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If you are feeling a bit bored with Minecraft and looking for more challenge? Then this addon will be the ideal destination. With its addition, the game will not only feature two basic bars of hunger and health, but also two new components of temperature and thirst. This is what makes the game more difficult, requiring you to face new challenges and adjust your tactics. This addon expands a new dimension to Minecraft, giving players a more unique and realistic experience.

Instead of simply fighting and exploring, you'll have to manage your body temperature and meet your water needs, creating a new tension in your virtual life!


Let's start with

  • Fixed crash by drinking Canteen and water bottle purified
  • Added thermometer
  • New command system for thirsty bar

Fixed Game Crash:


Thermometer will help you see your current temperature.

This is recipe of Thermometer:

Thermometer recipe

New command block system of Thirsty bar:

The reduced speed of the thirst bar will decrease depending on the mode you are playing and your actions

(Running will drop faster and Running with jump will drop very fast)

In peaceful mode, your thirst will not be lost

New command block system of Temperate bar

If you are carrying a full leather jacket in your bag, you will not get cold due to the temperature anymore



Cold and Hot Ink Sac

To get a hot ink bag, first use the ink sac to scoop up the water. Then place the water bag near the heat source. As a result, you will have hot ink bags to adjust the temperature to your liking.

Cold Ink Sac

As for a cold ink bag, you just need to use the ink sac to scoop up the water and combine it with a cold block. As a result, cold ink bags will appear, helping to reduce body heat immediately.

Hot Ink Sac

Stand near a campfire or soul campfire, you will get regeneration effect

Campfire will increase your temperate

Soul campfire will decrease your temperate

Temperate Bar

The temperature bar will work based on the biome, block, weather, time of day and the block you are standing on, they will be divided into 5 states

  • Normal: your body temperature is now normal, and you will not receive any adverse effects

Normal temperature icon

  • Hot: Your temperature is now hot and you will receive nausea

Hot temperature icon

  • Extreme heat: Body temperature rises to extremely hot levels, causing nausea, toxicity, and fogging effects. The screen gradually turns red and you will instantly die if you continue in this state

Extreme hot temperature icon

  • Cold: your body temperature is cold right now and you will get slow walking effect

Cold temperature icon

  • Extreme cold: Body temperature drops to extreme levels, causing poison effects, slow walking, hunger and darkness. The screen gradually turns blue and you will instantly die if you continue in this state

Extreme cold temperature icon


To be able to reduce or increase your body temperature, you can use Cold or Hot block.

Click to ignite it.

Cold Block Recipe

Hot Block Recipe

In addition, you can stand near the campfire to be able to increase the temperature // soul campfire will decrease your temperature


Thirsty Bar

Thirsty Bar

The thirst bar will be like the hunger bar, will decrease and when depleted, the player will immediately die.

There are two ways to hydrate the body :

You can drink water bottle

Remember to boil before drinking

Drink water from rivers

However, drinking water from the river will poison you and make you thirstier.


Canteen - an easy-to-craft item - very useful

Canteen Item (Variant 1)

Canteen Item (Variant 2)

This item will help you store water and drink up to 8 times. Drinking water from the canteen will warm up your body a bit

To be able to get water into the canteen you will have to:

  • Jumped into the water
  • Keep sneaking
  • Equip the canteen and hit the water

Remember to boil before drinking

Updated on October 01

Version v3.1:

  • Supports 1.20+
Download links
Download V3 - Resource
Download V3 - Behavior
Download Addon V2
Download Addon V1
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70
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