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A quality of life pack that makes it easier to build with redstone! Not only are there new textures, but icons have also been added to items to display more information.

Block Texture Changes

The textures of some blocks have been changed to make it easier for a better gameplay experience.

Pistons & Sticky Pistons: Screenshot

^ The back texture has been changed so that it is easier to differentiate normal pistons from sticky pistons. Sticky pistons are now stickier, with slime covering the front surface and dripping off the side.

Observers: Screenshot

^ When observers output a redstone signal, the sides, top, and bottom will also blink.

Hoppers: Screenshot 1

^ The side textures of Hoppers now show their direction and whether the block is powered by redstone, preventing items from passing through.

Hoppers: Screenshot 2

^ The top texture of Hoppers has also been changed.

Icons on Item Names

Icons are displayed on the item names of some redstone components to display more information about them.

Stone Button Info

^ Stone Buttons remain active for 1 second after being pressed, and they can output a redstone signal.

Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate Info

^ The output strength of Heavy Weighted Pressure Plates increases by 1 for every 10 entities that stand on them.

Other Items Info

^ Here are other icons that will be displayed. This information can be found in-game in a special Redstone Info+ panel in the settings!

Add-on Cross-compatibility

This pack is cross-compatible with the Item Info+ resource pack, another quality-of-life pack that adds information on item names! Arrange the packs in the following order to achieve the best effect:

Compatibility with Item Info+ Pack

Terms of Use

You are allowed to:

  • Edit the pack for personal use.
  • Use the pack in your private modpack that you arenโ€™t releasing publicly. Always contact me for permission when using the pack in a public modpack.
  • Make videos & media content with the pack.

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Distribute the pack using a new download link, or share the direct download link. Always share the link to
  • Monetise the pack download. Doing so will result in a copyright takedown.

Please note that this pack is still early in development. Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

This pack only supports English (US) currently. Version support for all other languages will be added in a future update.


Follow these steps in the Boostellar page to access the link:

  1. Click on "Click on Ad"
  2. A new tab will pop up with ads. Do not click on any ads!
  3. Wait for 15-30 seconds.
  4. The "Unlock content" button should activate. Click on it to access the link.
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