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Biome Check (Experimental) 1.20 Full Biome

Thumbnail: Biome Check (Experimental) 1.20 Full Biome

This pack aims to tell the name of the biome where you are now.

This pack was inspired by the Lukas Debug Screen, but I made it happen in a resource pack without a behavior pack.

I ask for your help to report any bugs to improve this pack.

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Biome Cherry Blossom

Overworld Biome:

Mushroom Island Shore Biome

Gravelly Mountains Biome

Nether Biome:

Soul Sand Valley Biome

Pocket UI:

Biome Checker with Pocket UI

Active While Riding:

Biome Checker Active While Riding

Adding the client menu when combined with the coordinates HUD:

Biome Checker with Client Menu

Combining with Other Packs

  • This pack can be combined with Day & Entity Counter (Coordinates Only), Coordniates HUD, and Subtitle pack in the following arrangement:

Combining Biome Checker Pack with Other Packs

Biome Checker Pack with Coordinates Only Mode


  • Turn on Experimental Features (Molang Features):

Required Experimental Features

  • How to enable Experimental mode while keeping Achievements active:

Updated on September 18

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed UI not showing in minecraft beta/preview 1.20.40