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Fantasy Weapons is a resource pack that makes swords and some other tools fantasy-themed. There are more than 20+ variants of weapons that you can get by wearing certain armor or equipment. You can get several types of weapons with just one sword!


To get the weapon you need certain equipment, such as the following:


  • Iron Dagger (Iron Sword)
  • Iron Broadsword (Iron Sword, Fullset Iron Armor & Shield)
  • Claymore (Iron Sword & Fullset Iron Armor)
  • Iron Battleaxe (Iron Axe)
  • Iron Halberd (Iron Axe & Shield)
  • Azure Broadsword (Diamond Sword)
  • Azure Shortsword (Diamond Sword, Fullset Diamond Armor(helmet) & Mob Head)
  • Oculus (Diamond Sword, Fullset Diamond Armor & Totem of Undying)
  • Demonslayer's Greatsword (Diamond Sowrd, Fullset Diamond Armor & Shield)
  • Azure Greataxe (Diamond Axe)
  • Azure Scythe (Diamond Hoe)
  • Vesper (Netherite Sword)
  • Calamity Blade (Netherite Sword, Fullset Netherite Armor & Shield)
  • Demonic Sword (Netherite Sword, Fullset Netherite Armor (helmet) & Mob Head)
  • Dragon Sword (Netherite Sword, Fullset Netherite Armor & Totem of Undying)
  • Treacherous Axe (Netherite Axe)
  • Vindicator (Netherite Axe, Fullset Netherite Armor (helmet) & Mob Head)


  • Changed Demonic Sword to Revenant's Gravecleaver
  • Changed Oculus to Solstice
  • Iron Claymore (Iron Sword)
  • Grand Claymore (Iron Sword, Fullset Iron Armor & Totem of Undying)
  • Moonlight (Iron Sword, Fullset Iron Armor (helmet), & Mob Head)
  • Flamberge (Iron Sword, Fullset Iron Armor & Shield)


Add a version for Dragon Sword only



Fantasy Weapons Version 2 is now available!

You can choose to keep using version 1 or 2

Iron Equipment
Diamond Equipment
Netherite Equipment

If you still don't understand, please watch this video


Thanks to nongko to allow me using his models & textures | 3D Weapons (Java Edition)

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