CrocsKat's Improved Vanilla Resource

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CrocsKat's Improved Vanilla Resource is a Minecraft resource pack that aims to enhance the vanilla gameplay experience. It contains improvements to textures, GUI, and other visual elements of the game while staying true to the original game's art style.


  • Improved textures for blocks, items, and entities

CrocsKat's Improved Vanilla Resource (screenshot)

  • Dark mode GUI for a sleek and modern look

Dark mode Minecraft settings

  • No item name tooltips for a cleaner HUD
  • Updated pumpkin and melon stems with a new design
  • Removed pumpkin blur for a clearer view
  • HUD now appears when inventory is open

Dark mode Minecraft inventory

  • Screen will no longer close when players take damage
  • Removed item flying animations in the inventory.
  • Removed marketplace button animations.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition title

  • Updated the title to properly reflect the game as "Minecraft Bedrock Edition".
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