Better Crafter

Thumbnail: Better Crafter

Is the new Crafter not looking Vanilla? Or maybe it isn't that good for redstone? Well, I have a pack that shows every state the crafter is at and more!

New Textures

This pack simply changes the Crafter's texture to look more vanilla and redstone texture pack like!

Unpowered Crafter

Crafter at its normal, unpowered state:

Unpowered Crafter Texture

Powered Crafter

Crafter at its triggered, powered state, where nothing is being dispensed:

Powered Crafter Texture

Powering and Dispensing Crafter

Crafter at its crafting, powered state, where it has crafted and dispensing the item:

Powered and Dispensing Crafter Texture

Bottom Crafter Textures

They have their respective bottom textures as well!

Bottom Crafter Textures

Thanks for coming to the end! I hope you use my pack!

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