Better Saplings & Mushrooms Texture Pack

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Ever wanted better-looking saplings or mushrooms for your garden or any other build? Or just want some bonsai trees or puffy mushrooms? Then this texture pack is for you! This small texture pack improves the saplings, makes them bushier and makes the mushrooms puffier. They both have a new model, and the potted versions have also been modified.


Better Saplings & Mushrooms: Screenshot 1

Better Saplings & Mushrooms: Screenshot 2

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The new saplings basically look like miniature versions of the fully grown trees. Here is how they and their potted versions look like:

  • Oak Saplings:

Oak Saplings: Screenshot

  • Spruce Saplings:

Spruce Saplings: Screenshot

  • Birch Saplings:

Birch Saplings: Screenshot

  • Jungle Saplings:

Jungle Saplings: Screenshot

  • Acacia Saplings:

Acacia Saplings: Screenshot

  • Dark Oak Saplings:

Dark Oak Saplings: Screenshot

  • Cherry Saplings:

Cherry Saplings: Screenshot

  • Mangrove Saplings and Propagules:

Mangrove Saplings and Propagules: Screenshot


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The mushrooms are now 3D and more detailed:

  • Red Mushrooms:

Red Mushrooms: Screenshot

  • Brown Mushrooms:

Brown Mushrooms: Screenshot

  • Warped Fungi:

Warped Fungi: Screenshot

  • Crimson Fungi:

Crimson Fungi: Screenshot

  • Mooshroom Cows:

Mooshroom Cows: Screenshot


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Terms of use!

  • If you want to use this pack in a video, then share the MODBAY PAGE LINK, NOT the direct link or any custom link.
  • You are not allowed to use any of the textures, code or to modify this pack, except for personal use.
  • You are not allowed to publish this on ANY other website without my permission.

If you do not follow those terms, I WILL find you and sue you.

Please report any bugs, give suggestions or contact me on my YouTube: @Fused Bolt or Discord: fusedbolt

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Updated on December 29

Better Saplings v1.5:

  • Added a new texture for Mangrove sapling
  • Added a new texture for Mangrove sapling item
  • Added a new texture for Mangrove hanging propagule

Better Mushrooms v1.2:

  • Added better mushrooms to red Mooshroom cow
  • Added better mushrooms to brown Mooshroom cow
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