Primitive Piglins Resource Pack

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This resource pack changes the texture of the piglins to look more like the zombified piglin, fixes the texture of the zombified piglin and his head now has 2 layers, his skull is separated from the skin, and also fixes the zoglin's mane! Also change the color of the hoglin to pink to make it look more like its zombie version. I'm sure these textures look familiar to you, I mean, they look like a pig man!

The helmets have also been fixed for all the piglins, they fit their heads correctly!

Now the resource pack has 2 subpackages available:

Pink Piglins:


Pink Piglins

Piglin Brute:

Pink Piglin Brute


Pink Hoglin


Pink Hoglin

Zombified Piglin:

Pink Zombified Piglin with Golden Helmet

Pink Zombified Piglin

Tan Piglins:


Tan Piglin

Piglin Brute:

Tan Piglin Brute

The textures were created by me! If you are going to make a video please post the link to modbay

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Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0