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Introducing the ultimate solution for Minecraft players who miss the Full Bright resource pack after the 1.16 update on Bedrock and the implementation of the Render Dragon shader. With Render Dragon no longer supporting external shaders, Full Bright stopped working. But fear not, for I bring you an incredible alternative that will illuminate your caves, nights, and houses without the need for torches.

This resource pack add-on is unlike any other behavior pack, as it fully supports Render Dragon and all other versions. It provides crystal-clear visibility in dark places and performs exceptionally well. As of now, this is the best resource pack available, making it an absolute must-have for every Minecraft player. Say goodbye to darkness and embrace the brilliance of this remarkable resource pack.

The resource pack works in the way that it increases the brightness or gamma of the game, making the dark places visible. Thought it is not as good as full-bright. But it actually does a decent job, you will be able to see clearly in caves and all!

Note: Set your brightness to 100%.

Version 2: green mode added.

The green mode creates a green light overlay rather than a white overlay, which all resource packs do now. The green mode will be helpful if you don't want the white strain with the default gamma. Also, it does provide better clarity and brightness than that of the default or the other gamma present there.

Warning: If you want to make a video on this resource pack, then please give my YouTube channel link in the description. Also, only share the ModBay or the original link.

For additional help or to contact me on Discord: grumm7613


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