Pesky Parrots

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Minecraft Parrots just got a lot peskier. This pack adds a ton of new parrot colors: amethyst, dark green, dark grey, peach, and teal, all of which have a version with additional colors or patterns. "Pesky Parrots" was originally made by creepermax123 for Java Edition and was ported by me to Bedrock Edition.

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Pesky Parrots

Normal Parrots

Normal Parrots

Retextured vanilla variants with newly added variants that are obtainable using nametags.


  • "Blue Parrot 2"
  • "Blue Parrot 3"
  • "Green Parrot 2"
  • "Green Parrot 3"
  • "Green Parrot 4"
  • "Grey Parrot 2"
  • "Grey Parrot 3"
  • "Grey Parrot 4"
  • "Red Blue Parrot 2"
  • "Red Blue Parrot 3"
  • "Red Blue Parrot 4"
  • "Yellow Blue Parrot 2"
  • "Yellow Blue Parrot 3"
  • "Yellow Blue Parrot 4"
Special Parrots

Special Parrots 1


  • "Ender Parrot"
  • "Glowy"
  • "Skeletal Parrot"
  • "Zombified Parrot"
  • "Ender Dragon"
  • "Takis"
  • "Pufferfish"

Special Parrots 2


  • "Golden Parrot"
  • "Golden Mr. Seedyton"
  • "Golden Polly"
  • "Golden Birdrito
  • "Golden Floatie"

Special Parrots 3


  • "Ballon"
  • "Disco"
  • "New Year"
Costume Variants

Costume Variants

Can be used in vanilla parrots (the color of the parrot will not be affected).


  • "Mr. Seedyton"
  • "Polly"
  • "Birdrito"
  • "Floatie 1"
  • "Floatie 2"
Other Bird Types

Other Bird Types 1


  • "Crow"
  • "Skeletal Crow"
  • "Zombified Crow"
  • "Canuck"

Other Bird Types 2


  • "Owl"
  • "Skeletal Owl"
  • "Zombified Owl"
  • "Hedwig"
  • "Hedwig 2"

Other Bird Types 3


  • "Puffin"
  • "Skeletal Puffin"
  • "Zombified Puffin"

In-Game Screenshots:

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How it works?

Put a name tag on an anvil. Rename it like this: "Golden Parrot." Make sure the first letter of the name is uppercase, be aware of the spaces, and don't include the quotes (""). Use the nametag on a tamed/untamed parrot and finish!

Owner's Permission

creepermax123's Permisson for Parzival

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