Endless Void 2.0.0 (Alpha)

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Endless Void Aims To Enhance The End Dimension By Adding Generation Tweaks, Biomes With Unique Designs, Mobs, Blocks, Food, Mechanics, Ambient Music, Ambient Sounds & More!

Feel Free To Add This To Your Minecraft World And Enhance Your Exploring Experience!


Blooming Fields

Blooming Fields: Screenshot

Engrove Swamplands

Engrove Swamplands: Screenshot

Puffle Jungles

Puffle Jungles: Screenshot

RTX Support!

Endless Void with RTX: Screenshot 1

Endless Void with RTX: Screenshot 2

Endless Void with RTX: Screenshot 3

Endless Void with RTX: Screenshot 4

Endless Void with RTX: Screenshot 5


Ethereal Ruins

Ethereal Ruins: Screenshot 1

Ethereal Ruins: Screenshot 2

Ethereal Ruins: Screenshot 3

Ethereal Ruins: Screenshot 4

Ethereal ruins are some of the new structures added in this addon. Here you will find trapper spawners and some loot.

Ethereal Towers

Ethereal Tower: Screenshot 1

Ethereal Tower: Screenshot 2

Ethereal towers are new structures, they are rare to find, they are filled with interesting loot, and they are infested with trappers.

Zircon Columns

Zircon Columns: Screenshot 1

Zircon Columns: Screenshot 2

Zircon Columns: Screenshot 3

Zircon columns are found in the end sky, you can mine them to get zircon shards.


Zircollium: Screenshot

Zircollium is the processed version of zircon, this variant is produced when a zirc eats a zircon block.

Bounce Berries

Bounce berries generate randomly at the bottom of the highest islands, they can be harvested by throwing a projectile at them. Once you destroy one, it will spawn a flower, which will grow again into a berry after 1-2 days. Bounce berries can be eaten to obtain Jump Boost for 5 seconds.

Blooming Fields

Blooming Fields: Screenshot 1

Blooming Fields: Screenshot 2

Blooming Fields: Screenshot 3

Blooming Fields: Screenshot 4

Blooming Fields: Screenshot 5

Blooming Fields are one of the 5 biomes that you'll find in the outer lands. They are full of vegetation & cobas.

Puffle Jungles

Puffle Jungles: Screenshot 1

Puffle Jungles: Screenshot 2

Puffle Jungles: Screenshot 3

Puffle Jungles: Screenshot 4

Puffle Ponds are the home of Blomps, who are one of the most dangerous mobs of this addon.

Engrove Forest

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 1

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 2

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 3

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 4

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 5

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 6

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 7

Engrove Forest: Screenshot 8

Engrove swamplands are toxic biomes, they are the home of Enderpillars, be careful while walking here or you'll get poisoned!



Blomp Mob

Blomps are hostile mobs, they'll attack you by shooting Electro-Spikeballs. Once you kill one, their bodies will fall as a block, if you don't break it before 30-60 seconds, the blomp will respawn.


Cobas are passive mobs, you can mount them by taming one with Blipxies and using a Blipxie On A Stick.

Coba Mob


Dribs can be found in end cities, and you can trade with them by using Sole Ingots.

Drib Mob


Enderpillar Mob

Enderpillars can be found in Engrove Swamplands, they are neutral mobs, and they can be fed with Zircon Shards to get scutes which are used to craft the Tanzanite Armorset.


Trappers Mob

Trappers Mob: Screenshot

Trappers are a new hostile mob, they will try to kill Players, Endermans, Zombies & Skeletons by biting them, they usually attack in groups of 2 or even 5.


Zircs Mob

Zircs Mob: Screenshot

Zircs spawn near zircon columns. They behave as termites, they eat zircon blocks, converting them into a brand new block called Zircollium! Zircs are also hostile to players, when someone bothers them, they will start hissing, and they'll trigger a powerful light, making the player blind. Once that happens, they will attack the player in big groups, if there's not more than 2 zircs near, they will remain neutral while hissing. (This behavior is not included as it's buggy) Zircollium is used to make a whole new building blockset! (Unfinished)


Tanzanite Helmet

Tanzanite Helmet Recipe

Tanzanite Chestplate

Tanzanite Chestplate Recipe

Tanzanite Leggings

Tanzanite Leggings Recipe

Tanzanite Boots

Tanzanite Boots Recipe


Made By Gian, Rimestor, REGV TX, Star Origins, CheeseNull Butter, Nicohrz, Genericcarrot36 & ๐ŸฅCroissAnti๐Ÿฅ

Wood Blocks Code By Aguilesgamer: https://modbay.org/mods/1195-custom-wood-example-pack-addon.html

Huge Thanks To Alpha Versions 16.05 Team For Their Amazing Music Tracks! Check Out Their Work Here: https://ext1605soundteam.bandcamp.com

In Order To Make This Addon Work Properly, Use REBS By Kaoeutsu. Download Here: https://mcpedl.com/rebs-roughly-enough-breaking-speed/

For Further Documentation Of This Addon. Visit This Page: https://team-azonix.fandom.com/wiki/Dimension_Update

You're Allowed To Review This Addon As Long You Leave The ModBay Link

Licenced With Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0)


Updated on February 27

Patch pre-2.0.0

  • Added zircs
  • Added zircollium
  • Fixed zircon crystals not generating correctly
  • Fixed tanzanite & kyrie ore generation
  • Fixed blomp behaviours
  • Fixed ambient sounds script
  • Fixed woodsets again
  • Optimized world generation
  • Fixed impact particles from transit staff & gauntlets
  • Added a custom skybox to the end displaying stars
  • Void stone now blends with end stone when generating
  • Biomes are capable of generating in both upper and normal islands now
  • Changed end biome generation
  • Re-added void ice generation to engrove swamplands
  • Added ambient particles to the end biome
v1.9.8 / February 04 / Old Update

Patch 1.9.8:

  • Fixed Zircon Columns Generation
  • Added Spectral Goo Block As A Testing Feature
  • Removed End Slate Temporarily
v1.9.6 / September 25 / Old Update

Patch 1.9.6:

  • Fixed Main Script
  • Updated Minimal Engine Version To 1.20.30
  • Fixed World Generation Not Loading In 1.20.30
v1.9.5 / September 04 / Old Update

Patch 1.9.5:

  • Removed Some Music & Ambience Sound Tracks
v1.9.4 / August 17 / Old Update

Patch 1.9.4:

  • Added End Slate
  • Added Chorus Bush
  • Added End Grass
  • Fixed Enderman Spawn Rules
  • Added Ambience Sounds To Puffle Jungles, Engrove Swamplands & Bloom Fields
  • Decreased Tanzanite Spawn Rate
  • Fixed Bounce Berries Behavior
v1.9.3 / August 01 / Old Update

Patch 1.9.3:

  • Fixed Download Links
  • Fixed Blomps Behavior
  • Fixed Trappers Not Spawning At Ethereal Ruins
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