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Do you struggle to find enchanted books because their textures all look the same? Here's the solution: This Texture Pack helps differentiate each enchanted book texture based on its enchantment, just like Xali's Enchanted Book for Java Edition!


New Book Textures at Different Levels

Added different textures at each level!

Different Book Textures at Different Levels

Removed ^0^ from the anvil, and the texture of the enchanted book follows its upgrade level.


Resolution: Optimized

Resolution: Full

It is recommended to use the Optimized subpack


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4


Do not change the name 'Enchanted Book'!

Do not Change the Name 'Enchanted Book'!


It is more recommended for mobile users (Android/iOS) as there is a slight flicker issue on PC when picking up items.

This may conflict with other UI packs (please install it on top)

Combining with Other UI Packs

For the hotbar, it currently only activates on the highlighted/mainhand item.

Holding Enchanted Book in the Mainhand

Do not wonder why the item in hand and dropped item does not change, as this is only the Item Renderer.

You are only allowed to share ModBay links, please do not relink or direct download!

Download the Optimized Resource Pack exclusively on the ModBay website!

Special Thanks to:

Xalixilax [Texture and original owner]

Dimz Craft [Idea]

Bedrock Dev and Bedrock Wiki [Documentation]

The original creator of Xalixilax and has obtained permission to use its assets!

Unauthorized use of the assets and code Texture Pack is prohibited without permission!

Xalixilax's Permission for Andromedarius

Download Java Version In Xalixilax CurseForge

Java Version of Visualize Enchanted Book

Updated on February 29

  • Fixed renderer in selected hotbar
  • Fixed Shulker Box Item Renderer Error if in Enchated Book Content
  • Added simple subpack for best performance (ignores recipebook)
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Visualize Enchanted Book V1.0.3 MCPACK [Linkvertise] Latest
Visualize Enchanted Book V1.0.3 ZIP [Linkvertise] Latest
MCPACK [Linkvertise] [Old]
ZIP [Linkvertise] [Old]
Download Java Version
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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