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This resource pack informs you about the mobs around you.

It's similar to subtitles in Minecraft Java Edition. However, currently, it only informs you about the mobs within a radius that you can adjust as you like (default 25 blocks).

It's useful for those who enjoy exploring caves, as you will know if a creeper is silently approaching you from any direction.

You can also use this resource pack to find structures such as fortresses or villages by setting the detection radius to a far distance. This greatly helps your gameplay.

Or if you want to find allay, you can detect if there are allies inside without having to search in every room, making it easier for you.


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Custom Radius:

animation_controllers Directory

subtitle.ctrl.json File

Setting Custom Subtitle Radius in subtitle.ctrl.json File

Change the number 25, the radius here is counted per block in all directions. If you want it by chunk, use (chunk * 16).

Remember not to exceed the simulation distance you are using in the world, as there won't be any activity happening beyond that.


Active While Riding:

Active While Riding

Adding the Client Menu when Combined with the Coordinates HUD:

Client Menu


Variant 1

It only works for the Coordinates subpack.

Resolution: Coordinates Only

Combination with Coordinates Subpack

Variant 2

It works for all subpacks.

Resolution: Experimental

Resolution: Without Experimental

Combination with Other Subpacks

Combination with Other Subpacks 2

Combination with Other Subpacks 3

Combination with Other Subpacks 4

Experimental Mode:

How to enable Experimental Mode while keeping Achievements active:


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Updated on November 25

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed position on crawling
  • Fixed error combinationย 
  • Fixed download linkย 
  • Added an alternative download link
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