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Want to experience the Portal Gun of Java but in Bedrock? With this addon you can now experience the Portal Gun and you can troll the animals and even your friends by teleporting them everywhere.

With this addon a portal gun item will be added in your world. The portal gun is quite easy to craft.

Screenshot with All Types of Portals

For Map Makers

For Map Makers

Added 8 new things for map makers to use, these are all uncraftable.

The Cubes (Block and Entity)

Can be picked up by portal guns.

The Cubes (Block and Entity)

Big and Small Button

Small button act like a button and big button requires the player or cube to get on top of it.

Big and Small Button

Barrier Blocks (Only portals can go through)

Barrier Blocks

Portalable and Non-Portalable Surface Blocks

Portalable and Non-Portalable Surface Blocks

For this to work setup a repeating command block and put "function creator". This will make all other blocks non-portalable.

Command Block with "function creator" Command

Cube Dropper (Cube Tube)

Once activated, it will drop a cube.

Cube Dropper (Cube Tube)

Big Door

Once unlocked, it will open when a player is nearby.

Big Door

If you want to remove these blocks, you can break the block in the middle or go near them and use "/event entity @e[r=2] despawn"

Demo Map

This map will teach you how each of these new blocks work, and the map has also test rooms.

Demo Map

Portal Guns

There are 3 different kinds of portal guns. The portal model will depend on what portal gun you use.


1. Normal Portal Gun with Book

  • 1x Ender Eye
  • 6x Obsidian
  • 2x iron Ingot

Normal Portal Gun with Book Recipe

2. Potato Portal Gun

This portal gun has every functionality of a normal portal gun. It also plays voice lines of potato Glados.

  • 1x Normal Portal Gun
  • 1x Potato

Potato Portal Gun Recipe

3. Rick and Morty Portal Gun

  • 6x Iron Ingot
  • 2x Glass
  • 1x Ender Eye

Rick and Morty Portal Gun Recipe

When you craft the portal gun it will be BLUE by default. When firing the portal gun, it would switch to ORANGE.

Different Portal and Portal Gun Colors

You can freely switch what color of the portal to shoot by CROUCHING and SHOOTING the portal gun.

You can see on the portal gun what portal color it would shoot.

Gravity Gun:

Gravity Gun Usage

How can I pick up blocks?

  1. Hold a portal gun in your hand (can be any color) (except for the Rick and Morty portal gun)
  2. Look directly down and shoot, and it will convert your portal gun into a gravity gun.
  3. Shoot whatever blocks you want to pick up

How can I place the block?

  1. Put the floating block somewhere you want to place.
  2. Use the gravity gun again to place the block.

To convert it to the portal gun again, shoot directly down.

Credits to the commenter for commenting this idea: Step_HD

Making Black Holes:

Making a Black Hole

  • Shoot directly up using your portal gun.
  • To remove the black hole, switch to the black hole portal gun again and sneak and shoot.

Anything that gets close to the black hole will get suck in and killed, including you and your items.

In-Game Guide:

I have also added a page on How to play for the portal gun, so you can have an easy guide on how to use the portal gun and also how to craft it.

Settings > How To Play > Scroll to the bottom

In-Game Guides


The addon has 3 settings:

  • Portal gun + Gravity Gun
  • Gravity Gun only
  • Portal Gun only

Portal Gun Subpacks Settings

Demo Video:


Experimental Mode must be turned on in your world:

Required Experiments

  • Downloading Through Boostellar:

If there is a problem, feel free to comment it.


  • Feel free to make videos using this addon just credit.
  • You are not allowed to publish this addon outside of MCPEDL, without my permission.
  • You are not allowed to make your own download link of this addon.
  • You are not allowed to share the direct link.
  • If there is a bug happening in the beta version, I will not support it.

Updated on December 12

Version 1.20.50.X:

  • Fixed for 1.20.50.X Minecraft
  • Changed gametest code to work with 1.20.50.X
Changelog for October 20 / Old Update

Version 1.20.40.X:

  • Fixed for 1.20.40.X Minecraft
  • Changed gametest code to work with 1.20.40.X
Changelog for October 06 / Old Update

Version 1.20.30.X:

  • Fixed for 1.20.30.X Minecraft
  • Changed gametest code to work with 1.20.30.X
Changelog for August 17 / Old Update

Version 1.20.10.X Version 1:

  • Fixed for 1.20.10.X Minecraft
  • Changed gametest code to work with 1.20.10.X
Changelog for June 20 / Old Update

Version 1.20.0.X:

  • Fixed for 1.20 Minecraft
  • Changed gametest code to work with 1.20
Changelog for June 04 / Old Update

Version 6.2: Old Mechanic


  • Reverted to Old Portal Mechanic
Changelog for April 23 / Old Update

Version 6: Recoded the whole addon.


  • Can now only place portals on 2 blocks tall walls.
  • Can now only place portals on 2 blocks wide floors.
  • Dropping the cube will now require to use the portal gun while sneaking.
  • Added warning to gravity gun when using.
  • Portal Textures will now ignore lighting.
  • Slightly changed the portal gun bullet.
  • Made the delay shorter after shooting the portal gun to make the portal.
  • Adjusted the strength of throw of the gravity gun.


  • Can now place portals on the ground.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed gravity gun not working.
Changelog for March 20 / Old Update

Version 5.6:

  • Updated Gametest code addon for 1.19.70
Changelog for February 10 / Old Update
  • Updated Gametest code addon for 1.19.60
  • Updated Addon inside Map
  • Unportalable Block would be Unportalable by default (No need to use creator function)
Changelog for December 01 / Old Update
  • Updated Gametest code addon for 1.19.50
  • Updated Manifest
Changelog for November 17 / Old Update
  • Updated Gametest code addon for 1.19.40.

Download links
Portal Gun Addon 1.20.50
Portal Gun Addon Behavior Pack (Boostellar)
Portal Gun Addon Resource Pack (Boostellar)
Portal Gun All Versions (Boostellar)
Portal Gun Demo Map (Boostellar)
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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