Better Zombies v1.2 - The Ghoultide Update

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Zombies are really bland, only one texture... This pack adds way more, and I mean WAY more, they are biome dependent there are Swamp Zombies, Jungle Zombies, Outlaw Zombies, Snowy Zombies, Mummified Husks & Pirate Drowned. This is creepermax123's biggest pack yet with 104 zombies, husk, and drowned variants. This is a Java Edition pack by creepermax123 and was ported by Parzival_ to Bedrock.

The Ghoultide Update


Permission for ModBay:

Better Illagers permission for ModBay

This pack includes:

  • 75 Naturally spawning Variants
  • 15 Naturally spawning Rare Variants
  • 13 Name Specific Variants
  • 1 Secret Variant

All Youtuber/Player Rare Zombie Variants:

  • Notch
  • Jeb_
  • DanTDM
  • Xisumavoid
  • Grian
  • MumboJumbo
  • GoodTimesWithScar
  • creepermax123 (Java Owner)
  • Scribblez
  • GillsBills
  • Bumbee_
  • Herobrine

Namable Zombie Variants:

  • "Drip Steve"
  • "Drip Alex"
  • "Drip Sunny"
  • "Drip Zuri"
  • "Drip Noor"
  • "Drip Ari"
  • "Drip Makena"
  • "Drip Kai"
  • "Drip Efe"
  • "Santa"
  • "Giftbox"
  • "De-Frost"

Sample Models:


There are three different versions that can be accessed using the subpack settings.

Full Version:

  • Includes all Husk and Drowned Variants
  • Normal, Cold, Swamp, Outlaw, Jungle Zombies are all part of the random spawning variants
  • Zombie Variants are not Biome Dependent

Lite Version:

  • Includes all Husk and Drowned Variants
  • Only Normal Zombies are included in spawn variants
  • Zombie Variants are not Biome Dependent

Experimental Version:

Required options for Experimental Version

In order for the biome dependency to work, you need to activate the "MoLang Features" in your world settings where the pack is activated

  • Includes all Husk and Drowned Variants
  • Zombie Variants are Biome Dependent
  • Only works when MoLang feature is toggled on

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Updated on December 12

V1.2.1 Update Log: The Ghoultide Update:

  • Added 3 New Christmas Themed Zombies
  • Added New Default Skins
  • Added Youtuber Zombies
  • Added Player Zombies, If you'd like to be added to the pack, join my discord server and request your skin to be added (Must be a skin you have made)
  • Added Notch & Jeb_ Zombies
  • Added Subpack Settings
  • Removed Piglin Zombies
  • Removed Pillager Zombies
  • Removed Skeletal Zombies (Will be added back as an Add-On next update)
  • Changed Jungle Zombies
  • Changed Swamp Zombies
  • Changed Outlaw Zombies
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