Better Mob Animations II

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Unlock the ultimate Minecraft experience with Better Mob Animations II – a game-changing resource pack that takes immersion and engagement to new heights.

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Better Mob Animations II: Realistic Yet Classic is a resource pack that breathes new life into the movements and behaviors of Minecraft's vanilla mobs. By incorporating realistic animations, it elevates the gaming experience without compromising the iconic blocky visual style. Unlike the previous iteration, this version deliberately avoids using jointed limbs, ensuring a harmonious blend with the game's original aesthetic.

The primary goal of Better Mob Animations II is to enhance immersion and interaction with the Minecraft world, while staying true to its roots. This carefully designed resource pack is the perfect choice for players who appreciate the charm of vanilla Minecraft, but desire a touch of realism to make their adventures more dynamic and engaging.

Video showcase

Mobs with realistic animations


Changed hit color for mobs from red to white

White damage color.

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