AnimaTweaks: Overhaul V.2.0 - A complete animation resource pack for Minecraft Bedrock

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This is AnimaTweaks. Tweaking Animations of almost every mobs in the game together with custom Player Animations!


  • Revamped almost all animations of Vanilla Minecraft Mods
  • Improved custom player animations
  • NEW dual first person rendering systems


  • All mobs' animations except for Polar Bears, Bats, and Foxes have been improved.

All Mobs Pillage Mobs Village Mobs


The following has been improved in terms of player animations:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Idle/Stationary
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Burning
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Using a spyglass
  • Using brush
  • Different attack animations depending on tools the player equips
  • Jumping
  • Using a bow
  • Using a trident
  • Falling
  • Landing on the ground from falling
  • And much more!

The player also has two new first person rendering systems:


First Person Rendering: BASIC


First Person Rendering: BETTER FIRST PERSON

You can toggle and change the rendering perspective and the resource pack's settings:

First Person Rendering Settings: BASICFirst Person Rendering Settings: BETTER FIRST PERSON


Of course, it's TRAILS and tales update, so some mobs such as Blazes and Allays now emit a glowing trail.

Blaze and Allay Trails

Projectiles such as ender pearls and fireballs also have a glowing trail.

Projectile Trails


  • You can download the file below or from the link which is also located below
  • Enable the mod either in global resources or in the settings of your world
  • You don't need to enable any experimental toggles, as this pack does not need them, making this pack also COMPATIBLE with SERVERS and most RESOURCE PACKS

Have fun!

Download links
Animatweaks: Overhaul V.2.0[mcpack, 1.68 Mb]
Animatweaks: Overhaul - Mediafire
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0
6 043
  1. Oye no me deja colocar la perspectiva bรกsica en r e a l m s mi versiรณn es 1.20.72 ยฟme podrรญas dar una soluciรณn?
  2. Are you gonna Update this to 1.20.50???
    1. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
      I'm pretty sure that this pack should still work with 1.20.50, since it only uses a resource pack, and breaking changes for resource packs in updates are very rare.
  3. Wow, amazing!