Better Zombies v1.2 - The Ghoultide Update

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Zombies are really bland, only one texture... This pack adds way more, and I mean WAY more, they are biome dependent there are Swamp Zombies, Jungle Zombies, Outlaw Zombies, Snowy Zombies, Mummified Husks & Pirate Drowned. This is creepermax123's biggest pack yet with 104 zombies, husk, and drowned variants. This is a Java Edition pack by creepermax123 and was ported by Parzival_ to Bedrock.

The Ghoultide Update


Permission for ModBay:

Better Illagers permission for ModBay

Owner's Permission

creepermax123 permission

NOTE: Copyright does not apply to bedrock porting. We, the bedrock porters, put in the effort to make a Java Edition resource pack or mod available for Bedrock Edition players to enjoy and keeping the credits for the owner at the same time.

This pack includes:

  • 75 Naturally spawning Variants
  • 15 Naturally spawning Rare Variants
  • 13 Name Specific Variants
  • 1 Secret Variant

All Youtuber/Player Rare Zombie Variants:

  • Notch
  • Jeb_
  • DanTDM
  • Xisumavoid
  • Grian
  • MumboJumbo
  • GoodTimesWithScar
  • creepermax123 (Java Owner)
  • Scribblez
  • GillsBills
  • Bumbee_
  • Herobrine

Namable Zombie Variants:

  • "Drip Steve"
  • "Drip Alex"
  • "Drip Sunny"
  • "Drip Zuri"
  • "Drip Noor"
  • "Drip Ari"
  • "Drip Makena"
  • "Drip Kai"
  • "Drip Efe"
  • "Santa"
  • "Giftbox"
  • "De-Frost"

Sample Models:

Normal Zombies

Normal Zombies variants (first)

Normal Zombies variants (second)

Jungle Zombies

Jungle Zombies variant (first)

Jungle Zombies variant (second)

Swamp Zombies

Swamp Zombies variants (first)

Swamp Zombies variants (second)

Snowy Zombies

Snowy Zombies (first)

Snowy Zombies (second)

Outlaw Zombies

Outlaw Zombies variants (first)

Outlaw Zombies variants (second)


Husks variants (first)

Husks variants (second)

Husks variants (third)


Drowned variants

Drip Zombies

Drip Zombies variants

Rare Zombies

Rare Zombies variants

The Ghoultide Update

The Ghoultide Update art

New Zombies in the The Ghoultide Update


There are three different versions that can be accessed using the subpack settings.

How to use the subpack settings?

1. Tap the Better Zombies Resource Pack

2. Click the settings icon to open the subpack settings

Better Zombies pack settings

3. Choose a version that you want to use

Subpack variants

Full Version:

  • Includes all Husk and Drowned Variants
  • Normal, Cold, Swamp, Outlaw, Jungle Zombies are all part of the random spawning variants
  • Zombie Variants are not Biome Dependent

Lite Version:

  • Includes all Husk and Drowned Variants
  • Only Normal Zombies are included in spawn variants
  • Zombie Variants are not Biome Dependent

Experimental Version:

Required options for Experimental Version

In order for the biome dependency to work, you need to activate the "MoLang Features" in your world settings where the pack is activated

  • Includes all Husk and Drowned Variants
  • Zombie Variants are Biome Dependent
  • Only works when MoLang feature is toggled on

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Updated on December 12

V1.2.1 Update Log: The Ghoultide Update:

  • Added 3 New Christmas Themed Zombies
  • Added New Default Skins
  • Added Youtuber Zombies
  • Added Player Zombies, If you'd like to be added to the pack, join my discord server and request your skin to be added (Must be a skin you have made)
  • Added Notch & Jeb_ Zombies
  • Added Subpack Settings
  • Removed Piglin Zombies
  • Removed Pillager Zombies
  • Removed Skeletal Zombies (Will be added back as an Add-On next update)
  • Changed Jungle Zombies
  • Changed Swamp Zombies
  • Changed Outlaw Zombies
Changelog for old update (October 15)
  • Added Experimental version that includes biome dependency for zombie variants
  • New Thumbnail
  • New Pack Icon
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