Reliquary Reincarnations Addon V3

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This addon adds items and blocks based on Java Edition Reliquary Reincarnations mod.


Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay


  • Enable Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition
  • Addon tested only on mobile and single player mode

Made by a fan

Report bugs and issues in the comments, my YouTube channel or my Discord Server

If you are going to record the addon, give the credits

If you want to add translation of this and/or other addons to your language, contact me on my Discord Server

New Loot Items:

Many things in the addon use new loot items in your crafting. The items are:

  • Bat Wing - Bat
  • Catalyzing Gland - Creeper/Ghast
  • Chelicerae - Spider/Cave Spider
  • Eye of the Storm - Creeper
  • Frozen Core - Snowman
  • Guardian Spike - Guardian
  • Molten Core - Blaze/Magma Cube
  • Nebulous Heart - Enderman
  • Rib Bone - Skeleton/Stray
  • Slime Pearl - Slime/Magma Cube
  • Squid Beak - Squid/Glow Squid
  • Witch Hat - Witch
  • Withered Rib - Wither Skeleton
  • Zombie Heart - Zombie/Zombie Villager/Husk/Drowned

All these items can be turned into another loot on the crafting table. (Detail for the Guardian Spike that has no function other than the above and for the Witch Hat that can be equipped)

New Loot Items

Player with Witch Hat

These are items whose only function is to be used in recipes.

Items for Recipes

Shears of Winter:

Clicking on a block will turn all leaves in a 3ร—3ร—3 area (Broken block as center) into air when clicking a block.

Hold the screen breaks blocks that you need to break using shears to obtain while holding the screen (without sneaking). Also affects mooshroom and sheep.

Shears of Winter

Glowing Water and Glowing Bread:

Glowing Water: It's like a splash potion that kills nearby undead family mobs.

Glowing Bread: Made with Glowing Water, fills all hunger and has great saturation.

Glowing Water and Glowing Bread

Lantern of Paranoia:

Hold on screen to equip 5 torches (you need to have this in your inventory just to let you know), hold again to place (in place of air) on the block you are on and 5 blocks apart (if on the same height block not for air, the torch can be placed up to 2 blocks above)

Lantern of Paranoia

Sojourner's Staff:

Hold on the screen to equip a torch and hold again to launch a projectile that touches a block to place a torch.

Sojourner's Staff

Items that make you hungry:

Hold screen to equip. These are items that give a positive effect along with hunger in compensation.

Angelic Feather: Effect of Slow Falling and Jump Boost II.

Infernal Claws: Fire Resistance Effect.

Kraken Shell: Water Breathing, Night Vision and Speed โ€‹โ€‹Effect when completely underwater.

Angelic Feather, Infernal Claws and Kraken Shell

Twilight Cloak:

You gain the Invisibility effect when you equip it.

Player with Twilight Cloak

Altar of Light:

Place 3 redstones, make the block light up, and then it will create a glowstone block instead of air after a while.

Altar of Light

Ice Wands:

Ice Magus Rod: Hold screen to equip snowball, hold again to throw.

Glacial Staff: Does the same thing as the Ice Magus Rod but throws the snowball faster and passively turns water and lava into walkable blocks.

Ice Wands

Mercy Cross:

When hitting an undead family mob, it deals 12 more damage. Hitting an others mobs does the same damage as an iron sword.

Mercy Cross

Void Tear:

Combine with 12 possible items while crafting, hold the screen to equip the selected item. Hold the screen sneaking to get it back.

Void Tear

Destruction Catalyst:

Hold the screen to equip gunpowder and click on a block while sneaking to break it into a 3ร—3ร—3 area with the clicked block in the center.

Destruction Catalyst

Serpent Staff:

Shoot a projectile that causes the slowness effect for 5 seconds and makes neutral mobs "calm".

Serpent Staff

Salamander Eye:

When held in hand, extinguishes fire and fireballs (such as ghasts throw) in a 3-block radius and extinguishes the player fire.

Salamander Eye

Fortune Coin:

Hold the screen to activate, when activated, teleports all items and XP to the player within a radius of 5 blocks, when clicking on the ground, teleports within a radius of 15 blocks.

Fortune Coin


Emperor's Chalice: Place infinite water, hold sneaking screen to change mode, in second mode, click on the block to transform the above block from water to air. In water place mode, hold the screen to have the saturation effect for 20 seconds in exchange for 1 heart.

Infernal Chalice: When in inventory, gain fire resistance effect. Apart from the part of exchanging life for hunger, it does the same as the Emperor's Chalice only with lava instead of water.

Emperor's Chalice and Infernal Chalice items


More chances to drop items from mobs and can cause effects on hit mobs.


Harvest Rod:

Hold on screen to equip bone meal, hold while sneak to switch to use mode. Hold again to grow crops, harvest and replant in a 5x5 area.

Harvest Rod

Infernal Tear:

Hold on screen to activate, turns cobblestone, cobbled deepslate, blackstone, granite, diorite, andresite, sand, gravel and rotten flesh into XP.

Infernal Tear

Rending Gale:

You can hold the screen and equip it with feather, hold while sneak to switch the modes. You can teleport nearby mobs to you by or push the mobs. Click on a block for lightning to appear. Also has a flight mode.

Rending Gale

Pyromancer's Staff:

Hold on the screen to equip blaze powder or fireball (Priority is blaze powder) and hold while sneak to switch the modes. Hold again to shoot a small fireball (if in blaze fireball mode) or a fireball (if in ghast fireball mode). Click on the ground to make fire appear (if in flint and steel mode) or burn mobs (if in eruption mode). In no fire mode, do the same as Salamander Eye and extinguish small fireball too.

Pyromancer's Staff

Ender Staff and Wraith Node:

Hold on screen to equip ender pearl, hold sneaking again to toggle between Ender Pearl (Throw Ender Pearl normally), Ender Eye (Throw Ender Pearl faster) and Wraith Node (Teleports you to selected) modes.

Ender Staff and Wraith Node

Passive Pedestals and Pedestals:

(Not recommended to place 3d items)

The Passive Pedestals come to display items, for now only the ones in the image below Pedestals are an improved version that serves to make items perform functions:

Vanilla Swords: Deals damage within a 5 block radius

Vanilla Hoes: Plow the soil in 3x3x3

Fishing rod: Fishing when there is a block of water below

Mercy Cross: Deals damage within a 5 block radius, the damage is greater if the mob belongs to the undead family

Magicbane: 4 damage to all mobs on cooldown, mobs that have been hit can give more drops from the addon

Fortune Coin: Teleports neaby items and xp orbs to the pedestal

Shears of Winter: Performs the function that breaks specific blocks and shears animals

Salamander Eye and Pyromancer's Staff (Off mode): Extinguish nearby fire

Harvest Rod: Breaks and replants crops

Glacial Staff: Solidifies water and lava

Rending Gale: Pull/Push mobs according to mode

Passive Pedestals and Pedestals: Screenshot 1

Passive Pedestals and Pedestals: Screenshot 2

Passive Pedestals and Pedestals: Screenshot 3

Passive Pedestals and Pedestals: Screenshot 4

Holy Hand Grenade:

Hold on screen to throw. Causes an "explosion" that kills most vanilla mobs.

Holy Hand Grenade

Alkahestry Tome:

  • Hold on the screen to charge with redstone, glowstone or glowstone dust (the charge order is 4, 8, 32, 64, 256).
  • If you've loaded up to 64, you can take the load off in redstone.
  • You can multiply items according to the original mod (as long as you don't exceed 64 result items).
  • From other addons it is possible to multiply Mekanism's Tin (Ramcor).
  • The gunpowder, gold and iron craftings don't appear if you don't own the item and the book.

Alkahestry Tome

Handgun, Bullets and Magazines:

Hold the screen with the Handgun to equip bullets (the magazine that is in the last hotbar slot)

Hold on the screen again to shoot.

  • Neutral Bullet: 11 damage on target
  • Sand Bullet: 11 damage and the target is blinded for 5 seconds and explodes creepers
  • Blaze Bullet: 16 fire damage and the target is on fire
  • Exorcism Bullet: 22 damage to undead mobs and 11 to other mobs
  • Concussive Bullet: 11 damage and an explosion that doesn't break blocks
  • Buster Bullet: 12 damage and a block-breaking explosion
  • Storm Bullet: 12 damage and a lightning strike
  • Seeker Bullet: 16 damage and teleports to a nearby mob
  • Ender Bullet: Same as Seeker but do 22 for 1-3 mobs nearby

When shooting, you receive an Empty Bullet and 4 of them can be converted into a gold nugget.

Handgun, Bullets and Magazines

All Available Magazines

All Available Bullets

Hero's Medallion:

  • Hold on screen (without sneaking) to store XP (up to 200 levels)
  • Hold on screen (sneaking) to get stored XP

Hero's Medallion

Fertile Potion:

Performs an effect similar to Harvest Rod when hitting the ground.

Fertile Potion

Witherless Rose:

Immunizes the player to the wither effect.

Witherless Rose

Midas Touchstone:

When in offhand, recovers gold items in the mainhand at the cost of glowstone.

Midas Touchstone

Interdiction Torch:

Pushes nearby mobs away.

Interdiction Torch

Angelheart Vial and Phoenix Down:

Angelheart Vial: When the player takes damage and has a half of their health or less, it drops 3 health points and removes negative effects and breaks

Phoenix Down: Improved Angelic Feather. Activates when the player takes damage and has a quarter of their health or less. Recovers all health, removes negative effects, gives positive effects and returns to Angelic Feather.

Angelheart Vial and Phoenix Down


The original mod made by P3pp3rF1y and X3n0ph0b3 has the GNU license, I tried to contact one of the creators and I received a response:

Permission from P3pp3rF1y

Source code (Addon): https://github.com/BrunumGames/Reliquary-BE

Addon Demo Videos (in Portuguese):

V3 Update:

V2 Update:

First Version:

Updated on March 29

V3.5 Update:

  • Added version compatible with Minecraft 1.20.70
  • It is now possible to place any item on pedestals
  • Pedestals now have color variations
  • Salamander Eye works correctly on offhand
Old Update / March 05

V3 Update:

  • Added Angelheart Vial
  • Added Fertile Potion
  • Added Interdiction Torch
  • Added Midas Touchstone
  • Added Phoenix Down
  • Added Witherless Rose
  • Added Seeker Bullet and Ender Bullet
  • Added Magazines
  • Change in the way of filling out certain items
  • New mode for Rending Gale and Pyromancer Staff
  • Bullet damage changed
  • Other changes
  • Bugs Fixes
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