The Mental Hospital [Horror Map]

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The Mental Hospital is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition map created by SpaceHusky! This is a horror map in which you spawn in a mental hospital and the goal is to exit it.


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In this map you need to find a way out of the hospital.

In order to do this you need to find keys to unlock certain rooms with other keys eventually leading to the exit. There are a total of 5 floors. This map also has jump scares so beware! Sometimes the thing jump scaring you will actually go after you! I can't say when though as it will ruin the surprise ;)


You were playing a haunted hospital horror game on your PC last night. You were mad because you couldn't beat it. After 15+ attempts you finally beat it! You were celebrating, then you decided to play Minecraft. You click exit game but then a pop-up appeared. It said, "Would you like to experience this in real li-" You didn't get to finish reading it but you noticed it had 2 buttons, one said yes and the other said no. You noticed it clicked yes though. You didn't care and just wanted to play Minecraft. 3 hours pass and you are tired, you go to bed. But then, where are you? This isn't your room. You realize you are in the exact same hospital from the game. "I'm dreaming right? WAKE UP WAKE UP!" You say. You aren't dreaming. You have to escape. Good luck ;)


Start Room Screenshot

Floor 1 Screenshot

Floor 2 Screenshot

Floor 3 Screenshot

Floor 4 Screenshot

Floor 5 Screenshot

Floor 5: Cells Screenshot

Control Center Screenshot

The Ghost is Attacking

A Dark Room and a Door

Corridors in the Hospital

The Screamer's Face

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