DNA - Science in Minecraft! v1.1

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This addon allows you to create and merge entities from a sample of your blood. This enables the creation of unique entities with various functions.

Blood extraction

To extract blood from any of the entities, simply take an empty syringe and press the "use item" button on the screen or right-click with the mouse.

Empty syringe recipe

Entity fusion

Entity fusion block

To perform a fusion, use a DNA fuser, a machine that allows you to create new entities by combining two DNAs into an egg.

DNA fuser block recipe

Possible entity fusions

Large cow

Large cow animal

A large cow that provides double the amount of meat, leather, and experience. It also has accelerated growth.

Result of: Cow + Cow

Creating entities

Another functionality of the addon is to allow the creation of egg spawns for all entities from which blood can be extracted. On any crafting table, place an egg and the entity's DNA.

Chicken spawn egg recipe


Share your ideas for cool entity fusions in the comments, and the most interesting ones will be added to the addon

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    Hybrid human that u can ejected to your self