Bedrock Barricades Pack

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Many people, while building some abandoned houses or other structures, used ordinary signs, it looked normal, but not pretty enough. Today you will be able to decorate your buildings in abundance, with this modification they will look much better. If you are one of those who have been looking for such a modification for a long time, then you have found it!

In this modification, there are not many blocks yet, but they are still enough to create something beautiful.

The modification already has:

  • Wooden crates (8 types)
  • Wooden spikes (8 types)
  • Short boards for doors or windows
  • Long boards, for windows or doors
  • Iron barricade
  • Barbed wire (cobweb, will be renamed later)
  • Iron barrels (2 colors)
  • Concrete barricade


  • Obstacles
  • Green and Yellow Barrels
  • Road Bars (barricade)
  • Workbench and Crafts

Workbench Block


To craft blocks, you need to place the blueprint in the workbench slot


Workbench Recipe

Blueprints: You can craft Blueprints only in the new Workbench.

Items can be placed in any slot

Blueprint Recipe

All Available Blocks

New Planks

New Crates

New Spikes

New Barricades

New Hoses

New Bars Obstacles

And as additional blocks for decorating: Hoses!

Usage Screenshots:

Bedrock Barricades Pack (Screenshot 1)

Bedrock Barricades Pack (Screenshot 2)

Bedrock Barricades Pack (Screenshot 3)

Updated on November 21

  • Added some new blocks
  • Added Workbench
  • Added crafts for all blocks
  • Transparent textures bug fix
  • Crash bug fix
Download links
ModelFixer.mcpack[mcpack, 8.82 Kb]
Resource Pack | v1.2
Behavior Pack | v1.2
Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0