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Endermen just got a major upgrade! This pack adds Chorus Endermen, Warped Endermen, Swamp Endermen, Lush Endermen, and more. There will be much more to come to this pack, the next update will be dedicated to The Nether and Dry Biomes. This pack is originally made by creepermax123 for Java Edition and was ported by me to Bedrock Edition.

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Included Variants:

  • 5 End Variants
  • 5 End Highlands Variants
  • 5 Overworld Variants
  • 5 Warped Forest Variants
  • 5 Swamp Variants
  • 5 Lush Cave Variants

Better Endermen Variants 1

Better Endermen Variants 2

Better Endermen Variants 3

Better Endermen Variants 4

Better Endermen Variants 5

Better Endermen Variants 6

Made By: creepermax123
Help From: Gills

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