade Magic


  • Moon's Blessing [Healing]
  • Mana Regen +1

Basic Attack:

  • Moonblade Slash [Damage]
  • Slashes of Moonblade in different angles that deals weakness.

Basic Attack with Moonblade Magic

Skill 1:

  • Moonblades [Enhance]
  • Drop Moonblades 8 blocks in front of you.

Skill 1 with Moonblade Magic

Skill 2:

  • Quadraple Moonblade Slash [Range]
  • 4 Quick powerful moonblade slashes.

Skill 2 with Moonblade Magic

Skill 3:

  • Moon Dance [Enhance]
  • Grants you Lv.2 speed and Lv.3 strength for 15 seconds.

Skill 3 with Moonblade Magic


  • Moonblade's Wrath [Enhance]
  • Moonblades will fall on 4 directions dealing damage and a gigantic one in the center that will deal greater AOE damage.

Ultimate with Moonblade Magic

Dark Magic [Swordmaster]


  • Dark Pulse [Area]
  • When you hit enemies with your Dark Sword, a dark pulse emits out of your body that damages surrounding enemies.

Passive with Dark Magic Swordmaster

Basic Attack:

  • Dark Wave [Damage]

Basic Attack with Dark Magic Swordmaster

Skill 1:

  • Darkness Binding Restraints [Hindrance]
  • Summons chains of darkness to the nearest 3 enemies that will render them immobile for 5 seconds.

Skill 1 with Dark Magic Swordmaster

Skill 2:

  • Darkness Coat [Strengthen]
  • Grants 15 seconds Lv. 3 strength and Lv. 2 speed for the user.

Skill 2 with Dark Magic Swordmaster

Skill 3:

  • Lightless Wave Barrage [Rapid Shot]
  • Shoot dark waves rapidly for 10 seconds.

Skill 3 with Dark Magic Swordmaster


  • Dark Dimension Slash [Range]
  • Create a large dark slash in a straight line that will greatly damage enemies hit with it.

Ultimate with Dark Magic Swordmaster

Dark Magic [Summoner]


  • Dark Pulse

Basic Attack:

  • Dark Shot [Damage]

Basic Attack with Dark Magic Summoner

Skill 1:

  • Dark Phantom [Summoning | Chaser]
  • Summons a phantom that rushes through an enemy then blinds, immobilizes, and damage them.

Skill 1 with Dark Magic Summoner

Skill 2:

  • Darkness Zone
  • A zone where the player will have night vision and the enemies within will lose their invisibility and they’ll be slowed down.

Skill 2 with Dark Magic Summoner

Skill 3:

  • Creatures of the Void [Summoning]
  • Summons dark phantoms that will chase and attack enemies.

Skill 3 with Dark Magic Summoner


  • Dark Crystal
  • Summon a dark crystal that will emit dark pulse dealing great damage within 10 block radius and slow down entities within the radius.

Ultimate with Dark Magic Summoner

Shadow Magic


  • Shadow Sneak [Enhance]
  • Sneaking will make you invisible and give you night vision.

Passive with Shadow Magic

Basic Attack:

  • Shadow Shuriken [Damage]
  • Shoot a shuriken that will keep targeting and damaging entities within 5 block radius until it disappears.

Basic Attack with Shadow Magic

Skill 1:

  • Leery Dash [Chaser | Explosion]
  • Dash and be granted with invisibility and speed for 5 seconds and 3 seconds of slow falling. Enemies near you will have blindness and slowness for a second.

Skill 1 with Shadow Magic

Skill 2:

  • Shadow Bomb [Explosion | Hindrance]
  • Shoot 3 explosive shadow bombs that deals slowness and blindness when explodes, gives you a short time of invisibility.

Skill 2 with Shadow Magic

Skill 3:

  • Phantom Triangulum [Area | Hindrance]
  • Create a large pyramid area that will damage entities within it and also slow them down and blind them. You will be invisible when you are in the vicinity of the pyramid.

Skill 3 with Shadow Magic


  • Shadow Rage [Enhance | Chaser]
  • Be granted 15 seconds of invisibility and Lv.5 speed and 8 seconds of Lv.30 strength. Upon activation, enemies around you will have blindness and slowness.

Ultimate with Shadow Magic

Fire Magic [Area]


  • Fire Master [Nullification]
  • Immune to all types of fire damage.

Basic Attack:

  • Fireball [Damage]
  • Shoots two balls of fire that burns on impact.

Basic Attack with Fire Magic Area

Skill 1:

  • Will o' Wisp [Chaser]
  • Summons an entity that chases enemies and deals burning damage.

Skill 1 with Fire Magic Area

Skill 2:

  • Fire Blast [Area]
  • Summons a fire entity next to an enemy and will burn those in contact then explodes. Grants immunity when it explodes.

Skill 2 with Fire Magic Area

Skill 3:

  • Scorch [Area | Hindrance]
  • Damages enemies within 10 block radius and sets the ground on fire.

Skill 3 with Fire Magic Area


  • Fire Pledge [Curse]
  • Cast a huge area of fire that traps 10 entities while dealing damage and blasts them.

Ultimate with Fire Magic Area

Fire Magic [Trickster]


  • Fire Master [Nullification]
  • Immune to all types of fire damage.

Basic Attack:

  • Fireball [Damage]
  • Shoots two balls of fire that burns on impact.

Basic Attack with Fire Magic Trickster

Skill 1:

  • Flare Blitz [Chaser]
  • For a short time you are granted speed and set the ground you step on fire.

Skill 1 with Fire Magic Trickster

Skill 2:

  • Frenzy Flames [Chaser | Enhance]
  • Summons flames that will chase and damage enemies.

Skill 2 with Fire Magic Trickster

Skill 3:

  • Fire Wall [Explosion | Hindrance]
  • Summon a firewall in front of you that will damage enemies in contact then explodes after a while.

Skill 3 with Fire Magic Trickster


  • Fire Dance [Enhance | Hindrance]
  • For a long time, you are granted speed and create a large burning area that will damage and slow entities within.

Ultimate with Fire Magic Trickster

End Magic


  • End's Protection [Nullification]
  • An end barrier will appear most of the time that kills projectiles approaching you.

Basic Attack:

  • End Cube [Damage | Area]
  • Shoots an end cube that when impacts leaves an AOE.

Basic Attack with End Magic

Skill 1:

  • Teleport [Transfer | Chaser]
  • Teleports you maximum of 15 blocks in front of you.

Skill 1 with End Magic

Skill 2:

  • Chaos Teleportation [Area | Transfer]
  • Teleports the nearest 5 entities within 13 block radius 25 blocks above them.

Skill 2 with End Magic

Skill 3:

  • End Beam [Damage | Transfer]
  • Teleport behind the nearest enemy and release a powerful end beam.

Skill 3 with End Magic


  • Teleportation Madness [Transfer | Defense]
  • Teleports yourself repeatedly to random enemies around you and damages them, gaining temporary invulnerability.

Ultimate with End Magic

Light Magic [Healing]


  • Illuminate [Healing]
  • Heals you 2 hearts from time to time and you shine.

Basic Attack:

  • Light Ray [Area]
  • Hits a maximum of 3 entities near you with a weak light ray.

Basic Attack with Light Magic Healing

Skill 1:

  • Cleanse [Healing | Area]
  • Clears all effects from yourself and nearby allies.

Skill 1 with Light Magic Healing

Skill 2:

  • Ray of Hope [Healing]
  • Heals you and 3 of the allies closest to you.

Skill 2 with Light Magic Healing

Skill 3:

  • Bright Shield [Protection | Hindrance]
  • Applies shields and also grants strong resistance to yourself and nearby allies and deals damage to enemies in contact.

Skill 3 with Light Magic Healing


  • Luminous Circle [Area | Hindrance | Heal]
  • Heal allies within the area and create a large circle of light that damages enemies in the circle.

Ultimate with Light Magic Healing

Light Magic [Hindrance]


  • Illuminate [Hindrance]
  • Shine, then blind and immobilize enemies near you.

Basic Attack:

  • Light Ray [Area]
  • Hits a maximum of 3 entities near you with a strong light ray.

Basic Attack with Light Magic Hindrance

Skill 1:

  • Flash [Hindrance | Area]
  • Blinds and stuns maximum of 3 enemies for 2 seconds within an 8 block radius and deals small damage.

Skill 1 with Light Magic Hindrance

Skill 2:

  • Light Prism [Hindrance]
  • Conjure a prism that summons homing damaging light particles.

Skill 2 with Light Magic Hindrance

Skill 3:

  • Light Shield [Knockback | Defense]
  • Summons a shield around you and your allies that protects you for a while then knocks enemies afterward, dealing great damage.

Skill 3 with Light Magic Hindrance


  • Blinding Light Prism [Area | Hindrance | Damage]
  • Conjure a huge light prism that blinds and slows enemies and smashes enemies to the ground, dealing really great damage.

Ultimate with Light Magic Hindrance

Soul Magic


  • Soul Essence [Damage]
  • Activates for 5 seconds every 5 seconds interval.
  • Deals Wither effect level 3 to entities getting real close to you.

Basic Attack:

  • Soul Shot [Effect]
  • Shoots soul skulls that can pass through block and deals wither level 3 effect for 2 seconds.

Basic Attack with Soul Magic

Skill 1:

  • Soul Switch [Transfer | Hindrance]
  • Shoots a projectile which, when hits mobs, you switch position with them and renders them motionless for 5 seconds (Can also be used to pass through blocks, just be careful, check the video below on how it works).

Skill 1 with Soul Magic

Skill 2:

  • Undead Summoning [Summoning]
  • Summons 4 undead zombies that attacks entities around you.

Skill 2 with Soul Magic

Skill 3:

  • Creeper Head [Explosion]
  • Throws a projectile that summons a creeper head and explodes after a short time.

Skill 3 with Soul Magic


  • Warden's Rampage [Summoning]
  • Summons a warden and undead that attacks entities around you.

Ultimate with Soul Magic

Frost Magic


  • Chilly Atmosphere [Hindrance]
  • Entities near you will be slowed down drastically.

Basic Attack:

  • Glacier Shot [Damage]
  • Shoots a glacier that does 25 damage.

Basic Attack with Frost Magic

Skill 1:

  • Freeze [Hindrance]
  • Freezes and traps maximum of 3 entities within 8 block radius in a box of ice, slowly dealing damage to those who's trapped.

Skill 1 with Frost Magic

Skill 2:

  • Ice Ball Barrage [MultiShot | Summoning]
  • Summons an entity that shoots ice balls rapidly.

Skill 2 with Frost Magic

Skill 3:

  • Frost Compress [Hindrance]
  • Target three entities that will be teleported above the sky inside an ice cage that deals damage to those who are inside and will trap them for a short amount of time.

Skill 3 with Frost Magic


  • Blizzard [Area | Hindrance]
  • Cast a really huge area of frost for a short time, frost spike enemies and slow enemies within, raining glaciers on enemies within the radius.

Ultimate with Frost Magic

Rock Golem

Rock Golem: Screenshot

New tamable entity that can be found in any jungle biomes.

When not tamed, it is neutral towards you and will attack you when you hit it. It is mad at hostile entities and will attack those in sight. If health is low, it will play dead and regenerate on the ground, unable to move. It will prioritize eliminating hostile entities rather than healing, so it won’t heal until all enemies within its sight are gone.

It is tamable using mushroom stew. You’ll need a lot, though.

It can be healed using mushroom and mushroom stew.

  • HP - 30
  • Attack Damage - 7 [Effect: Mining Fatigue]

Ice Cube

Ice Cube: Screenshot

This frost slime can be found in their nests in any frost biome. They will attack hostile entities in sight by shooting small ice bullets. If no enemies are present, it will either jump continuously through where it’s looking or stay still.

Ice Cube Nest: Screenshot

It is tamable using snowball. Can be fed with snowball or powdered snow bucket to heal.

  • HP - 20
  • Attack Damage - 5 [Effect: Slowness]


Dungeon Raid:

  • These are dome-like dungeons that, when you enter, you will have to fight through waves of monsters and get the loot at the end!
  • Step on the blocks at the entrance to activate the raid, and everyone within a 10-block radius will be forced to participate.
  • You cannot leave the raid unless you die or complete the raid!
  • Monsters in the raid cannot leave the dungeon's proximity.
  • The raid has a timer, when the timer ends, the raid will be completed, and all you have to do is survive.
  • If the wave is not moving on, then there must be raid monsters left.
  • Inverse Chaos Teleportation [see info down below] is not advised to use here since there are times that monsters survives underground, and you can only move on to the next wave when you use area skills to take them out.

There are two Dungeon Raid Structures:

Lush Dungeon Raid:

Lush Dungeon Raid: Screenshot


Lush Dungeon Raid Loot: Screenshot 1

Lush Dungeon Raid Loot: Screenshot 2

Lush Dungeon Raid Loot: Screenshot 3

Nether Dungeon Raid:

Nether Dungeon Raid: Screenshot


Nether Dungeon Raid Loot: Screenshot 1

Nether Dungeon Raid Loot: Screenshot 2

Dungeon Raid Mini Bosses!


  • HP - 350


  • Melee attack [15 DMG] that inflicts Blindness.
  • Summons Zombies and Void Demons that inflict Blindness.

Warlock and Void Demon: Screenshot

Boss Spectral Apparition:

  • HP - 250

Boss Spectral Apparition

  • Teleports almost every second and does melee attacks that inflicts nausea

New Dungeon!

  • This Dungeon contains various hallways and rooms filled with loot and monsters!

New Dungeon: Screenshot 1

New Dungeon: Screenshot 2

NEW Weapons!

Warlock Skull:

  • Summons instant explosive skulls to enemies around you.
  • Dropped by Warlock.

Warlock Skull: Screenshot

Inverse Chaos Teleportation:

  • Teleports nearby enemies underneath you.
  • Dropped by Boss Spectral Apparition.

Inverse Chaos Teleportation

New Item!


  • Grants 5 minutes of poison immunity.


Use Honey Bottle and Fermented Spider Eye to brew:

Anti-Poison Recipe: Step 1

Fermented Mix:

Anti-Poison Recipe: Step 2

Anti-Poison Recipe: Step 3

Anti Poison:

Anti-Poison Recipe: Step 4

Cryomor, Glacial Behemoth [Frost Golem]

Cryomor, Glacial Behemoth

HP - 1500

This new gigantic boss can be found in frozen and snowy biomes. It can be spawned by destroying the frost core in the new structure, Ice Crown Citadel. It has various attacks that do strong damage, and when its health drops to 1000, it will cast a blizzard for 15 seconds, effective within a 20 block radius. Enemies within will have spikes rise from their feet and be granted slowness effect. For the duration of the blizzard, it will rain glaciers on every enemy. When its health reaches 600 or 300, it will cast a blizzard again. When it dies, it can drop Glacial Gem and Glacial Crystal.

Cryomor Attacks


  • Damage - 18

[The Frost Golem will choose an attack randomly every 15 - 18 seconds]


  • Range - 35 block radius
  • Damage - 16
  • Knockback Strength - 15

Stomp [Pull]

  • Range - 30 block radius
  • Damage - 15
  • Pull Strength - 8

Stomp [Spikes]

  • Spike Range - 20 block radius
  • Spike Damage - 15

Summon [Glacial Shulker Snowman]

  • Number - 3-4
  • Projectile - Frost Shulker Bullet

Glaciers DMG - 19

When health drops to 1000:

Smashing and Stomping Attacks will now have more spikes


  • Damage - 23

[The Frost Golem will select attacks below randomly every 10 - 13 seconds]


  • Range - 35 block radius
  • Damage - 23
  • Knockback Strength - 15

Stomp [Pull]

  • Range - 40 block radius
  • Damage - 20
  • Pull Strength - 8

Stomp [Spikes]

  • Spike Range - around 50 block radius
  • Spike Damage - 15

Summon [Glacial Shulker Snowman]

  • Number - 3-4
  • Projectile - Frost Shulker Bullet

Summon [Ice Ball Barrager]

  • Number - 3-4
  • Projectile - Frost Shulker Bullet

Ice Crown Citadel


The number represents the armor value of the armor piece

Glacial Armor

Glacial Armor

On Full Set

  • Increases the power of freeze and frost compress, increases the number of glacier rain, iceball barrage spawns another barrage.

Helmet - 5

  • Decreases Mana consumption of frost skills

Chestplate - 12

  • Increases the maximum target enemies of frost skills

Leggings - 10

  • For Frost Passive, slows enemies within an 8 block radius and increases the duration and power of slowness effect

Boots - 5

  • Negates Slowness Effect
Crafting Recipes

Glacial Helmet Recipe

Glacial Chestplate Recipe

Glacial Leggings Recipe

Glacial Boots Recipe

Soul Armor

Soul Armor

On Full Set

  • Approaching undead entities will be immobilized

Helmet - 4

  • Decrease Mana Consumption of Soul Skills

Chestplate - 9

  • Increase Number of Entities Summoned by Soul Summoning Skills

Leggings - 7

  • Increase Damage of Soul Summoned entities

Boots - 4

  • Soul Passive lasts longer and becomes more powerful
Crafting Recipes

Soul Helmet Recipe

Soul Chestplate Recipe

Soul Leggings Recipe

Soul Boots Recipe

Mana Armor

Mana Armor

Helmet - 3

  • Mana Regen +1

Chestplate - 8

  • Mana Regen +2

Leggings - 6

  • Mana Capacity increases to 60

Boots - 3

  • Mana Regen +1
Crafting Recipes

Mana Helmet Recipe

Mana Chestplate Recipe

Mana Leggings Recipe

Mana Boots Recipe

Wraith Cloak - 14

Wraith Cloak

  • Poison Immunity
  • Fire Immunity
  • Wither Effect Cancel
  • Undetectable by Wraith
  • Can only be obtained from killing Wraiths

Frost Netherite - used for crafting glacial armor

Frost Netherite Recipe

Mana Ingot - used for crafting mana armor

Mana Ingot Recipe

Soul Nugget - used for crafting soul armor

Soul Nugget

Glacial Crystal - used for crafting glacial armor

Glacial Crystal

Glacial Gem - exchange in the guild for rewards

Glacial Crystal


This hostile mob spawns in the nether in the soulsand valley and in new graveyard structures in the overworld.


  • HP: 45
  • Melee Damage: 12 with wither effect.
  • Soulflame Range Damage: 6 with 3s fire time.

Drops wraith essence and wraith's soul on death.

Wraith Scythe

Wraith Scythe

  • Attack Damage: 8
  • Durability: 1250
  • Makes you immune to wither and gives fire resistance when on hand.
  • Can shoot a short range wave of soul fire.

Crafting Recipe:

Wraith Scythe Recipe

Soul Wanderer

Soul Wanderer's Altar

This new structure terraforms the land around it, turning it into a corrupted land.

Soul Wanderer's Altar

The altar is not just an altar, it has a room inside it that has been concealed. You just need to break it to get inside to get loot. There is a soul block in the middle of the altar where you will place the Soul Wanderer's Head to summon the Soul Wanderer BOSS. It can be found inside the altar.

Soul Wanderer [BOSS]

This boss is a corrupted mage that has all the power of a Soul Magic user and other skills, stronger than skills cast by Soul Magic users. It has 900 HP. When you defeat it, it will drop a Soul Essence that can be exchanged for special rewards in the Guild's Tower.

Soul Wanderer

It also has a chance to drop a Soul Totem or 30-60 Mana Essence. This chance increases in hard difficulty.

Soul Totem

  • Negates wither damage when worn offhand.

Soul Totem

Soul Essence

  • The boss item, can be exchanged in the guild for rewards.

Soul Essence


These monsters are tougher, faster, stronger, and do not burn in daylight.

Shifted Zombie

  • HP - 30
  • Meelee Damage - 7
  • Mana surge - Steals the mana from the nearest player and uses it to deal damage to them.
  • Possible Drops
    • 50% - Mana Essence
    • 15% - Mana Bottle/Concoction

Shifted Zombie

Shifted Skeleton

  • HP - 25 Shoots arrows rapidly
  • Arrow Rain - Rain arrows on one of the nearest players for 4 seconds
  • Possible Drops
    • 50% - Mana Essence
    • 20% - Mana Bottle

Shifted Skeleton

Shifted Creeper

  • HP - 30
  • Meelee DMG - 6
  • Sprints after you and explodes instantly when gets close
  • Possible Drops
    • 50% - Mana Essence
    • 40% - Elixir/Concoction/Mana Gem

Shifted Creeper

Shifted Spider

  • HP - 28
  • Meelee DMG - 5
  • Sprints real fast at you and is persistent
  • Possible Drops
    • 50% - Mana Essence
    • 25% - Elixir/Managem

Shifted Spider

New Mana System

You can now upgrade your mana by standing on the beacon in the spawn point! New Items!

  • It can be found in structures and dropped by entities

Mana Menu

List of New Items

  • Mana Bottle - Restores 20 mana
  • Elixir - Restores 50 mana
  • Mana Gem - Enhances your mana regeneration for a limited amount of time
  • Concoction - Random events occur when consumed
  • Mages Pact - Allies with entities within 5 block radius
  • Cursed Pact - Removes alliance with entities within 5 block radius
  • Mana Essence - Adds mana essence when used
  • Mages Locator - Leads you to the safe zone when used

List of New Items

New Structures!

New Structure: Screenshot 1

New Structure: Screenshot 2

You can Change Magic in the creative inventory!

Magic Select Items

Just select the magic type and use the item. To clear magic, use the clear magic item.



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Magic Changes


Soul Zombie:

  • Speed - 0.2 -> 0.3
  • Damage - 7 -> 10

Creeper Head:

  • Instead of shooting, you can now summon creeper heads on maximum of 5 entities near you.
  • Explosion Power - 7 -> 5

Warden's Rampage:

  • Soul Wardens can now use sonic boom.
  • Warden Damage - 30 -> 20
  • Health - 100 -> 200


Frost Compress:

  • You can now trap maximum of 5 entities
  • Damage per tick - 2 -> 8


  • Damage per tick - 2 -> 8


Bomb Lv.2:

  • Explosion Power - 8 -> 6
  • Mana Usage - 8 ->13

Fireworks Rain:

  • Explosion Power - 5 -> 3


  • Health - 20 -> 50


Light Prism:

  • Damage per tick - 1 -> 8

Luminous Area [Healing]:

  • Damage per tick - 1 -> 3

Luminous [Hindrance]:

  • Damage per tick - 5 -> 7

Updated on June 24

Some skills of Frost, Light [Hindrance], End, Fire [Curse] will disappear if you are already using that magic type. You'll have to change magic and select these magic types again to acquire the new skills.


  • Lightning Magic


  • Soul:
    • [Increased Damage: 20-30%]
    • [Warden Duration: +10s]
    • [Zombie Duration: +5s]
    • [Creeper Head Target Range: 8 --> 13]
    • Soul Switch transfers deal damage.
  • Frost:
    • [Skills Cooldown Decreased: 20-40%]
    • [Frost Compress will become Skill 1]
    • [Ice Ball Barrage summons: 1 --> 3]
    • [Glacier Rain will be Skill 3]
    • [Glacier Rain Projectile Damage: 15 --> 20]
    • Ultimate is now Blizzard, just like Frost Golem's.
  • End:
    • [Chaos Teleportation Height: 25 --> 40]
    • [TP Madness Cooldown Decreased 45 --> 35]
    • [TP Madness DMG per TP 18 --> 25]
    • Changed The End into End Beam.
  • Light:
    • [Regeneration Effect: +40%]
    • [Healable Allies: 4 --> 7]
    • [Ray of Hope Range: 8 --> 15]
    • [Healing Luminous Damage Per Tick: 3 --> 5]
    • [Hindrance Luminous Damage Per Tick: 7 --> 12]
    • Flash will now release light particles that will reach the closest target. Increased damage.
    • Light prism will conjure a prism that summons homing light particles.
    • Luminous Circle Hindrance is now Blinding Light Prism.
  • Fire:
    • [Fireball Damage: 9 --> 14]
    • [Will o' Wisp summons: +1]
    • [Fire Blast Power: 10 --> 15]
    • [Scorch Damage: 12 --> 19]
    • Fire Pledge changed to cast a huge area of fire that traps 10 entities and blasts them.
  • Shadow:
    • [Shadow Bomb Power: 3 --> 5]
    • [Triangulum Damage Per Tick: 2 --> 4]
  • Dark:
    • [Lightless Wave Damage: 10 --> 14]
    • [Creatures of the Void summons: +1]
    • [Dark Slash Damage: 30 --> 50]
    • Summons more Creatures of the Void.
  • Moonblade:
    • Quadruple moonblade slash --> Decuple moonblade slash [10 slashes]
v1-1-8 / April 05 / Old Update
  • Added Earth Magic
  • Added Rock Golem
  • Added Ice Cube
v1-1-7 / February 09 / Old Update
  • Added Air/Wind Magic
  • Added Dungeon
  • Added Dungeon Raids
  • Added Boss Spectral Apparition
  • Added Warlock
  • Added Warlock Staff
  • Added Chaos Inverse Teleportation
  • Added Anti Poison
v1-1-6 / December 28 / Old Update
  • Added Cryomor, Glacial Behemoth BOSS
  • Added Ice Crown Citadel
  • Added Glacial Armor
  • Added Soul Armor
  • Added Mana Armor
  • Added Wraith Cloak
  • Added 2 New Extra Frost Skills [Frost Compress and Freeze]
  • Reverted to the old way of Spawning the tower, but now fixed for multiplayer
  • Updated Dark Magic Item Visuals [by Zhan Tiri]
  • Updated Creatures of the void texture and model [by Zhan Tiri]
  • Adjusted Shifted Spider collision box
  • Nerfed Shifted Mobs
  • Shifted Creeper decrease explosion power and increase time before explosion
  • Decrease Firing Speed of Shifted Skeleton
  • Fixed Shifted Skeleton Arrow Rain Bug and Changed it to Give Slowness Instead
  • Fixed Teleporting Bug of Darkness Binding Restraints, Bloodlust, and Frost Compress
  • Moonblade's Wrath now no longer slowly increases mana
  • Glacier Rain skill lasts longer but spawns glacier slower
  • Creeper Head increase maximum normal target and spawn, 3 --> 5
  • When in Shadow Rage mode, strength effect will be cleared and changed to Lv.2 Strength for 15 seconds when approaching or getting near bosses
  • Soul Warden will now not mindlessly hit Soul Essence
  • Removed some passive particle effects for Light and Frost
  • Wraith can now drop mana essence, other wraith item drops becomes rarer
  • Removed Mana Gem [has a lot of command functions that decreases performance]
  • Soul Wanderer's Altar decreased spawn rate
  • Firewall and Fire Blast now won't destroy blocks
  • Demolition Magic removed
  • Fire Dance Skill changed
  • Frenzy Flames Skill changed
  • Updated the addon mob spawn egg textures
  • Added a summoning circle when summoning the Soul Wanderer
v1-1-45 / for October 27 / Old Update
  • Added Blood Magic
  • Added Wraith
  • Added Wraith Scythe
v1-1-3 / October 06 / Old Update
  • Added Moonblade and Dark Magic
v1-1-2 / for August 30 / Old Update
  • Added Shadow Magic
v1-1-1 / August 23 / Old Update
  • Added Soul Wanderer
  • Added Soul Wanderer's Altar
  • Added New Items
  • Updated Spawn Structure
Changelog for August 14 / Old Update
  • More visuals and description or information were added to the addon
  • Renamed Exploding Mites to DynaMites
  • Added Fire Magic
  • Added End Magic
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