Naruto Cosmetics Mod

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Modification of various headbands from Naruto. This mod has several village headbands currently available: Leaf (Konoha), Sand, Cloud, Fog (mist) and Rock (stone). There are also some special cosmetics, such as Tobi Mask (orange), Yamato Protector and Obito Glasses (child)

I present to you a mod that adds a lot of Naruto cosmetics to the world of Minecraft! In this modification you will see quite a lot of beautiful Headbands, with a good model. I hope you enjoy playing with my mod!

Currently only 2 colors are available: Blue and Grey, and 3 Specials, but 2 or more colors will be added in the next update.

This mod will receive stable updates as long as it is version 0.1.

In the future, I plan to add different swords or something!

All Items:

All items that are still in the modification:


Village Headbands

Leaf Village:

Blue Leaf Village

Black Leaf Village


Blue Sand Leaf

Black Sand Leaf


Blue Cloud Leaf

Black Cloud Leaf

Mist (Fog):

Blue Mist Leaf

Black Mist Leaf

Rock (Stone):

Blue Rock Leaf

Black Rock Leaf

Special Cosmetics!

Yamato Protector:

Yamato Protector

Tobi Mask:

Tobi Mask

Obito Glasses:

Obito Glasses

If you want to get them, use this command:

"/give @p na:" it will show you a list of all items, or take them from the creative inventory:

Naruto Cosmetics Mod items in the Creative Inventory

Screenshots of the Addon from the Game:

Blue Colors:

Screenshot of Blue Colors

Gray Colors:

Screenshot of Gray Colors

Orange Headbands:

Screenshot of Orange Headbands

Yellow Headbands:

Screenshot of Yellow Headbands

Special Cosmetics:

Screenshor of Special Cosmetics

Changed icons for special cosmetics:

Icons of Special Cosmetics

New Headbands description:

Stone Headband Description

Cloud Headband Description

Konoha Headband Description

Mist Headband Description

Sand Headband Description

Updated on November 21

v1.0 Update:

  • Added orange and yellow colors for heabands
  • Added improved item descriptions
  • Added new icons for Special cosmetics
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Resource Pack v1.0
Behavior Pack
Supported versions
1.19.40 1.18.0