Mexican Pack / With Quetzalcoatl

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For the moment, it is still an incomplete and experimental version, there may be several bugs and missing things, but I'm still working on it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The texture is made for Español (México) because it contains personalized texts in this language.

If you want to feel a true Mexican experience in a texture full of references to things about Mexico as well as a funny texture, then the Mexican Pack is for you. Try all the great changes that the Mexican Pack has, as well as being able to contribute new ideas, changes or even be part of this great project.

Mexican Pack is a texture based on Mexican Culture, made in a satirical way. includes several changes to models, sounds, texts, blocks, etc. The resolution of the texture is 64x64 and it is made with original material and with the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3.0 license, so you are free to make a fork of the project as long as you use the same license for it.

Mexican Pack Logo

Mexican Pack Banner

Mexican Pack Features:

The texture includes a huge variety of changes, such as quite large changes to the game, as well as unique functions in the game that make the playing experience more fun and complete.

  • 1000 Mexican Splashes
  • New Logo
  • Amazing Panorama

New Splashes, Logo and Panorama

  • (NEW) Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoalt, an important pre-Hispanic god, now replaces the Ender Dragon.



Although only the white, red, black and yellow beds have been changed, its model has been changed completely, adding something as Mexican as the call (Cobija Del Tigre) and a famous Mexican team bed.

New Beds

  • (NEW) The Sun of Mexico "Luismi"

Now the sun of Mexico will be with you, a famous singer named Luismi will be warming the sun on the beach.

The Sun of Mexico

  • (NEW) Mama Peleadora (The champion of low prices)

Now the Warden and Ancient City are really scary at such low prices.

Mama Peleadora

  • (NEW) Osito Panadero with a delicius bread

The best bear baker in the whole world, but still very Mexican.

Osito Panadero

  • (NEW) Lava Replaced with Beans, Yeah, Beans

You read that right. Replace the lava with literally burning beans. It's unbelievable, isn't it?

Lava Replaced with Beans

  • Modified Mobs

Now several mobs were modified to more Mexican versions:

  • Now exists the Mexican Creeper.
  • Wolf has been replaced with a Generic Mexican Dog.
  • The Iron Golem is a famous Mexican doctor.

Modified Mobs: Screenshot 1

Modified Mobs: Screenshot 2

  • (NEW) Several Changes in Various Items

As part of the 0.3 PRE RELEASE, several items have been changed:

  • New spawn egg items.
  • Some meats have been modified into tacos or chicken into salsa en verde.

Changes in Various Items: Screenshot 1

Changes in Various Items: Screenshot 2


That's right, this is real, even if it seems a little difficult, TRAJINERAS IN MINECRAFT!

  • All boats have been replaced by trajineras, as well as their items.
  • Chest boats have been partially replaced.


  • (NEW) Mexican Paintings

More than 25 new paintings, no joke and the best thing is their incredible quality.

  • Representative paintings in Mexico.
  • Many references to Mexican culture.

Mexican Paintings

  • Funny Death Messages

Much of the texts were modified, as well as the death screen and the texts that appear.

  • All death messages have been edited.
  • Only works in Español (México).

Funny Death Message

  • Replaced Items

Several Minecraft items have been replaced with a more Mexican style.

  • Bread replaced with Bolillo.
  • Swords have been replaced with machetes.

Replaced Items

  • Added Recorder (Flauta Dulce), Very Common in Mexico

The recorder is widely used in Mexican schools, which is why it has been added to the Mexican Pack.

  • Goat horn is replaced with a recorder.
  • Custom songs in the recorder.

Recorder (Flauta Dulce)

At the moment, that is all that is added. In the very near future, the texture will be updated as quickly as possible. You can also check the progress in real time on GitHub or contribute new ideas that you have in my Discord. Remember that this texture is free and always will be, thanks for supporting my project :3

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My Discord (Support Here)
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Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.0