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It's definitely been a while since I last updated this. Basically, I couldn't really edit it anymore because Bridge was glitching pretty badly. Only yesterday did I decide that I'd bring it back!

So, what have I done to change the old add-on? Well, not much, except just redo the whole thing. I also changed the way you obtain ingredients for bubble tea.

Empty Cup

First, you need an Empty Cup. These can only be obtained via Wandering Traders. (They accept iron nuggets as currency for all items related to this add-on)

New Wandering Trader Trades

That is an example of what a Wandering Trader might trade. They will always sell Empty Cups, and some ingredients such as Tea or Pearls.


Speaking of those, what do these ingredients do? Well, there are five flavours:

Five Different Flavours

From left to right, with Tea on top and Bubbles underneath, there are Regular, Cherry, Apple, Mango, and Strawberry.

Bubble Tea

Then, craft with one Empty Cup, glass of Tea, and Bubbles. (see below)

Bubble Tea Recipe

That basically explains everything! Alternatively, you don't have to use bubbles, but then drinking it will be less rewarding.

It restores as much as a Golden Carrot in terms of saturation, but now they are easier to obtain. Wow!

So, thank you for reading my post, and remember to leave any questions, issues, or suggestions in the comments below. For example, I'm always looking for ideas for new types of bubble tea! Bye!

Updated on September 24

  • I needed to completely rework the add-on!
  • Changing the method for obtaining ingredients.
  • And just designing everything from scratch.
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    I made a discord!
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      The link doesn't work
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        Yep, I just deleted it because it's pointless I suppose lol
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    Due to technical nonsense, I won't be able to update this addon
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  3. Watermelon(Dark Green), Banana(yellow), And dragon fruit(purple).
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      Great ideas! I’ll try and release the next update as soon as I can