Better Axolotls - Axolotls Reimagined!

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This resource pack makes axolotl models smaller to make them a little more realistic with the real world! It also adds several special Axolotl variants.


Resource pack links

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Nametag Variants are all inspired from:

Note: No textures or assets are stolen from the links mentioned above; they were only inspirations in making this amazing pack.

List of new Axolotl textures

Default Axolotls

They have the same textures, but differ from the normal ones in smaller sizes.

Default Axolotl textures

Nametag Textures

Several special Axolotl variants are available:

  • Guardian
  • Green
  • Ender
  • Crocodile

Nametag Axolotl textures

Put a Name Tag or Spawn Egg on an Anvil.

Rename it like this: "Ender." Make sure the first letter of the name is uppercase, be aware of the spaces, and don't include the quotes ("").

Name Tag with Ender

Use the nametag on a Baby or Adult Axolotl and finish!

Ender Axolotl variant

In-Game Screenshots:

Brown, Pink and Yellow Axolotls

Axolotls in the water

Little Yellow Axolotl

Comparison of Axolotl sizes with a Crafting Table:

Crafting Table and two Axolotls

Crocodile and an Ender axolotl variants:

Crocodile and an Ender Axolotls

Updated on February 13

  • Updated description and thumbnail
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