Bee Hotbar Selector!

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Welcome to another bedrock port of mine! This pack, named "Bee Hotbar Selector", was originally made by TgwCreeper for Java Edition and was ported by me to Bedrock Edition. This pack changes the hotbar and hotbar selector to look like a bee!

The Bee Hotbar

BEE Hotbar Selector!

In-Game Look:

Bee Hotbar Selector: In-Game Look

Java Owner's Note: this pack is heavily inspired by mob hotbar packs that Ekuzen made!

Owner's Permission

Tgw Creeper's Permission for Parzival_

NOTE: Copyright does not apply to bedrock porting. We, the Bedrock Porters, put in the effort to make a Java Edition resource pack or mod available for Bedrock Edition players to enjoy while keeping the credits for the owner at the same time. All bedrock ports of mine have permission to be ported and are allowed to use a link shortener.

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