BNS Shader v2.01 | Minor Update

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This Shader Does Not Use The Render Dragon Engine

โžฅ New updates will be coming out every two to three weeks. Stay tuned for more!

BNS SHADER V2.01 โžค Minor Update Released

Introducing a beloved 1.18 shader, a game-changer for potato-based devices! This revolutionary shader takes a unique approach to enhance the basic lighting and visual projections, resulting in a significant improvement to your gaming experience. Prepare to be amazed as the colors and ambiance of your gaming world come to life, creating a truly immersive gameplay environment. Whether you're exploring vast landscapes or engaging in intense battles, this shader is designed to elevate your gaming sessions to a whole new level. Say goodbye to dull visuals and hello to an enhanced and vibrant gaming experience with shader!


Sneak Peak Trailer: from ezpnix


Screenshots: by ezpnix

BNS Shader: Screenshot 1

BNS Shader: Screenshot 2


Features: for 1.18 below

  • Shadows
  • Sky cube maps
  • Wave animations
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Lifelike sun and moon
  • Weather monochrome effect

Changelog Dates: by ezpnix

  • Last Updated at: 2023-12-05 01:15:12 by @ezpnix
  • New Update at: 2024-05-13 22:41:15 by @YourstewStudios
Contact Support
I am online every weekend on my YouTube/Twitter accounts: @ezpnix (I don't use Twitter/X in the way a lot of people do, but I still pity them, unfortunately)
Special Credits
I thank @Hybred for granting me access to one of his lovely codes from his resource pack. You may support him by checking out his Parallax Shader!

Updated on May 14


  • Fixed the issue where the sky's behavior would select the wrong values
  • Fixed an issue where the vines behaved like leaves
  • Fixed a problem with some mob animations
Changelog for February 05 / Old Update

1.18 User Update v1.0A - (Released!)

  • Optimized the shader
  • Resynthesized blocks colors
  • Cleaned up some files
Changelog for October 09 / Old Update
  • Minor tweaks were made during this last update
  • Improved overall links and description
Changelog for August 24 / Old Update
  • Minor tweaks and optimizations
  • Updated all links to Boostellar
Changelog for August 05 / Old Update
  • File has been adjusted
  • Most of the features have been revamped
  • Shader is now compatible for Render Dragon Engine
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Supported versions
1.18.0 1.17.0 1.16
1 904
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