HUD+ [MCPE] [1.20+]

Thumbnail: HUD+ [MCPE] [1.20+]


Are you bored with the regular HUD display and want something new on your HUD that can make it easier for you to do something? Well, you will probably love this pack!


F1 & F8 Button:

  • F1: Hide GUI.
  • F8: Hide Paperdoll.

HUD: F1 & F8 Button

Gamma Brightness:

Makes the screen a little brighter.

HUD: Gamma Brightness

Utilities Button:

  • Armor & item hud.
  • Keystrokes.

HUD: Utilities Button

Hotbar Selector:

Change selected Hotbar slot into right or left direction.

HUD: Hotbar Selector

Animated RGB XP Bar:

Changes boring XP bar into RGB XP bar.

HUD: Animated RGB XP Bar

Java Offhand Slot:

Only visible while using Shield/Totem/Map In the Offhand.

HUD: Java Offhand Slot

F3 Button (Debug Screen):

Press to show debug screen and press it again to hide.

Note: sneak to activate facing!

HUD: F3 Button (Debug Screen)

Java Bottom Chat:

Moved Chat Into Bottom to match the Java edition.

HUD: Java Bottom Chat

Invisible Controller Button:

Changed the Controller Button to invisible to match the Java edition.

You can also make it visible by removing gui.png from textures/gui/ directory.

HUD: Invisible Controller Button

Dynamic Crosshair:

Crosshair will change when it reaches entities hitbox.

HUD: Dynamic Crosshair

Bonus Features:

  • Screenshot Button.
  • Chat Autocomplete.
  • Quick Crafting.
  • Crafting Counter.


  • HUD+ by Bruhh69.
  • Debug Screen by Dimzcraft.
  • Better Touch Controls by BlueAxolotl.
  • Dynamic Crosshair by Masterninja.
  • Keystrokes by Chyves.
  • Crafting Counter by AsaZuki.


  • Holiday Creator Features.
  • Additional Creator Features.
  • Beta API's.
  • Molang Experimental.


  • Gui Scale Modifier: -1.
  • Hide Paperdoll: Off.
  • Ui Type: Classic.
  • Split Controls: On.

You Can't Use or Steal Texture/Code on This Pack Without My Permission!

Don't Share Any Direct Link (Including Discord Invitation Link and Other), And I Will Take Action if Anyone Violates It!

If You Want To Make Showcase Video, Please Tag/Credit Me.

My Youtube Channel: @bruhh69._.

Showcase Video:

Watch on my channel or click here:


  • F5 button is impossible to make!

Updated on January 19

Some improvements:

  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Some description update.
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