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This pack makes cat's and ocelots look a little more like their real life counterparts, it also adds a bunch of Nameable Variants that include Raccoons, Red Pandas, and some of the most iconic cats on the internet. "Meow Society" is a Java Edition pack originally made by creepermax123 and was ported by me to Bedrock Edition.

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  • 13 Naturally Spawning Variants

Naturally Spawning Variants

  • 28 Name Specific Variants

Name Specific Variants 1

Name Specific Variants 2

]Name Specific Variants 3

Name Specific Variants 4

Name Specific Variants 5

  • 10 Secret Variants
  • 10 Ocelot Variants

Ocelot Variants 1

Ocelot Variants 2

Ocelot Variants 3

All Named Cat Variants

  • "Astro"
  • "Bumble"
  • "Yarn Ball"
  • "Nyan Cat"
  • "Grumpy Cat" or "Tardar Sauce"
  • "Keyboard Cat!" or "Bento"
  • "Bingus"
  • "Jinx"
  • "Brown Mushroom"
  • "Red Mushroom"
  • "Crimson Mushroom"
  • "Warped Mushroom"
  • "Puss in Boots"
  • "Kitty Softpaws"
  • "Garfield"
  • "Tom and Jerry"
  • "Red Panda" or "Ailurus Fulgens"
  • "Brown Red Panda" or "Ailurus Styani"
  • "Raccoon"
  • "Raccoon Cotton Candy Blue"
  • "Raccoon Cotton Candy Green"
  • "Raccoon Cotton Candy Pink"
  • "Raccoon Marmalade"
  • "Raccoon Strawberry Jam"
  • "Raccoon Grape Jelly"
  • "Ice Creamcoon Mint Choc Chip"
  • "Ice Creamcoon Chocolate"
  • "Ice Creamcoon Neapolitan"
Owner's Permission

Owner's Permission

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