New Bossbars - Custom Texture

Thumbnail: New Bossbars - Custom Texture

Hey there! I have decided to retexture the health bars of the Wither and Ender Dragon. Additionally, the Warden and the Elder Guardian now feature a health bar.

Hey there!

With this addon, every boss battle becomes an immersive journey as players face these colossal creatures.


Warden health bar


Wither health bar

Ender Dragon:

Ender Dragon health bar

Elder Guardian:

Elder Guardian health bar


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Custom Bossbar PC BP
Custom Bossbar PC RP
Custom Bossbar PE BP
Custom Bossbar PE RP
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  1.  profile avatarSpaikee profile avatar Spaikee
    Everyone keeps forgetting that the warden is not a boss. Bosses are meant to be fought. The warden is meant to be avoided
    1. Euforia profile avatar Euforia
      Yes, I know, originally only the ender dragon and the wither were going to have a boss bar, the elder guardian and the warden are only complementary.
      Thanks for your comment.