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Have you ever played an Add-On, or multiple Add-Ons on a world, and you don't know what block or entity you're looking at? Poggy's What's That? Will provide all the info you'd need!

With Poggy's What's That? Players no longer have to memorize block and entity names, or switch back and forth between the game and a wiki to learn more. Instead, simply by hovering their mouse cursor over a block or entity in-game, they can see a detailed tooltip containing information such as its name, ID, Correct Tool, Health, and more.

This Add-On is especially useful for new players, or for players who want to quickly check information about a block or entity without leaving the game.

This Add-On can provide info about blocks and entities from other Add-Ons, and have the Add-ons' ID appear with no user configs. It also shows the growth of crops, redstone levels and more!

With its intuitive and user-friendly design, "Poggy's What's That?" is the perfect addition to any Minecraft player's toolkit, providing a wealth of information with just a glance, and in one place! With Entity Health shown as hearts!


Spruce Log Info

Beetrot Info

Horse Info

Lantern Info

Updated on May 26

  • Added support for 1.20.80/1.20.81
  • Fixed incorrect block names being displayed
Changelog for December 16 / Old Update
  • Added support for 1.20.50
  • Fixed some bugs that occurred when tabbing out of the game
Changelog for October 30 / Old Update
  • Added support for 1.20.40
  • Fixed some typo strings
Changelog for October 12 / Old Update
  • Added support for 1.20.30
Download links
Poggy's WAWLA 2.0 v1.20.30[mcaddon, 22.1 Kb]
Poggy's WAWLA v1.20.40[mcaddon, 32.59 Kb]
Poggy's WAWLA 1.20.50[mcaddon, 30.32 Kb]
Popggy's WAWLA[mcaddon, 45.82 Kb]
Poggy's WAWLA 1.20.8x[mcaddon, 45.94 Kb]
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