Disciples of the Void, Volume II

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Do you like boss fights?? I do! Who DOESN’T love boss fights??? Lucky for you, this addon is for people who enjoy boss fights and want more in your Minecraft world. It adds 8 unique bosses to fight in your gameplay loop each with their own special quirks.

Disciples of the Void: Volume II, Is a continuation on the first volume. With the first ever creator taken out and the overworld at peace, (mostly). Things can go back to normal right? WRONG. An unknown being (to you at least), has picked up the tools to create his own beings of destruction. Dive into this addon and destroy all of them. Don't think, just do it.


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Permission from ItsDarkwolf6

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Quick Notes:

  • These are the four chapters of this addon. Each part beyond chapter one is assuming you have completed the objectives of the previous one.
  • It is recommended to play on NORMAL difficulty to get the full experience.
Part I: Starter Bosses

Getting Started:

Starter Bosses Manifests Recipes

In order to spawn each boss and start your journey, you’re going to have to craft an item called “Manifest Paper”. This item can be used to craft different manifests used to summon disciples. Once this item is crafted and you get some extra materials, You have access to all four bosses. The graph above shows how to make each item. there is no order in which you need to defeat them but you DO need to defeat all four in order to move on to the next part.


Prismatica, Disciple of Light

Prismatica, Disciple of Light

“When not fought against, is your greatest ally”

A mutated vex overtaken by the coin of light and evil, Taught to destroy any being below than pure. Unless when enraged, destroys anything higher than morally right.

This boss has two phases. a "Pure" State, and a "corrupted state".

In her "Pure" State:

  • Spawned by the "Manifest of Light"
  • She chills in the overworld, flying around.
  • She will only attack when provoked.
  • When attacking, She will fly up to things and attack them.

In her "Corrupt" State:

Prismatica: Corrupt State

  • She attacks all Non-Monsters in sight.
  • When angry, she will summon corrupted evokers. These evokers will walk up to her and poof out of existence. They're not harmless however, when touched they will inflict void damage on you at a good rate
  • Drops "Prismatic Fragment" & "Balance"


Balance Sword

  • Dropped by Prismatica
  • 10 Second Cooldown
  • +8 Attack Damage
  • When used, Flips a coin. 50% chance of WEAKENING mobs around you, 50% chance of STRENGTHENING mobs around you.

Roxantria, Disciple of Chaos

Roxantria, Disciple of Chaos

“A dice of emotions mixed with chains”

A mutated stray. Taught to be an unstable fighting machine but REALLY just chills around the overworld. She chooses to be a pacifist when she can, but is VERY hostile when she has to be.

  • Spawned by the "Manifest of Chaos"
  • Chills
  • When provoked, acts like a mix of a zombie and a skeleton.
  • Drops a “Roxantric Fragment” & “Chaos”


Chaos Sword

  • +8 Attack Damage
  • 7 Second Cooldown
  • Dropped by Roxantria
  • When an enemy is struck, they are inflicted with slowness. And when used, fires arrows.

Erian, Disciple of Rage

Erian, Disciple of Rage

“A fury charged with fury and misunderstanding”

Erian is a mutated wither skeleton created to insight rage across the overworld. he is the leader of the volume II disciple four but NOT the top boss.

  • Spawned by the "Manifest of Rage"
  • Is like a wither skeleton
  • Primarily uses melee attacks.
  • Has a chance to ENRAGE on every hit. You will know when he enrages from an animation and noise. When enraged, his bones will heat up so much that he begins to smoke. He will then gain a damage and speed buff.
  • Drops a “Erian Fragment” & “Rage”


Rage Sword

  • Dropped by Erian
  • 12 Second Cooldown
  • +8 Attack Damage
  • When used, all enemies around you will be inflicted with the wither effect for a couple seconds.

Dubtrox, Disciple of Hymn

Dubtrox, Disciple of Hymn

“A soothing song lost in time”

In his former life, he was a beloved DJ who sold his soul away to be successful in life. very unfortunate for him, his soul was used and he became a disciple.

  • Is spawned by the “Manifest of Hymn”
  • Is literally a zombie, but a bit more powerful
  • He will occasonally "Power up" and give himself a buff to help himself in battle
  • Drops a “Dubtrox Fragment” & “Hymn”


Hymn Sword

  • +8 Attack Damage
  • Dropped by Dubtrox
  • When used, plays a random note and gives you a buff. It can be Strength, Resistance, Speed, or Regeneration.
  • 8 Second Cooldown

When all four bosses are defeated, you are ready for the next part.

Part II: The Puppetmaster

Ageto's Manifest Recipe

When all four disciples are defeated, you can move on to this next part.

You might have noticed that all four disciples dropped fragments. These fragments are used to create "Ageto's Manifest".

This recipe is shapeless and does not have to place anything in any order given you have all the materials.

Ageto, Disciple of Control

Ageto, Disciple of Control

“The void is my fabric, and your lives are merely loose threads.”

  • 850 Total Health
  • Has basic attack patterns
  • Inflicts Wither
  • Drops "Despair", "Creator Fragment A", and "Legacy Fragment A"

Ageto is the main leader of the four disciples. Legends say he was created to make sure that the main four do not go awol, but there's obviously something else going on behind him. He attacks any mobs he comes across, showing his hatred for anything living. He wields the “Despair“ sword, which allows him to one shot any disciple that disobey his orders and delivers an awful death to anything or anyone that crosses him.


Despair Sword

  • Dropped by Ageto
  • +8 Attack Damage
  • Instantly kills any VOLUME II DISCIPLE.
Part III: The Lieutenants

Part III: The Lieutenants

Creator Fragment A and Legacy Fragment A

When Ageto is defeated, he drops "Creator Fragment A", and "Legacy Fragment A". These are used to progress in the addon.
This part is accessible right after Ageto is defeated.

When The Puppetmaster Is defeated, he gives you an item called "Creator Fragment A".

It can be used to make the new manifests for the second set of bosses. And don’t worry. When you craft one of the new manifests, the item is not used in crafting. So you don’t have to kill him every time you want to fight a boss.

The Lieutenants:

Roxxanes's Manifest and Legatus' Manifest Recipes

The Lieutenants Are beings above Ageto's rank. They make sure Ageto is acting right, and that the disciples are acting right. They directly serve The Creator of the second generation of disciples.

In order to access these fights, you will need to make their manifests. Using "Creator Fragment A", you can combine it with manifests you made before to draw out the true versions of certain disciples. The crafting tree can be found above.

Netherite gear with unbreaking is recommended, they hit very hard.

Legatus, Lieutenant of Legacy

Legatus, Lieutenant of Legacy

"An Ancient force wronged by beings of the past"

  • Summoned by the "Legatus' Manifest".
  • 1K Health.
  • 13 Attack Damage.
  • Drops “Legacy Fragment B” & “Legacy”.

Legatus is the strongest lieutenant, he is able to spawn poltergeists of himself and wields a blade that can start very dangerous fires. He has two phases.

In Phase one:

  • He will appear unarmored, walking around the overworld not looking for trouble.
  • When provoked, he will float towards his enemy and strike them.
  • If he has a target, he will summon a ghost of himself to attack them.

In Phase two:

  • He will reveal his crystal like bones.
  • Periodically, he will set fire around himself. The damage of the fire ignores armor, so step carefully.
  • Drops "Legacy Fragment B" & "Legacy"


Legacy Sword

Legatus Drops his own sword "Legacy". With this blade you can harness his power of his flames.

  • On use, the blade will set fire around the area you are in with Legatus' special flames. they will only harm mobs other than players.
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • +8 Attack Damage

Roxxane, Lieutenant of Envy

Roxxane, Lieutenant of Envy

"A widow enraged by the flames of ambition"

Roxxane is the widow of Extorris-Poeta, The Creator of the first ever generation of disciples. The reason why she was brought back is unknown, but what we DO know is she is very angry and is looking for a fight.

  • 600 Health.
  • 13 Damage.
  • Drops “STR1K3” & “Creator Fragment B”.
  • She will atack like any other mob.
  • Sometimes when hit, she will go into a "Block Mode". when hit during her block mode, the damage will be returned to the attacker.
  • When she exits her block mode, she will enter a "Strike Mode". In her strike mode, she will point into the air and rain down explosive runes.


STR1K3 Sword

Roxxane drops "Strike", a sword which allows you to inherit her... strike ability.

  • On use, the sword summons the same explosive rounds she fires during her fight.
  • This sword does not give any explosion resistance, use sparingly!
  • 7 second cooldown
  • +8 Attack Damage
Part IV: The Finale

Part IV: Lorekeeper Update Finale

Creator Fragment A + B Recipes

When you have defeated Ageto, the lieutenants, then combine the creator fragments they give you into Creator Fragment B, You are ready to setup for the final boss of this addon. Combine Creator Fragments A and B in a crafting table and you will get an item called “The Creators Book”. With this, you can make the final boss' manifest.

Note: If you would like to take a step back and fight the lieutenants again, you can put the book in a crafting table and turn it back into fragments.

Combine The Creators Tome I along with three Void Extract and a piece of paper, and here you have access to the final boss.

Spoiler: Final Boss

If you would like to go into the final boss fight completely blind, you can skip the spoiler below and go straight to the final set of equipment.

Ageto-Magala: Final Boss

Void Beast, Ageto-Magala

Void Beast, Ageto-Magala

Ageto Magala the purest form of Ageto. He has four arms used to put creatures in check and level everyone out.

When summoned, a rune will come out of the ground and he will pop out, growing all of his body parts and roaring shortly after.

The Fight:

During the fight, he will swap throughout four different attack types. As you go through the fight, he will also lose attacks in the process.

Melee Attack:

Void Beast: Melee Attack Animation

Basic melee attack. Be careful he does 20 hearts of damage.

Lightning Attack:

Void Beast: Lightning Attack

Void Beast: Lightning Attack Animation

This attack can only be used in phase one.

In phase one, Ageto has a chance to point his finger at you when casting. when this happens, he will summon a tune that will spin around for a short time before exploding and inflicting 10 Hearts of damage against the player.

Explosive Attack:

Void Beast: Explosive Attack

Void Beast: Explosive Attack Animation

This attack can be used in phases one and two.

In phase two, Ageto will lose and arm and will only have this attack available. He has a chance to wave his hand behind him when casting. When this happens, he will summon runes on the floor which will explode after a short time.

Phase Flinching:

Void Beast: Phase Flinching

When you enter a new phase, Ageto will flinch and scream. Shortly after, he will lose an arm and move into his next phase. One both of his back arms are gone, he will do his final attack.

Ash Spread Attack:

Void Beast: Ash Spread Attack

Void Beast: Ash Spread Attack Animation

In his final phase, Ageto can only do two attacks, and we’re not talking about the melee attack this time.

When this attack is used, he will coat the ground in a dark, glowey dust. When touched, it will inflict the player with wither, darkness, and weakness.


Void Beast: Defeat Animation

When killed, Ageto will freak out then disappear. Waiting to be brought out another day

Congratulations! You have beat Disciples of The Void, Volume II. But we’re not done yet.

Voidzite Fragments:

Cracked Voidzite Ingot Recipe

Ageto will drop Voidzite Fragments, when four are put in a crafting table, you will get a Cracked Voidzite Ingot. With these Ingots you can upgrade your Disciple Slayer Armor PLUS the sword you get from defeating Ageto.

Disciple Slayer X Set

Disciple Slayer X Set Recipes

Remember your void armor you got from defeating the disciples? Yeah! Hope you held onto it because you can upgrade it!

Each piece of equipment has double the protection the predecessors have.

Set Bonus:

  • When the full set of armor is equipped, you are immune to Ageto’s Void Ash Attack

Ageto’s Despairblade

Ageto’s Despairblade Recipe

Remember Ageto's sword? Yeah, upgrade it!

  • 16 Attack Damage
  • When used, this sword summons one of the three runes that Ageto uses in the boss fight.
  • When a disciples is struck with this sword, their soul is instantly freed.

The End

This marks the end of the story of Disciples of The Void: Volume II. After a year of this addon being out we are finally at the end of the line.

There will be ONE more update to add some missing content Volume I has but Volume II does not.

Thank you for reading ;)

Trivia & Credits

Trivia & Credits

  • Ageto-Magala’s name was based off of Gore-Magala from Monster Hunter
  • Ageto-Magala’s name breaks down as follows: “Ageto” roughly translates to “control” in Latin, and “Magala“ roughly translates to “Incarnation” in Aramaic. All together: “Incarnation of Control”
  • Ageto's Sounds we’re voice acted by my close, dear, talented, goated- friend listed here: Spirin2557
  • Sounds are provided from Splice.com

If you would like to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date on future projects, there will be a link below, in my profile, and below the downloads. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to check this out, and have a good one!

Updated on April 06

Update v3.0.2 | Disciples of The Void II Hotfix:

  • Ageto-Magala's severed arms no longer re-appear during his death cutscene.
  • Made a adjustment to Ageto-Magala's health bar.
  • Despairs' sword ability now works against Dubtrox.
  • Manifest paper can no longer be used to summon Legatus.
  • Fixed a content log error relating to a scrapped block.
v3.0.1 / March 04 / Old Update

Update v3.0.1 | Disciples of The Void II Overhaul Hotfix:

  • Addon is compatable with 1.20.60.
  • Ageto-Magala's arms correctly cut off / Hide during different phases.
  • Fixed Ageto-Magala's name in chat.
  • Disabled Boss Spawn Eggs.
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