Player Inventory Sorter

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Just gone back from your exploration, and you want to sort your inventory? Or during exploration, you have many duplicate items that you want to stack and sort? With this Player Inventory Sorter Add-on, you can easily do all that with a single click!

Turn on Experimental Mode inside your world.

Experimental options.

How to sort?

To sort the inventory, you will need the Player Inventory Sorter Item. This item doesn't have any durability, so you only need to craft it once.

Player Inventory Sorter item recipe craft

Crafting Recipe:

When you use this item, it will say Inventory Sorted!ย And all your items in inventory will be sorted alphabetically.

Popup with Inventory sorted tip

Inventory before sorting:

Player inventory before sorting

Inventory after sorting:

Player inventory after sorting

Sorting will not affect your hotbar only your inventory.

The addon sorts by item ID, having custom item names on your item will not affect the sorting (Maybe in the future it will).

This addon uses GameTest and it might not work with Consoles.

Future Plans:

  • A Button inside the player's inventory to sort the items (If Minecraft will add UI and Gametest to work together)
  • Custom item names gets affected by sorting.

Updated on July 24

  • Updated gametest code for version 1.20.10.X.
  • Updated Manifest
Download links
Inventory Sorter Addon (Boostellar)
Inventory Sorter Behavior Pack (Boostellar)
Inventory Sorter Resource Pack (Boostellar)
Inventory Sorter All Versions (Boostellar)
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80
1 263