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Day & Entity Counter

Thumbnail: Day & Entity Counter

This resource pack lets you know how many days you have been in the Minecraft world and tells you how many entities are around you.

Of course, this can help you document how long you have been playing on the word, and you can find out how many entities that might be redundant and can cause lag.

This pack is inspired by the Java Debug Screen.

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Added day start option (start 0 and 1):

Day Counter Only

Day and Entity Counter

Install the config file if you are combining it with either (Biome Checker or Subtitle), only when using the start day 1 option:

Day and Entity Counter pack confings


Will appear in the top left corner:

Day and Entity Counter Main Screen

Update! Better Background:

Current Biome, Day Counter and Position

Pocket UI:

Day and Entity Counter Pocket UI

Active While Riding:

Day and Entity Counter Active While Riding

Adding a client menu when combined to the Coordinates HUD:

Client Menu in Day and Entity Counter

Combining with Other Packs

  • Can be done if Coordinates Only mode is enabled in Coordinated HUD Subpack
  • The packs must be in the following order:

Activated Day and Entity Counter pack

Coordinates only

  • Subpacks:

Day and Entity Counter subpack (screenshot 1)

Day and Entity Counter subpack (screenshot 2)


  • Turn on Experimental Features (Molang Features):

Required Experimental Features

  • How to enable Experimental mode while keeping Achievements active:

Updated on September 18

Fixed Bugs:

  • Download for Minecraft Beta/Preview 1.20.40++