Better Illagers v1.1 - The Swamps & Snow Update

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Better Illagers is a Java Edition pack originally made by creepermax123 that was ported by Parzival_ to Bedrock Edition. It updates the appearance of Illagers mobs and improves them! Now, mobs will appear in random styles.

The Swamps & Snow Update


Permission for ModBay:

Better Illagers permission for ModBay


  • The Pillager has 22 random styles
  • The Vindicator has 10 random styles
  • The Evoker has 4 random styles
  • The Ravager has 6 random styles
  • The Witch has 25 random styles
  • Vex new beta model


  • The Wandering Trader has 5 random styles
  • The Iron Golem has 3 random styles

!!! Non-pillagers have been removed and will have their own texture pack. They are still included in the "Better Mobs pack," which is a compilation of max texture packs. The previous version is still available through the download links. !!!

Named Variants


  • "Phill"
  • "Elf"
  • "Chillager"


  • "Nutcracker"

Sample Models:

Updated on December 12

Version 1.1 changelog:

  • Added Swamp Marauder Pillagers
  • Added Swamp Marauder Vindicators
  • Added Swamp Marauder Witches
  • Added Swamp Marauder Evokers
  • Added Swamp Marauder Ravagers
  • Added Mountaineer Pillagers
  • Added Mountaineer Vindicators
  • Added Mountaineer Witches
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