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Adventure Plus is the resource pack you've been looking for! This resource pack adds 3D accessories such as backpacks, maps, trident, spyglass, and others to your character, this will enhance your adventure.

This resource pack is similar to Minecraft Java Edition mod. just by putting items in your inventory or hotbar you can improve your character!

Put the following items in your inventory or hotbar so that this resource pack works :

NEW UPDATES! Fix some bugs and add new items.


  1. Chest, Ender Chest, Shulker Box
  2. Spyglass
  3. Trident (removed)
  4. Filled Map
  5. Arrow (removed)
  6. Gold Ingot
  7. Sword (new)
  8. Pickaxe (new)
  9. Axe (new)
  10. Shovel (new)
  11. Hoe (new)
  12. Fishing Rod (new)
  13. Cauldron (new)

In-Game Preview:

Adventure Plus: In-Game Preview 1

Adventure Plus: In-Game Preview 2

Adventure Plus: In-Game Preview 3

Adventure Plus: In-Game Preview 4

Adventure Plus: In-Game Preview 5


Adventure Plus: Screenshot 1

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 2

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 3

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 4

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 5

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 6

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 7

Put some items below in the inventory or hotbar slot, then these items will become cool accessories.

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 8

More Screenshots

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 9

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 10

  • If you hold the pickaxe, it will appear with a mining helmet (glowing in the dark).

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 11

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 12

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 13

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 14

  • If you hold the hoe, it will appear with a farmer's hat.

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 15

  • If you hold the fishing rod, it will appear with a fisherman's hat.

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 16

  • If you hold the cauldron, it will appear with a witch's hat.

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 17

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 18

Adventure Plus: Screenshot 19

Information About Backpacks

There are 3 variants of backpacks: if you put a chest in your inventory/hotbar a leather backpack will appear, if you put an ender chest in your inventory/hotbar an ender chest backpack will appear, and if you put a shulker box (undyed) in your inventory/hotbar a shulker backpack will appear.

  • Leather Backpack

Leather Backpack: Screenshot 1

Leather Backpack: Screenshot 2

  • Ender Chest Backpack

Ender Chest Backpack: Screenshot 1

Ender Chest Backpack: Screenshot 2

  • Shulker Backpack

Shulker Backpack: Screenshot 1

Shulker Backpack: Screenshot 2

If you put these 3 items in your inventory/hotbar at the same time, the texture that appears is the Shulker Backpack.


If there are suggestions, questions, or bugs, please comment below.

What you can't do:

  • Steal or take the code and use it in ANY pack or addon.
  • Modify the pack for PUBLIC use.
  • Promote any alternative links to the download.

If you are a content creator, please use the ModBay, MCPEDL or Planet Minecraft link if you wanna share it, do not relink or use direct downloads to Mediafire! Do not upload to another website or application without my permission.

This is not an addon. This is just a texture replacement, which means you can set it in global resources and play it on the server as well and you don't need to turn on experiments. You can modify this pack for yourself only.


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1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0
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